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12 Best Epilators for Face Hair Removal in 2023

By Viktoria
July 14, 2023
8 minutes

Are you fed up with having to shave your facial hair every other day and hate how blunt ends make the hair look thicker? If yes, it is time for you to shift to hair removal methods that pull the hair out of the roots or the ones that trim the hair within an instant.

Such method of hair removal includes epilation, tweezing, threading, waxing, and more. Out of these, epilation is considered the best one as it removes the hair effortlessly, is gentle on the skin, and gives you a 4 to 6 weeks break from removing the hair.

Moving on with this, you must be wondering which epilator you should buy. So, in this article, we have the top 12 epilators for face hair removal in 2023. However, if you also want an epilator for the body, check the best epilators for the body and the best epilators for the bikini area

Best Epilators for Face Hair Removal

1. Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-880, Facial Hair Removal for Women

Braun has a number of epilators for effortless hair removal from the face and body of women. Its Silk Epi 9 9-880 facial hair-removing epilator is an ergonomically designed device with a gripable handle and pivoting head. Additionally, it is a battery-operated device which allows it to be used cordless.


  • Completely waterproof allowing you to use it inside the shower while your skin is wet. The pain of epilation is alleviated a little.

  • Have 4o tweezers that capture and pull several strands of unwanted hair at once making the epilator fast and efficient.

  • It comes with a rotatable head that moves along the facial contours and makes facial hair removal easy.

  • The kit also includes a brush that helps remove makeup, clean dirt, and impurities, and manage excess oils in the skin.

Price: $99.99

Star Ratings: 4.3 out of 4 stars

2. eRase e6 – Facial Hair Remover – Epilator – Easy No Pain

eRase e6 facial hair removal epilator is one of the top epilators designed specifically for the facial skin. Its skin glide technology with a 3-disc system helps in stretching the skin and making the blades gently pull out unwanted hair. Also, the device can be used in any direction to remove hair.


  • A sleek design with a 3-disc system and 6 tweezers allows it to be used on the delicate and sensitive skin of the face. It can also be used to remove a few stray hairs precisely because of this design.

  • In addition to facial hair, you can use it for hair removal on tricky areas like armpits as well. But sadly, using it on eyebrows is not recommended.

  • It is a battery-powered device. Moreover, it has a lightweight build. So, it takes a small space making it travel-friendly.

  • Has a safety feature that makes it gentle on the skin and stops the device automatically when it is not used in an appropriate way.

Price: $34.95

Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 stars

3. Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Hair Remover for Women

Finishing touch flawless hair removing tool is for women with low pain tolerance as it trims the hair from the full face within seconds. It can also be used to trim and groom eyebrows. Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic device that is also recommended by dermatologists making it safe for normal, sensitive, and hyper-sensitive skin.


  • This is an electric epilator that instead of painfully pulling hair from the roots cuts the hair on the skin surface making it nearly painless.

  • It has stainless steel blades with gold plating making the device durable.

  • There is a built-in LED light in the finishing touch flawless hair remover that helps in removing every single strand of hair meticulously.

  • It’s small size and lipstick-like shape with a changeable battery make it good to be carried in your handbag.

Price: $19.88

Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars

4. Braun Face Epilator Facespa Pro 910, 2 in 1 Epilating and Cleansing Brush

While Braun Silk Epi is for both body and face, Braun Facespa Pro 910 is specifically made for facial skin. This kit, like its predecessors, also includes a facial cleansing brush. However, it can only be used on dry skin as it is not water-safe.


  • Mini tweezers in the epilation head of the device with 10 micro opening that helps the individual strands of unwanted hair and remove them in one go.

  • It has two speed settings and two intensity settings which allows you to adjust the Braun epilator according to your skin.

  • It has a rechargeable battery, a stand to keep the device, a pouch to carry it around, and a cleaning brush to maintain hygiene.

Price: $79.94

Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars

5. Remington Pink Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator

Remington also has a name in the industry of personal grooming tools. Although its body epilators are more popular, its facial silky epilator is an affordable and practical alternative to waxing and tweezing facial hair. The kit includes a facial epilator and a brush to clean off the remnants from it.


  • A battery-operated device with an AA battery that lasts for a month or more. Also, as it is cordless, it can be used with no cord interfering with the movements.

  • A compact design with a single button makes the device feasible and easy to hold.

  • It has 6 tweezers which are just enough to remove unwanted facial hair with precision and control.

Price: $12.79

Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars

6. Philips Beauty Series 5000 Electric Facial Hair Remover for Women

Philips Beauty Series 500 facial hair remover is one of Philips’s newly launched facial hair grooming devices. It is a cordless device that works on the battery saving you from having to charge it often. The blades of the device work closely to the skin without harming it but it removes hair efficiently.


