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Can You Use Shaving Cream with Electric Razor (7 Tips to Shave)

By Jason
June 25, 2023
7 minutes

Only a few men nowadays use a conventional razor and brush to tidy up their beards or remove unwanted hair from their bodies. The risks of getting ingrown hair, nicks, and bumps with blades are just not making the process worth it. As such, when it’s time to shave , most of us prefer to use an electric razor.

cream shave

These motor-operated electric devices limit the risk and often achieve better results than the former. However, it is usually a concern for those who love wet shaving whether an electric shaver is appropriate for such operations. Or maybe we should put it more directly, “Can you use an electric shaver with shaving creams or even water?”

Answering this question requires a bit of explanation and caveats. First, it depends on the type of electric razor you have. Earlier versions of electric razors were strictly meant to be used on dry skin. Suppose you use them with shaving cream or while in the bathroom; you stand the risk of either getting electrically shocked or damaging the device. In fact, it’s not advisable to use such models connected to the wall with anything liquid.

However, if you have newer models of electric shavers that can work in wet and dry conditions, using shaving cream with them won’t be a problem. Such shavers usually carry labels that show they can be used in both situations. The second consideration will now be whether shaving cream is necessary and what type.

Usually, for beards and pubic shavings, having a little bit of moisture in the form of a cream or gel helps to achieve closer and nearly painless shaves. The possibility of suffering nicks also reduces with wet shaves.

The third and last consideration when considering wet shaving with an electric shaver is the “how.” Even with a compatible device, you can get it wrong if you don’t know how to go about it. Below are some tips to follow if you want to use an electric shaver with a cream.

cream shave

How to Cream-Shave with an Electric Shaver

  • Prepare the area to be shaved by cleaning it with warm water and an exfoliating gel. Doing so will help eliminate dirt, oil, and dead skin that can cause ingrown hair.

  • Avoid using too much of the cream so it doesn’t create a barrier between the shaver and your skin. With a traditional razor, it’s OK to have a lot of it, but not with an electric shaver.

  • Depending on the coarseness of the hair you’re trying to shave off, you will need to massage the cream deeply into it to lift the stubble and get you a clean shave.

  • The direction of the shave is also important. With an electric razor, effective shaving is usually opposite the hair grain. You can use your hand to determine the grain direction and run the razor opposite it.

  • Apply minimal pressure when shaving.

  • Most electric shavers that support wet/dry shaves use batteries for safety purposes. As such, ensure that it is optimally charged before commencing to get its best.

  • Rushing during shaving can only cause problems; avoid it.

  • After-shaving care matters a lot; it can determine whether you will suffer itchiness, discomfort, or pain. It’s important you apply lotions to soothe your skin after hair removal.

Which is Better? Wet or Dry Shaving?

shaving cream

Beyond the debate of the appropriateness and possibility of using an electric razor with cream or soap, the next question is: which is actually better? – Shaving dry or wet? For clarity’s sake, dry shaving is when you use the electric razor to remove unwanted hair from your body without using any accompaniment like water, cream, or soap. Conversely, wet shaving involves using any of these three items. So, with this clarification, which of these two methods is better?

None is without its pros and cons, and carefully considering these things will help answer the question appropriately. The table below compares these two methods and also helps to identify which of them is better quickly.


Wet Shaving

Dry Shaving


Close Shaving

The razor cuts the hair slightly below the skin surface, resulting in a smooth outcome and delayed regrowth.

The blade cuts the hair close to the skin’s surface, causing the hair to grow back faster.

Wet shaving

Itching during shaving

Hair regrowth can irritate the skin’s underside, leading to itchiness.

Since cutting occurs above the skin, itchiness during regrowth is less likely.

Dry shaving

Irritation during shaving

Shaving wet brings the razor close to your skin, which for some skin types, can irritate. Nevertheless, many have found that using creams, soaps, or water with their electric razors significantly reduces irritation and abrasion.

