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Fact or A Myth: Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth? 

By Mariela
October 19, 2023
5 minutes
Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth?

Waxing is one of the traditional hair removal methods most women have loved till now. It is a simple, long-lasting, quick, and easy hair removal method. Moreover, people believe that this hair removal method reduces hair growth.

Some say they have experienced a reduction in their hair growth after waxing while others believe that it is a myth. So, what do you think? Does waxing reduce hair growth?

Waxing undoubtedly gives you a month-long hair-free body and face but for details on reduction in hair growth, check out the sections below. 

Table of Contents:

  • Part 1: Understanding Hair Growth and Waxing
  • Part 2: Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth?
  • Part 3: How Many Times Do You Have to Wax Before Hair Stops Growing?
  • Part 4: Does Waxing Last Longer Than Shaving?
  • Part 5: Best Hair Removal Methods to Reduce Hair Growth

    Part 1: Understanding Hair Growth and Waxing

    Understanding Hair Growth and WaxingA wax sticks to your hair and when you pull it off the surface of your skin, the body hair also gets yanked from the root. As a result, damage occurs to your hair follicles. This prolongs the time for the new hair to grow again. Pulling the hair from the roots also brings changes in the hair growth cycle that are eventually responsible for reduced hair growth. To know how waxing reduces hair growth, let’s understand this hair growth cycle.


    Anagen is the active growth phase in which rapid cell divisions occur so that your new hair can grow out. This phase lasts for 3-5 years and even 7 years for some people. As the phase continues, your hair keeps growing until you remove it by any hair removal technique. 


    The second phase is the transitional catagen phase. During this phase, the hairs have grown to their maximum potential, and their blood supply is reduced. This phase lasts for approximately 10 days. 


    The next phase is the telogen or resting phase of your hair growth cycle. The hair stays intact with its roots during this phase but the hair follicles become dormant. This means there is no hair growth during this phase.


    The last one is the exogen phase in which your hair gets separated from the hair follicles and starts shedding. You can lose 50 to 100 hairs in a single day during this phase. It lasts a maximum of 5 months and then the cycle starts again.

    Part 2: Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth?

    Does Waxing Reduce Hair Growth?Waxing indeed reduces hair growth but if you are assuming that the technique gets rid of your hair long-lastingly, then the concept is wrong. Waxing decreases your hair volume and prolongs the period of regrowth but even repeated sessions cannot give you long-lasting results.

    However. If you stay consistent with your waxing schedule, your hair growth cycle becomes more synchronized. This results in sparser hair growth so you will not have to visit your cosmetologist very often.  

    Consistency in your schedule is important for prolonging hair growth time but the efficacy is not the same for everyone. The hair growth cycle varies from person to person depending upon their genetics, and hormonal influences. For instance, hair grows faster in men as compared to women. 

    Part 3: How Many Times Do You Have to Wax Before Hair Stops Growing?

    waxingIf you are looking for a long-lasting hair removal method, then waxing is not the solution. As mentioned above, waxing slows down your hair growth but you cannot expect long-lasting results. You can undergo multiple sessions and with each session, you will notice your hair getting sparser and finer. 

    The results are different from one person to the other. Let’s see which factors influence these results:


    • Hormonal changes: Androgens highly influence your hair growth cycle and an increase in these hormones may lead to excessive hair on your body
    • Genetics: Your genetics play a vital role in determining the results after waxing. Genes determine the length, color, density, and thickness of your hair. Some people have thicker hairs that grow faster than others 
    • Age: Lastly, the hair growth rate is higher during the teenage years and reduces as you age 

    Part 4: Does Waxing Last Longer Than Shaving?

    waxing vs shavingYes, waxing lasts longer than shaving. After shaving, your hair regrows within 3 days and the maximum duration for no regrowth is one rare week. On the other hand, the results of waxing can last for nearly a month.

    It is because shaving cuts the hair just above the surface of your skin and it does not have any effect on your roots or hair follicles. Unlike shaving, wax gets rid of your hair from the roots and weakens the hair follicles. So you can expect longer-lasting results with waxing. 

    Part 5: Best Hair Removal Methods to Reduce Hair Growth

    Waxing reduces your hair growth but for a certain length of time. If you are looking for a method that provides you with even better results, you can go with either of the methods mentioned below. 

    IPL Hair Removal

    IPLIPL hair removal is a technique that uses a broadband light beam to target your hair from the roots. When the light reaches the hair roots, it damages your hair follicles thus preventing hair growth for months to years. 

    It is nearly painless unlike waxing and with at-home IPL devices like Ulike Sapphire Air3, you can experience professional results without going out. Its 4-fold ice-cooling technology soothes your skin and the effective light therapy shows you results within 3 weeks. Furthermore, the device is also FDA-cleared. 

    Note: The results for IPL treatment can vary from person to person. 

    Laser Hair Removal

    Similar to IPL, laser hair removal also uses light to give you long-lasting hair removal results. This monochromatic light source is coherent and targets your hair follicles with more efficacy. This slows down the growth of your unwanted body hair.

    Consequently, the results last for nearly 1-2 years with a minimum requirement of maintenance. The process requires multiple sessions and the pain intensity can differ in different people. 


    Lastly, you can also go for electrolysis. It is the most effective hair removal method as you get long-lasting results from the treatment. The thin needle that is used in electrolysis destroys the hair follicles completely inhibiting the hair growth once and for all. 

    The technique itself is a bit painful however electrologists always have options to use anesthesia or numbing creams to minimize the painful sensation. The method is FDA-cleared so it is completely safe to try as long as you are going to an experienced electrologist. 


    Waxing is a long-lasting hair removal method that is easy, quick, and effective for all skin types and hair colors. It reduces the volume of your hair growth. However, no research proves the link between waxing and with long-lasting reduction of hair on your body. 

    If you want long-lasting hair removal results, you can try electrolysis. Moreover, IPL and laser hair removal can also provide you with semi-long-lasting results. You can choose any method depending on your expectations and can also ask for a professional’s advice to make your choice. 

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