  • A 360 degrees rotatable head that moves in all directions to ensure that no hair is left on the face.

  • A light is just under the head and a mirror inside the cap allows you to see the skin and hair clearly as you remove them.

  • Have sharp blades with self-sharpening mechanisms which makes the device durable and user-friendly.

Price: $19.95

Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars

7. FLEND Epilator for Women Facial Hair Removal

A facial hair removal kit that can be used both for removing hair from the roots or shaving them on the surface of the skin is a FLEND epilator for women. Additionally, its dermaplanning razors help in the exfoliation of the skin.


  • It has tweezers in the middle with small massaging heads on the sides so that when the tweezers pull the hair, the massaging heads rotate to calm the pain and skin irritation.

  • Its LED light illuminates as soon as you turn the tweezers on so it helps in clearly seeing the hair that needs to be removed.

  • The device also comes with 3 facial razors that can be used to shape eyebrows where the epilator cannot work directly.

Price: $29.99

Reviews: 5 out of 5 stars

8. Epilady Esthetic Compact Facial Epilator Face Hair Removal for Women

Epilady esthetic compact facial epilator is one of the most advanced epilators that uses a spring coil-epilation system installed in it instead of tweezers and blades. This design is specific for fine hair like peach fuss on the face as regular epilators make such hair break before they are pulled out of the skin.


  • A gentle epilator for sensitive skin and fine hair on the face. It works by strangling a number of hair strands and removing them altogether.

  • It removes unwanted hair in one go so that you do not have to move the epilator on one area again and again.

  • It has an easy-to-operate switch on/off button and works on batteries.

  • Its results last for 4 to 6 weeks as it removes the hair from the roots.

Price: $39.99

Reviews: 3.4 out of 5 stars

9. KEDA FLEND Epilator for Women Facial Hair Removal

Another popular FLEND epilator is Keda Flend facial hair epilator. It is different from the other one as its operating system uses rotating coils and tweezers. In addition to facial hair, it can also be used for armpits, bikini lines, legs, and arms. However, the epilation will take a longer time on the body.


  • This epilator head is built with 9 tweezers with alternating massage heads to make hair removal less painful and faster.

  • It has an LED light to illuminate the skin along with the unwanted hair you aim to remove.

  • The 2 AA batteries allow its cordless use and make it travel-friendly. But you have to prevent the device from getting into the water.

Price: $17.99

Reviews: 3.4 out of 5 stars

10. R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover – The Original Hair Removal Spring

Although electric or battery-operated epilators are more in use to remove facial hair, they are expensive and some of them are also not suitable for sensitive skin. So, spring epilators can be used in such cases.


  • Stainless steel spring design that removes the hair from the roots and works on a whole area at one time.

  • It is good for sensitive skin as it has no chemicals, plastic, or additives that might irritate the skin.

  • A small hair removal tool that is easy to carry.

Price: $15.96

Reviews: 3.9 out of 5 stars

11. WAYCOM Ladies Facial Hair Remover Electric Women’s Beauty Epilator

If you feel like threading is your favorite method of facial hair epilation but using a thread is too much hassle, you can use WAYCOM lady’s facial hair removing electric epilator. It is an electric device that uses a thread to epilate unwanted hair from the skin.


  • The kit includes an adapter to power the device, loose powder to expose hair, cotton thread to remove hair, and a face pull design to keep the skin taut.

  • It has a grip-friendly design with low bass.

  • All you need to do is move the device across the face, and the soft cotton thread will remove unwanted hair with no irritation.

Price: $22.48

Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars

12. Epiwand Facial Hair Remover Spring Threading Tool

Another facial hair-removing spring that offers a more user-friendly design is the Epiwand facial hair remover spring threading tool. The company offers good discounts if you buy more than one device.


  • As it uses no electricity, batteries, or power, it can be used anywhere, at any time, and by women of all skin types.

  • It is safe for upper lips, cheeks, chin, and neck hair.

  • The kit comes with a free E-book guide in 5 languages allowing people all around the world to use this spring like a pro.

  • It has a stainless steel spring that works on the skin to remove hair. Along with it, there are long and textured handles that make the device more gripable.

Price: $9.99

Reviews: 3.8 out of 5 stars


Although a battery-operated device that uses tweezers and metal foils to remove unwanted hair from the roots is considered an epilator, there is more to hair removal through epilation.

So, in this article, we described the features of the commonly used and most popular epilators along with some less common but equally effective epilators. Additionally, if you are looking for long-lasting methods of facial hair removal, give how to remove facial hair long-lastingly a read.

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