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Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding?

By Viktoria
March 11, 2024
5 minutes
Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding?

Unwanted hair is already the worst enemy to women but sadly, the hair growth rate and density increase like crazy during and immediately after pregnancy. This leaves women with no other option than semi-long-lasting laser hair removal.

While lasers should be avoided during pregnancy, new mothers wonder if that is also the case with breastfeeding. Or can you get laser hair removal while breastfeeding?

Well, let us find out your answer today and help you remove and avoid that icky hair.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding?

Laser Hair Removal The rays from the laser neither interfere with breastfeeding nor harm the baby or the mother in the long run. Therefore, you can get laser hair removal while breastfeeding.

However, if we see the other side of the story, know that you have increased hair growth because of the hormonal fluctuations of the pregnancy. Also, know other causes of excessive hair regrowth mentioned in what is excessive hair growth.

The level of hormones is balanced a few months after the delivery and your hair growth also returns to normal. Therefore, it is best to avoid laser hair removal for at least 6 months after delivery. 

Also, avoid getting laser on your breasts and nipples even after 6 months until you are breastfeeding. To remove unwanted hair from nipples and breasts during that time, you can try the methods mentioned in 6 foolproof ways to get rid of nipple hair

Risk of Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding? 

Risk of Laser Hair Removal While BreastfeedingHere are a few reasons why you should avoid laser hair removal when you are breastfeeding.


The postpartum period is a crucial time as various hormonal and systemic fluctuations occur during this time. The vascular system, immune system, and body’s metabolism are variable after birth. The water demand of the body increases while breastfeeding making your skin dry, sensitive, and easily irritated. Therefore, when the laser is applied to the body it might react more than usual increasing itchiness and skin irritation. 

Absorption of Chemicals in Breast Milk

Laser hair removal is slightly uncomfortable and painful. So, when the treatment is being done the aesthetician may apply numbing creams on your body to make the session easier. The chemicals present in these numbing creams can penetrate your body and pass into the breast milk. This can affect the baby more than the mother herself. 


Hyperpigmentation after laser hair removal is common, especially for those with darker skin tones. It is also frequently known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. As laser destroys the melanocytes, the melanin-producing cells, they might start over-production of melanin. This leads to hyperpigmentation which can stay for days to weeks. 

Skin Infections

The heat from a laser device affects the hair follicles and the skin surrounding it. This compromises the protective skin barrier making it prone to microbial entry into the skin and skin infections. Hence, if you are not taking proper care of your body in between your sessions you can easily develop any bacterial or viral infection. 


Laser hair removal is a slightly painful procedure and skin sensitivity exacerbates this pain. While breastfeeding, the skin becomes sensitive and even mothers are mentally sensitive as well. So even a slight pain can be felt as extreme when you are getting hair removal done while breastfeeding. 

Alternatives to Laser Hair Removal 

If you decide to avoid laser hair removal while breastfeeding, here are some options to get rid of unwanted hair for you.


Shaving Shaving is a safer option while breastfeeding as it has fewer side effects. It is a nearly painless hair removal procedure that can easily be done at home. What makes it even better is that the method is quick and cheaper than laser hair removal. Moreover, the dead skin cells are also removed from the body as you remove the shaving cream. 

This makes your skin shinier and healthier. However, shaving is only suitable for smaller areas. Moving the blade smoothly on larger areas can be complicated and time-consuming. 


WaxingWaxing hair removal is considered a safer option as there are no chances of wax entering your skin’s surface. With pre-prepared wax strips available, you do not even need to have a wax heater and waste time heating the wax to the right consistency. 

It is a method of choice for larger body areas. You just need to apply the strips, wait for a few seconds, and remove the strips. Hair removal is done and luckily the results last for more than a month. Additionally, waxing regularly can help in making the body hair thinner which means they will be difficult to spot. 


SugaringSugaring is similar to waxing in which a thick mixture of sugar, lemon, and other ingredients is used for hair removal. The mixture mostly contains natural ingredients therefore the method is suitable even for sensitive skin. It is gentle enough not to cause any pain during hair removal for most people. 

You can also prepare the mixture at home making it a great solution for busy moms who cannot go and fetch wax from the market. It can be customized using ingredients like honey to give your skin a soothing and moisturizing effect as well. 

IPL Hair Removal

Ulike IPL hair removalIPL hair removal can be considered the best solution to hair removal while breastfeeding. This hair removal method is not only almost nearly painless but also long-lasting. The IPL light is broad-wavelength light that works by targeting hair follicles. It thus hinders hair growth for a long. 

To make things even more feasible for you, at-home devices like Ulike Sapphire Air 3 have been made. With the sapphire ice-cooling technology incorporated into the device, you can enjoy 


Hormonal changes in pregnancy and delivery result in excessive hair growth on the face and the body as well. One of the seamless ways to get rid of such unwanted hair is laser hair removal. 

However, it is recommended to wait for 6 months to book an appointment while you are breastfeeding. This is because your hair regrowth becomes normal during this time and the laser can cause skin irritation, pain, infections, pigmentation, and chemical changes in the breast milk.

You can try some other methods of hair removal like IPL, waxing, sugaring, or shaving during that time. 

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