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30 Best Easter Egg Ideas for Babies/Teens/Adults (2023)

By Mariela
April 6, 2023
8 minutes

Easter eggs Without the eggs, Easter isn’t the same, right? Eggs with plain colors are classic, but finding intricate patterns is much more exciting. Stylish Easter egg designs will make you rethink hiding them this year, so it’s time to step it up a notch.

There’s bound to be an ingenious pattern that calls to you, from the galaxy and marbled eggs to ones fashioned up like cacti and animals. So please put on your nail polish, and get some food coloring, paintbrushes, and markers, because it’s time to make stylish Easter eggs.

These do-it-yourself projects are so simple that everyone can take part – babies, teens, and adults. Try new egg-dyeing techniques with family and friends at an Easter arts and crafts session. These DIY projects are so impressive that you may be tempted to keep them on display all year.

When celebrating Easter, why do we traditionally give gifts of Easter eggs?

What’s the deal with Easter eggs? That’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself before. The biblical account of Easter, after all, has nothing to do with eggs. So, what does it all signify when it comes to Easter eggs?

The Last Supper marks the beginning of the Easter story. Jesus ate this last meal with his disciples before he was arrested, tried, and crucified. Passover is the Jewish celebration that commemorates the Last Supper. Throughout Passover, white eggs were a common addition to meals.

It is believed that the Christian tradition of decorating Easter eggs with a golden cross depicting the crucifix on which Jesus died originated with this Passover egg. This was traditionally painted crimson to represent the blood of Christ that was spilled that Passover.

Around 1725, at the Court of King Louis XIV (14), in Versailles, decorating Easter eggs with chocolate began, marking a watershed moment in the holiday’s evolution. To celebrate Easter, widow Giambone poured melted chocolate into hollowed-out chicken eggs.

People used to fast from dairy products during Lent in ancient times. This resulted in a surplus of eggs at the end of Lent, leading to the tradition of eating many eggs over the Easter holiday. They were eventually manufactured out of chocolate and given as presents. Many people began giving up sugar for Lent instead of dairy, so the tradition of distributing sweets spread. Yet, the egg remained a mainstay of Easter celebrations.

Many modern-day Easter celebrations include exchanging chocolate Easter eggs as gifts among loved ones.

Decorating the house with dyed chicken eggs for Easter is still practiced in European nations such as Germany, Sweden, and Poland. Here is a selection of creative Easter egg decorating ideas that may be done with real eggs at home.

Easter Egg Ideas for Baby

Kids worldwide are excited about Easter because they can’t wait to go egg hunting and play with all the colorful plastic eggs they find. However, filling eggs for children can be difficult because of the restrictions on hard candies and jelly beans. Still, there’s no need for alarm, at least not immediately. But Easter eggs can be filled with more than candy bars and jellybeans. These imaginative alternatives to candy for stuffing Easter eggs will help you save money without sacrificing the holiday spirit.

1. Bath Time Eggs

Use waterproof plastic eggs to make bath time fun for your baby. Fill the eggs with bath toys or squirters for a fun and interactive bath time experience.

2. Sensory Eggs

Babies love to explore different textures and materials, so why not fill plastic eggs with items such as rice or beads to create a sensory experience for your baby? This can help their cognitive and physical development as they explore the world around them.

3. Easter Eggs Wrapped with Washi Tape

Easter Eggs 2 Washi tape is a fun and simple way to decorate dyed and uncolored eggs. As a bonus, a roll of washi tape can hold eggs.

4. Citrus Easter Eggs

These lemon-themed eggs are very lifelike. To make “lemons” out of white eggs, paint them yellow, cut out leaf shapes from green paper or card stock, and hot glue them on.

5. Hidden Messages from Cartoon Characters

Print out your kid’s favorite cartoon characters and glue them onto plain white eggs. Deborah, a blogger, utilized inkjet printer paper to make temporary tattoos.

6. Knitted Eggs for Easter

These cross-stitch Easter eggs are too adorable and straightforward to pass up. Even better, they’re suitable for infants and young children. You’ll also need black and green Sharpies, white eggs, and a cross-stitch template.

7. Sticker-Resist and Sharpies for Decorating Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs 3

Use the stickers you already have around the house to make Easter egg decorations that resemble the famous tape-resist art trend.

8. Using Hole Reinforcement Stickers to Adorn Easter Eggs

Similarly to the preceding method, you can use hole reinforcement stickers to make an image that the dye will not affect when you decorate the egg.

9. Decorating Easter Eggs with Image Transfers

Creating your picture transfers is easier than you think. The results are beautiful, and you may use this as a guide to making your own Easter eggs.

10. Easter Egg Collages

Use printed paper napkins to create lovely Easter egg collages. The end product of this craft is beautiful, and it’s simple enough for kids to accomplish.

Easter Egg Ideas for Teens

Easter Eggs 3

Easter is a beautiful time for families to come together and enjoy the joyous festivities of this holiday. But, of course, one of the most anticipated activities is the Easter egg hunt, where teens search for colorful eggs filled with surprises. We have compiled a list of 10 of the best Easter egg ideas for teens to make it fun and memorable.