As the blade does not make contact with your skin directly, abrasion and irritation during shaving are minimized. However, with some skin types, dry shaving can elicit irritation and abrasion.

No clear winner, as both have exceptions.

Speed of completion

Shaving with cream, soap, or water takes considerable time and care. It’s not something you should do when in a hurry or trying to meet up with a deadline.

Dry shaving can happen anywhere and within minutes. No extensive preparations are needed, and you can do it just minutes before you leave for work.

Dry Shaving is faster.

Feel and Experience

People who wet-shave often report a feeling of luxury, self-love, and enjoyment.

Given the less attention and time accorded to dry shaving, most people say they can’t recall any special feeling associated with it.

Feeling is subjective and hence cannot be used to judge in this case.

Nicks & Cuts

You need extra care to avoid nicks and cuts when wet-shaving. That is due to the closeness of the shaver to your skin

Dry shaving results in fewer cuts and nicks (if any) than wet shaving. The reason is that the blade doesn’t get as close to the skin as in wet shaving

Dry shaving


Electric razors that work with or without moisture are usually more expensive than dry-only ones. Besides, the additional cost of purchasing creams or soaps can make it more costly than traditional shavers

Dry-only shavers are relatively cheaper than wet & dry ones. And considering that they don’t need any accompaniment, rather than their regular maintenance, they can really help to save money

Dry shaving

Wet vs. Dry Shaving: Final Verdict

It would seem from the table above that shaving was meant to be done dry. It wins in most customer-centric parameters. For instance, most busy people would prefer something that gives results quickly and doesn’t strain the pocket, and dry shavers excel more in these regards than wet/dry ones. Nevertheless, not all skin types support dry shaving; many sensitive skin owners will benefit more from using creams or soaps before running the blades on their skin. It’s, therefore, an individual thing, but generally speaking, dry shaving seems more beneficial.

How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver: Important Considerations

Everyone knows by now that there are many electric shavers around, and choosing the most appropriate one for oneself can be a daunting task. Besides, there’s often a disconnect between adverts and reality, making people not get what they thought. The guide below can help you avoid this headache.

  1. Powering Option

Electric shavers can be battery-operated, derived from the mains, or rechargeable. Each of these three power options has its risks and advantages. For instance, those operated by connecting to the mains can cause electric shock if faulty, but they are often the best for commercial purposes because of their ruggedness and affordability. As such, you will need to consider the purpose, budget, and lifestyle to determine which power option is best for you. If you are a traveler, the battery-operated electric razor may be your best choice.

  1. Brand

Many brands produce electric shavers, but not all have distinguished themselves. Considering how close this gadget will be getting to your skin and perhaps the investment involved, you don’t want to go for something subpar. A choice from any of these established brands – Philips, Braun, Remington, and Panasonic – will most likely be a great one. But even amidst these brands, Philips and Braun stand out. Philips majorly focuses on rotary shavers, while Braun specializes in foil shavers.

  1. Wet or Dry Shaving

dry shave As mentioned above, electric shavers can be wet, dry, or both. Wet and dry shavers usually don’t support plugging into the mains and can be pricey. Dry ones can derive their powers from the three ways mentioned earlier. Your choice here depends on the nature of your skin . If you have sensitive skin, you may want to check the dual-purpose electric shaver.

  1. Budget

Just like you can get an electric shaver for as low as $70, you can also get some above $500 or more. For each major brand, there are different price ranges to suit everyone’s budget. But the counsel here for you is to not draw back so much on cost as to purchase an inferior product. Well-managed, an electric shaver can last for years. Also, you must factor in the cartridge replacement and maintenance costs in your budget.


While it’s possible to use an electric shaver with creams or soaps, you must be sure that your product supports it. Besides, extensive preparations and care are needed to prevent nicks and cuts. If done correctly, wet shaving can produce an incredibly smooth shave with long-lasting effects.

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