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Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which Should You Choose?

By Viktoria
June 18, 2023
7 minutes

In the present times, we are not bound to waxing, sugaring, or shaving only to remove our unwanted body and facial hair. Now we have got a number of options that not only remove our hair smoothly but also gives long-lasting to long-lasting results. Two of these options are Laser hair removal and Electrolysis.

You must have heard about both of these two and are confused about which one should you prefer. So, in this article, we will discuss the benefits and side effects, costs, and results of these two to help you choose better.

What is Electrolysis and How Does it Work?

Electrolysis Electrolysis is one of the most efficient hair removal methods that can provide you with long-lasting results after you are done with your sessions. This process includes the use of a metallic thin wire or probe which is inserted into the hair follicles. This probe transfers current to the hair follicles and heats them up. The heat destroys the hair follicles and you get the hairless body.

The dermatologist targets each hair follicle one by one so it requires a little more time for treating the larger parts of your body.

What is Laser Hair Removal and How Does it Work?

laser Laser hair removal was known even before electrolysis. It uses different lasers like Nd YAG or diode laser to destroy the hair follicles. This technique depends upon the pigments of your hair. When the dermatologist applies a laser on your body, the pigments absorb it and convert it into heat. The heat then damages the hair follicles.

With each session, your hair starts getting thinner and thinner and then you finally get hairless, smooth skin.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal: Which Should You Choose?

Both of these methods are effective against hair removal so in this section, we’ll make a comparison to see which one is better.


Both laser hair removal and electrolysis are safe procedures as they are performed by skilled dermatologists. But if they apply any numbing creams on your skin to reduce the pain, then it is a possibility that the chemical in these creams can cause toxic reactions. The procedures themselves are safe so don’t worry about any of the two.

Effectiveness for All Skin Types

If we talk about the effectiveness of laser hair removal on different skin types, it shows the most effective results when used on light skin with dark hair. The laser targets the pigment called melanin in your hair, so the more these pigments are, the better the results will be. It does not work well for those with blonde hair.

On the other hand, electrolysis does not depend upon any pigments, so it works the same way for all skin types.

Sensation of Pain

electrolysis You must have heard people around you always say that laser hair removal is nearly painless. But to be honest, it is not completely nearly painless. When you are getting your treatment done, it feels the same way as rubber band snaps against your body. This procedure is fast so you will not have to feel this sensation for long.

Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is painful. It is like pricking your skin with a needle. When the specialist inserts a needle in your body and an electric current passes through the follicles, it will sting. So, it is recommended to take a pain reliever before the treatment.

Sessions Required

Neither of the two procedures is effective in a single session because the follicles need to be targeted during their active growth period. For laser hair removal, you will require a total of four to six sessions with each one almost a month apart. After you are done with your treatment, the new hair will be very fine and thin.

In contrast, electrolysis is a long-lasting hair removal method so it requires an average of 8-12 sessions but the number of sessions can increase depending on the area you are getting treated or the coarseness of your hair.


Now, let’s talk about the cost. Laser hair removal requires a total of $200-$400 per session. So, if there are total 6 sessions you will have to pay between $1200-$2400. On the other hand, electrolysis depends upon the area of treatment and the time required for each session. On average, a one-hour session can cost between $50-$200. As electrolysis requires more sessions, it is more expensive than the laser.


You should get your desired outcome after paying a hefty sum to get smooth skin, right? If we talk about laser hair removal, you will start feeling your hair getting finer after each session. At the end of the treatment, there will be no or very less hair for some months or even years.

On the other hand, electrolysis provides you with long-lasting results. So, you are getting lifetime results, unlike laser which requires treatment after every few years.

Side Effects

The treatments do not come with benefits only but some side effects as well. Laser hair removal has more harmful effects as compared to electrolysis. It can cause inflammation, burns, pigmentation, skin sensitivity, and the formation of blisters.

If the practitioner is skilled, there are minimum chances of side effects in electrolysis. But still, there is a risk of infection from unsterilized needles, and redness and swelling that can subside in a few minutes to hours.

A Better Alternative: Ulike Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device

Laser hair removal is less painful but has more side effects while Electrolysis is safer but feels very painful. So, what now? Can there be an alternative to these two that is not even painful and comes with minimum side effects? Yes, there is. It is the IPL hair removal and Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal handset is an IPL device you can spend your money on. Let’s discuss some of its benefits:

Nearly painless:

IPL hair removal is nearly painless. It uses Impulse Pulsating light to target your hair and this is converted into heat which disables hair growth. The Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset makes it even more pain-free.

Cooling Technology:

Those with sensitive skin can feel discomfort so the Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset has a solution to this as well. Its patented cooling technology can minimize this discomfort.


Laser and electrolysis require minutes to hours per session. Unlike these, the Ulike IPL hair removal device can help you get results in just 7 minutes.

At-home Treatment:

You have to go to clinics for hair removal and let unknown people touch your body. By using Ulike IPL hair removal device, you can just stay at home and remove unwanted hair by yourself. It will save you time and the discomfort of someone else touching you.


By using the Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset, you can see results in 3 weeks. Furthermore, similar to electrolysis it also provides you with long-lasting results but without any pain.

As IPL hair removal is an at-home treatment method, read IPL Hair Removal Tips for the best results.

Comparison Table


Laser Hair Removal


Ulike IPL Hair Removal








Less Painful

More Painful


Ulike IPL Hair Removal





Electrolysis and IPL hair removal

Use on Skin Types

Better on light skin with dark hair

Best for All skin types

Better for Light to medium skin tone


Treatment Time

Few minutes or hours per session

Few minutes to hours per session

7 minutes per session

Ulike Sapphire Air 3 IPL Hair Removal

Better for Areas

Both larger and small areas

Better for small parts of the body

Better for the whole body

Laser and Ulike IPL Hair Removal


$200-$400 per session

$50-$200 per session


Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset

Now, by using this comparison table, you can decide the most suitable option for yourself. If you want long-lasting hair removal and are okay with the expenses you can go for Electrolysis other Laser Hair removal is also not a bad option. Moreover, if you want to save yourself from the trouble of going out but still get long-lasting hair removal, IPL can be the best option for you.

The decisions can also vary according to your skin conditions. For women with PCOS, you can check out the What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Women with PCOS to make your decision.


Laser hair removal and electrolysis are very trendy nowadays as they provide you with a long-lasting hairless body. After completing the treatment sessions you won’t have to worry about your arms getting exposed or going to the beach worrying about your hairy body. But to get this smooth skin, you will have to pay a hefty sum, go to treatment sessions again and again, and bear some pain. However, where there is no pain, there is no gain.

Now, it totally depends upon you which one should you choose. If you are hesitant about both of these methods and afraid of side effects, you can also go for IPL hair removal. For the best IPL hair removal at home, you can buy the Ulike Sapphire Air3 Handset and enjoy long-term effects without having to go through any pain.

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