11. Paint Wooden Easter Eggs

Make beautiful designs using watercolors and Sharpie markers on wooden eggs that may be used year after year.

12. Easter Eggs Made with Melted Crayons

Making crayon-melted eggs is a fun and simple activity to do with kids. But, if you want your Easter eggs to have the best crayon-resist effect, draw on them while they’re hot with crayons.

13. Easter Egg Tree

Easter Eggs 4

Make an Easter egg tree with all those pretty eggs. It’s simple to put together and looks great as an Easter decoration.

14. Drawings in Frames

First, sketching frames may make these lovely Easter eggs with Sharpies and then dying them with Kool-Aid.

15. Taped-Up Yolks

An enjoyable and mess-free approach to decorating Easter eggs with a wide range of colors and textures.

16. Dirty Eggs

A striking pattern for your Easter eggs that’s simple to draw with practice. These eggs are so beautiful they should be on display year-round.

17. Spinach Eggs

Brightly colored twine wraps around the entire egg carton, making it reusable year after year.

18. Hidden Mood Triggers

Easter Eggs 5

These “moody” eggs are fantastic. These eggs’ hues shift in response to your emotions, much like a mood ring. You can achieve the same effect with some mood paint and blackboard eggs.

19. Nail Polish Eggs

Fill plastic eggs with different nail polish colors for your teen to try. This is a fun and creative way to encourage your teen’s love of beauty and fashion.

20. Easter Eggs Decorated With Dried Flowers

Make your own one-of-a-kind Easter egg decorations with these dried flower eggs. You’ll need dried flower petals, a craft brush, white glue, and dyed eggs to make your own.

Easter Egg Ideas for Adults

21. Constellation Eggs That Are Resistant To Wax

As the clear wax crayon prevents the egg dye from penetrating the areas you’ve drawn on, this easy procedure may be entertaining and even magical. The cosmic splendor of constellations can be easily shown by drawing them and then dipping them in a gorgeous blue.

22. Planet Eggs

Easter Eggs 7

These planetary eggs are perfect for teaching kids about the solar system on Easter, Earth Day, or any other day. Create your solar system after getting ideas from a picture or planet book. First, you’ll need to dye eggs to represent the many planets in the solar system. To achieve a blotchy effect (a la the moon), dab wet paint with a paper towel, and to achieve a striped effect, wipe paint around the egg with a paper towel (like Venus).

23. Bug Eggs in Silhouette

Draw or trace a bug image onto a piece of parchment paper, then adhere to a broad selection of clear packing tape on top to create homemade stickers for your eggs. Then, using scissors or an X-acto knife (parents only), cut out the shapes. Your stickers are unique to you. Eggs shaped like silhouettes can be made with these.

Stick the created sticker on an egg and ensure it sticks well, especially at the edges. Immerse it in your chosen dye until it gets the desired shade. Take off the sticker and admire the silhouette once it dries.

24. Life Drawing Bug Eggs

Easter Eggs 8

The more experienced craftsmen can construct lovely eggs by pulling inspiration from real life or their favorite guidebooks. Find an actual specimen or pick up your trusted reference book on insects, birds, plants, or the solar system, and try your best to capture its likeness on paper or canvas. But, of course, it can be imperfect and still work. All the most lovely things in the world have flaws.

25. Patterned Cameo Eggs

Put an egg in a dye container, but only up to its top. Keep pressing until it reaches the desired shade, then let it air dry.

Afterward, you can utilize a bird identification book to replicate the exact feather tones of your preferred species. You could also trace a silhouette and fill it with a single color for a traditional cameo effect.

26. Botanical Silhouettes

Go out into the wild and start collecting plant life. Once you have your samples, cut a pantyhose leg into pieces about 5′′-6′′ long and knot one end. Set the desired position of the leaves or petals and the egg inside the tube. Tighten the nylon cord with a knot (as tight as possible). Let the eggs dry after being dyed. After drying the egg, please remove it from the pantyhose to see its natural outline.

27. Puzzle Pieces

You may try putting a few bits in each egg. Ultimately, they get to experience the thrill of constructing a mystery!

28. Fruit Snacks

Easter Eggs 6 Fruit snacks are a healthy option for filling Easter eggs. You can get into the spirit of the season by picking out some bunny-shaped Annie’s or some Welch’s Easter-themed fruit snacks.

29. Baking Ingredients

Make Easter dessert a search to get the youngsters involved: To an egg, add the necessary ingredients and the instructions for cooking.

30. Easter Eggs in a Money Bag

These paper mache pink money purses are as trendy as those with real golden eggs. Kelly, a blogger, painted them pink, stuck them on dollar sign stickers, and tied them together.


Which of these Easter egg ideas is your favorite and why? Of course, it’s all fun, but the energy given to creating them and the great event they commemorate make them a worthwhile adventure. So now let the celebrations resume!

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