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Electrolysis vs. Wax vs. Sugaring: Which Hair Removal Better?

By Laura
May 19, 2024
6 minutes
Electrolysis vs. Wax vs. Sugaring

When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, the hair removal methods are endless. From shaving that removes hair like a breeze and waxing that helps you stay hair-free for a few weeks to electrolysis that works for all hair types and skin tones, you have so many options to choose from.

Also, let us not forget sugaring and other home remedies to get rid of unwanted hair. The greater the number of hair removal methods are, the more confused you become in choosing the most compatible one for yourself, right?

Therefore, we plan on helping you find the hair removal method that works efficiently for your skin type and hair color while considering your budget. 

For this, let us talk about electrolysis, a permanent hair removal method; waxing, one of the go-to methods for women; and sugaring, the traditional way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Table of Contents:


electrolysis hair removal

Electrolysis is one of the not-so-popular yet fruitful methods of hair removal that utilizes specialized technology to kill the hair follicles and prevent them from regenerating ever again.

This specialized technology is based on passing a hair-like wire into the hair follicle and giving it an electric shock to annihilate it. 

Although it is the only hair removal method that offers permanent results as approved by the FDA, it is only suitable for small areas like the chin or upper lips. 


The benefits of electrolysis are given as,

  • Permanent hair removal 
  • Suitable for all hair colors
  • Great for small to moderate-sized areas of the body like upper lips, chin, and armpits
  • It is safe to do on eyebrows 
  • 3 types of electrolysis are available allowing you to customize your hair removal according to your skin and hair type


Here are a few reasons why electrolysis failed to become as popular as other hair removal methods,

  • Treatments are time-consuming as only a single hair follicle is treated with electrolysis at a time
  • It can be uncomfortable or painful 
  • Multiple hair removal sessions are required
  • It cannot be done at home 
  • Electrolysis is one of the most expensive hair removal methods

Duration of Results

While the treatments are time-consuming and expensive, the best thing about electrolysis is that it is permanent. It was done in the 1800s as a medical procedure but the duration of its results allowed electrolysis to be used as a cosmetic process in the present day.

Safety Considerations

Electrolysis is a professional procedure that can only be done by a licensed electrolysis technician. Also, the skin should be in optimal health for electrolysis to be done as electrolysis can cause,

  • Skin pigmentation
  • Burning sensation which might develop into blisters 
  • Scarring 
  • Redness, swelling, and irritation of the skin


wax hair removal

Waxing is one of the most common hair removal methods in the world because this is the type of hair removal women try before going towards other options. Waxing works for all hair types as long as the hair is longer than ¼ of an inch.

In waxing, different types of waxing materials like hot wax, cold wax, stripless wax, or waxing rollers are used. The wax adheres strongly to the hair and removes the hair with its root as you pull it off. 

Also, note that wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and is removed in the opposite direction. 


The benefits of waxing are given as,

  • Can be done at home and professionally as well
  • Is compatible with all areas of the body including bikini lines and pubes
  • Removes the top layer of dead skin cells leaving silky smooth skin behind 
  • Gradually slows down the hair growth and makes hair finer 


The drawbacks of waxing are given as, 

  • Waxing is one of the most painful methods of removing hair, especially if the hair is thick and stubborn
  • Using hot wax can burn the skin
  • No matter how often you wax, hair always comes back
  • Hair needs to be at least ¼ of an inch for the wax to stick 
  • Can be costly in longterm 

Duration of Results

Depending upon how often you wax and what is your hormonal status, the results of waxing last anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. Hair begins to return after 2 weeks and takes around a month until you can get another session.

Also, the duration of results differs depending upon the treatment area.

Safety Considerations 

The topmost safety consideration of waxing is your pain threshold. People with a low threshold for pain can find waxing extremely uncomfortable. Also, it is important to use wax when it is at a low temperature as it can burn the skin. Lastly, it also causes allergies, redness, and irritation of sensitive skin.


Waxing Sugaring is a traditional method of hair removal that came into being in the ancient Egyptian era. This natural mixture is made by heating sugar, honey, and lemon juice to a sticky texture and soft consistency.

Once the mixture cools down, it is applied with fingertips in the direction of the hair growth just like wax and then pulled in the opposite direction. Although the method of application is the same, sugaring is more suitable for sensitive skin.


Let us talk about reasons why sugaring is still loved,

  • As the sugaring mixture is made of household ingredients, it is economical
  • Consisting of natural ingredients, sugaring is gentle
  • It is less painful than waxing 
  • It is biodegradable and earth-friendly
  • The residues of sugaring are easy to remove from the body
  • It is perfect to be used on bikini lines


Here are the drawbacks of sugaring,

  • It is difficult to get an appropriate consistency of homemade sugaring paste for beginners
  • It does not remove short hair efficiently 
  • It feels uncomfortable on the skin
  • Its results are temporary 

Duration of Results

The duration of the results of sugaring is similar to that of waxing. As it also removes the hair from the roots, you can expect the results to last for about a month. After that, you need to let the hair grow to half an inch before you can pull it out with sugaring paste.

Safety Considerations 

When it comes to sugaring, it can burn the skin and cause blisters if your paste is not cool enough before application. There is a risk of ingrown hair and thus folliculitis with sugaring. Furthermore, sugaring can cause skin bruises if you are rash while removing the paste from your skin.

What is Better Than Electrolysis vs. Waxing Vs. Sugaring 

The choice between electrolysis, waxing, and sugaring can become difficult as the results of waxing and sugaring do not last long enough and electrolysis is too expensive. Not to mention how all three methods are time-consuming and painful.

What is BetterTherefore, let us introduce Ulike Sapphire Air 10 IPL Hair Removal Device to get rid of your unwanted hair. For IPL hair removal, hair is trimmed with the help of a razor, the mode of the IPL device is adjusted (in the case of Ulike, it is selected automatically), and then you swipe or flash the IPL device across the treatment area. 


The benefits of using IPL device are given as,

  • IPL provides long-lasting smooth skin as it kills the hair follicles
  • It is one of the most gentle hair removal methods 
  • Hair removal with Ulike Air 10 is nearly painless because of its advanced cooling technology 
  • The skin sensors of Ulike Air 10 add to the safety of at-home IPL hair removal
  • It is an FDA-cleared and dermatologist-recommended device
  • You can see noticeable results in 2 weeks
  • It is economical in longterm


The drawbacks of IPL hair removal are given as,

  • It can be slightly uncomfortable 
  • Paying the cost in one go might feel a little expensive (not with the discount and easy installments though)
  • You need to do 2 to 3 hair removal sessions at the beginning 

Comparison with Electrolysis vs. Waxing vs. Sugaring

Comparison with ElectrolysisIPL hair removal can be done with 10 to 15 minutes on the full body while other methods of hair removal might take an hour or two. Additionally, electrolysis can only be done at a professional’s office and waxing/sugaring requires you to develop proper skills.

On the other hand, performing your IPL hair removal at home is user-friendly. Thus, IPL can be the hair removal method of choice for busy people. Also, the risk of side effects with electrolysis/waxing/sugaring is more as compared to that of IPL.

Lastly, if we consider the cost, a single session of electrolysis costs around $100 to $300; the recurring price of professional waxing is $50 to $100, and sugaring also costs almost the same if done at a salon. 

The price of the Ulike Air 10 IPL device is only $399 and even less with the discount. As this device is durable and lasts for many years, it is one of the most affordable and economical options out there.

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