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Butt Crack Waxing: Risks and 5 Alternative Hair Removal Ways

By Mariela
March 18, 2024
7 minutes
Butt Crack Waxing Risks

It takes extraordinary courage and high pain tolerance to wax the butt crack. Waxing any body part is generally not an exercise for the faint-hearted. While it is undoubtedly effective, it can be very painful and cause undesirable effects like hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, skin tear, etc. Using such a hair removal method on a delicate body part like the butt crack demands serious caution if not outright avoidance.

Fun Fact: Your butt crack is the space between the two halves of your buttock. For most people, it divides the back side into two equal halves.

The discussion here is not whether waxing will get rid of any unwanted hair in this region; of course, it will. But after achieving your aim, have you thought about the possible negative effects? And if you have the stamina to weather whatever comes after, is that place the best spot to have issues?

Let’s check out some of the risks associated with waxing your butt crack.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Risks Associated with Waxing Butt Crack

Skin Tear

Waxing involves using a strip or hot wax to uproot hairs from their follicles. You can imagine that if the skin around the area you want to work on is soft – like you have in the butt crack – there will be tears here and there. In the real sense, micro-tears are very common with waxing on succulent skin areas. You may not see them, but their effects are so powerful that you may need medical attention to bail you out. Why go through that risk? The pain and discomfort are not something to anticipate.

Waxing Skin Tear


No matter how careful you are with waxing, there is always the chance of one strand curling back into the skin to form ingrown hair. And of all places to suffer this skin issue, your butt crack should be the least. It might affect your ability to sit comfortably.

Apart from that, the skin irritation that comes with waxing can cause breakouts that might not heal easily. It gets even worse if you have sensitive skin, the redness, hyperpigmentation, and discoloration that can possibly happen are better imagined.


You can’t rule out infections if you have chosen waxing as your butt crack’s hair removal method. It. From poor handling to exposure to air, pathogens can set in, requiring that you get medical treatment. Considering how this part is close to your excretory and reproductive organs, it sure requires a second thought before you take the risk.

Disturbance of the Normal Floral

The butt crack and its surrounding skin host beneficial bacteria that keep the pH and other parameters constant. When you wax this spot, there is a high chance of removing these beneficial organisms from the hair. If this happens, you can come down with what microbiologists call opportunistic infections.


The groin area in general is not designed to be 100% hairless. Besides keeping the temperature of the place constant, the hairs help to trap dirt and prevent it from gaining direct access to your body. Also, they prevent skin-to-skin contact that can lead to discomfort like itching, burning, etc. When the hair removal method is now one that is “violent,” you can imagine how exaggerated this risk can become.

Part 2: Alternatives to Waxing Butt Crack

While there are no medical benefits for removing your butt crack hair, you may have personal and aesthetic reasons to do so. If that’s the case, you need other less risky hair removal methods besides waxing. Good enough, you’ve got a couple options in this regard.

Here are five better alternatives you can utilize in place of waxing to remove your butt crack hair.

1. IPL Hair Removal

Removing unwanted body hair with improved IPL laser devices is arguably the most efficient and nearly painless of all hair removal methods. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices use light of broad wavelengths to destroy hairs from their follicles and disrupt their growth cycle. If you purchase premium ones like the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL device, you can take care of almost all the risks of waxing your butt crack highlighted earlier.

IPL Hair Removal

Since it’s somewhere beneath your belly button we’re talking about here, you need a method that you can use at home to protect your privacy. Ulike IPL and others ensure this, and most do not require any technical know-how to operate.

Please note that not all IPL devices are of equal grades. Because of this, you must be choosy when it comes to selecting for your butt crack hair removal. The recommended Ulike Air3 is FDA-cleared and dermatologists cleared with Sapphire ice-cooling technology that takes away any discomfort during treatment. You only have to unbox, plug, set it to the right intensity, and flash a few lights over the hairs. In less than a month, more than 90% of those hairs will be gone.

2. Depilatory Creams

Another hair removal technique that is less risky than waxing is the use of depilatory creams. These creams are chemical-formulated and are capable of dissolving the keratin and other proteins of the hair, causing it to fall off. You only need to apply the cream to the area and wait for about 15 minutes (or whatever time frame the manufacturer advises).

Depilatory Creams

Like IPL devices, depilatory creams are not all the same in effectiveness and safety. In fact, some are specifically suited for sensitive skin, while others are meant for public areas like the butt crack alone. In selecting any product, please, be sure you have confirmed that it is applicable for delicate body parts and also carry necessary regulatory cleareds. Also, do not forget to carry out a patch test first before using it on your skin.

3. Electrolysis

If you are really keen on keeping your butt crack long-lastingly free of hair, consider going for electrolysis. The downside is that you will have to book an appointment, lose your privacy and convenience to some extent, and be set back by hundreds if not thousands of your hard-earned money. What’s the message? Electrolysis is expensive.


A trained electrologist performs this procedure on you, which essentially involves using a very thin needle to pass weak electric currents into your hair follicles, thereby destroying them. There is no other FDA-cleared method to long-lastingly remove unwanted body hair aside from this. To minimize discomfort, most electrologists apply topical anesthesia or cream, which ensures you don’t feel the tingling effects associated with passing needles into your skin.

If you choose this method, be prepared for about 6 to 12 sessions before you can be done. Each session can cost you between $100 and $500, depending on several factors.

4. Sugaring

You might be wondering how sugaring differs from waxing, especially since both methods involve uprooting hair. Well, sugaring is less of an evil because it doesn’t get in contact directly with your skin. The paste rests on the hairs, and you can minimize microtears with it. Besides, the sugar paste is made from organic products that are considered safe by many experts.

Nevertheless, please note that sugaring is not altogether advised for your butt to crack because it can also cause irritation, itches, and ingrown hair.

5. Professional Laser Treatment

One last method that we can recommend to make your butt crack hairless is to tow the path of professional laser treatment. You simply engage the services of a trained esthetician who will consider factors like your skin tone and hair color to determine the kind of light most appropriate for you. Laser treatment is a bit faster than IPL because the light used is more concentrated and user-specific.

The downside, however, is that you cannot perform an effective laser hair removal on yourself. The at-home devices usually advertised online do not produce as many results as the powerful machines used by technicians.

Part 3: Before You Wax Your Butt Crack

As implied in all we’ve been saying thus far, there’s no known medical reason you should remove your butt crack hairs. Hairs grow in phases, and even if left untouched from birth, there is to time when they break or fall off. And for hairs around the loins, it seems they might not be there for fashion; they do have their functions.

However, there may be genuine reasons you don’t want hair around your butt crack, and it’s fine. But, if you can, please get a clearance from your dermatologists before you proceed. Also, ensure that you purchase the right tool or cream that matches your skin type. Finally, if you are using something for the first time, do a patch test to confirm if your skin will accept it or not.


IPL is the best hair removal method you can use on your butt crack. It’s convenient, relatively cheap, and gets swift results with little or no side effects. With it, no skin tears, ingrown hair, breakouts, or itching, especially if you purchase a premium one. And of all IPLs, Ulike Air 3 stands head and shoulders above others. It is FDA-cleared and comes ready to use for even a teenager.

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