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Can Men Use Women’s Hair Removal Cream?

By Jason
May 28, 2024
5 minutes
Can Men Use Women’s Hair Removal Cream

Regarding safety, what is OK for a woman will most likely be OK for a man, too. This applies to hair removal creams, especially since women are generally more sensitive-skinned than men. As such, if a woman finds a cream safe, a man will also do likewise.

However, results are often not the same if effectiveness is the focus. That is to say that if you use a women’s hair removal cream as a man, you aren’t likely to get the desired results. That’s because women’s hair texture and skin tones are not the same, and manufacturers of these creams love to tailor their products to the prevalence of skin and hair texture.

Besides, some men-specific hair removal creams do more than just remove hairs; some can open your pores and eliminate bacteria-causing body odor. These features are often absent in women’s hair removals. Not using a male hair removal cream may mean that you may be missing out on some essential functionalities.

Therefore, it’s best to shop for men’s depilatory creams or at least a generic one to get the best out of your hair removal process.

Before You Buy A Hair Removal Cream: Things to ConsiderBefore You Buy A Hair Removal Cream

Whether as a male or female, certain considerations are germane when planning to purchase a hair removal cream. These things are:

  1. Area of Use

The type of hair removal cream you buy will depend on where you plan to use it. For instance, some depilatory creams are mainly for bikini lines, while others are best suited for the face. The more streamlined your choice is, the better the result you’ll get. As such, you should ensure that you choose hair removal creams based on the body area you want to treat.

  1. Your Skin Type

Most depilatory creams are harsh on sensitive skin. However, there are some that work well with no significant side effects. Those labeled hypoallergenic and gentle are the safest for sensitive skin. Even at that, conducting a patch test is very germane before going all out. You are OK with almost any gender-specific depilatory cream if your skin is normal or not sensitive.

  1. Your Hair Type

One size does not fit all with hair removal creams. The coarser your hair, the more powerful your formula should be to get you the desired result. The result can be disappointing if you purchase a very gentle formula for spiky, coarse hair. Conversely, buying a powerful formula for soft hair can be akin to pressing an office pin to a file with a sledgehammer.

  1. OdorOdor

Although it’s almost impossible to find a depilatory cream without the offensive rotten egg smell, some makers have found a way to minimize this odor. As such, if you are allergic to unpleasant smells, you should shop for one with a formula that quickly eliminates the foul smell of the cream’s hydrogen sulfide by-product.

  1. Brand Reputation

Advertisements can be deceptive, overeating a product or brand. However, reviews from trusted sources will give you an idea of the effectiveness of any product. As a practice, never purchase a new product from a new brand without reading what others have to say about them.

  1. Price

Hair removal creams are generally affordable, although some types from certain brands can cost a lot. The idea is to find a middle ground where you aren’t going for the too-expensive or too-cheap type. After all, the objective is to remove unwanted body hair with the least amount possible.

  1. Ingredients

The reason you need to check your depilatory cream’s ingredients is that some contain irritants and allergens in the name of fragrance enhancement. If you have a history of reacting to any ingredient, it’s best to jettison the product or even go for another hair removal method.

IPL: An Alternative to Hair Removal Creams

Depilatory creams are not suitable for everyone and certainly not a long-term hair removal technique. They only dissolve the surface hair, leaving the root to “sprout” as easily and quickly as possible. That aside, the risks involved in using hair removal creams cannot be ignored. Your skin can become irritated or burned, and the smell is unpleasant.An Alternative to Hair Removal Creams

However, with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, you can further care for your hair removal needs with little or no hassle. Being an at-home method saves you the stress of visiting salons and booking appointments. If you know how to press a button on a device, you already know how to use an IPL device. It’s that easy to use!

Although there are plenty of IPL devices out there, one option that stands out for all skin types is the Ulike Air 10.

Ulike has become a global brand in the hair removal space, constantly raising the bar of IPL devices. Before 2024, its reigning IPL device was Ulike Air 3, which didn’t just redefine hair removal through IPL and won several awards and endorsements. But in a bid to up the ante and take care of spiky hairs that are often recalcitrant to IPL devices, Ulike came up with Air 10, which offers many exciting features.

These features include a nearly painless experience, visible results in just two weeks, and a speedy treatment time. Other benefits of Ulike Air 10 are its rich box content, which includes a razor and carrying bag, a skin sensor to help you choose the right mode and next-gen cooling. All of these make Ulike Air 10 the IPL of users’ first choice.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.


Women’s hair removal creams can also work for men, but they may not be 100% effective because of men’s skin and hair peculiarities. However, they are safe.

If you must use a depilatory cream, ensure it is gender—and body-part-specific. It will work better that way, and you can avoid some risks.

Alternatively, consider switching to IPL instead of managing hair removal creams that only offer a temporary result. And if you must use an IPL device, Ulike Air 10 is highly recommended, considering its features and benefits.

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