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Epilator vs. Waxing Hair Removal: Which is Better?

December 7, 2023
7 minutes
Epilator vs Waxing Hair Removal Which is Better?

Two of the most effective hair removal methods are waxing and epilation. They are often compared because these methods work deeper than the skin’s surface, and the hair follicles to remove the hair, and offer long-lasting results. 

Although both methods are suitable for staying hair-free for up to a month, the processes, cost, benefits, and side effects of both have a clear distinction. Therefore, are you confused about which of the two will be more compatible with your skin type and hair?

If yes, let us find out.  

Table of Contents:



Epilation means to epilate the hair out of its roots with the help of a mechanical device having rotating blades. This is similar to waxing as it removes the full length of the hair. However, its process, pros, and cons that make it unique are given below. 


Epilation is done with the help of an epilator. An epilator is an electrically or battery-operated device that is made of small tweezers and blades. The tweezers grab and remove the hair from the roots.

There is no need to apply any sticky material for epilation. Furthermore, you can epilate in the shower and your bedroom as well. Also, check the best epilators for legs here.


The advantages of epilation over waxing are given as,

  • It can remove the smallest of hair having a size of up to 0.5 mm
  • It is a mess-free hair removal method as all you need is 1 device
  • It is travel-friendly as well because an epilator is a small handheld machine
  • Compatible with dry and wet epilation


The disadvantages of using an epilator as given as, 

  • More painful as compared to waxing
  • Skin can get stuck in the epilator
  • Pain, redness, and tenderness are the side effects



Who won’t be well aware of waxing as it is the hair removal method of our ancestors? Although the products used for waxing have improved a lot, they still use the same technique and have the same effects. Also, waxing can reduce hair growth over time. 

The details about waxing are discussed below.


For waxing, you need a waxing kit consisting of sticky waxing material, a wax warmer, some strips, and sometimes powder. The skin should be well-cleansed and dry before waxing.

The wax is applied in the direction of hair growth in a thin layer, a strip is then applied over it and pulled off in the opposite direction. The hair is removed and the skin is gently exfoliated. 


The benefits of waxing are given below, 

  • It offers precise hair removal
  • It is more suitable to be used on sensitive skin
  • It is associated with relatively less pain
  • There are no chances of accidental hair removal with waxing


The disadvantages of waxing are given as, 

  • It is a messy form of hair removal
  • You cannot carry it with you while traveling
  • The hair needs to be at least 2 mm long for it to be removed
  • Folliculitis,  ingrown hair, and inflammation are its side effects

1. Which One Lasts Longer? Epilation or Waxing?

Which One Lasts Longer? Epilation or Waxing?

As both methods remove the hair from the roots, it is expected that the results of both will last for the same duration. This is exactly the case as results last for around 4 weeks with both. 

Furthermore, as these hair removal methods put trauma on the hair follicles, the growth rate decreases and hair also becomes less dense in the successive sessions.

However, epilation is preferred as you can get rid of the shortest hair as soon as you see it sprouting on the skin’s surface for flawless skin. In the case of waxing, you will have to wait for the hair to grow at least ¼ of an inch to go for your next sessions. 

The uneven patches of hair with waxing can be frustrating.

2. Which is More Painful Epilation or Waxing?

Which is More Painful Epilation or Waxing?

Waxing and epilation are two of the most painful hair removal methods as they pull the hair out of its roots. However, there is a variation in the duration of pain you will feel with both.

As an epilator continuously grabs and removes the hair from the roots, it is going to give consistent pain. On the other hand, the pain in waxing only occurs the moment you rip the waxing strip off. Then the period of applying the wax and the strip goes by smoothly. 

Furthermore, the pain nerve endings become less sensitive after a few sessions. So, you feel less pain. But yes, it will be there in the form of some discomfort. For this, you can take painkillers before the session.

3. Is Epilator Better Than Waxing in Terms of Cost Effectiveness?

Is Epilator Better Than Waxing in Terms of Cost Effectiveness?

An epilator is a single machine that might be expensive compared to a waxing kit for the first time. But it is going to last several years, if not a decade. In contrast, you will need to buy new waxing material and strips every month.

Also, epilation can be done at home by yourself while many women prefer salons for waxing. This adds to the cost of the waxing. Therefore, if you are looking for something on a budget and can bear a little pain, epilators are a better option.

4. Which is More Sustainable? Epilation or Waxing?

Which is More Sustainable? Epilation or Waxing?

The sustainability of waxing vs. epilation depends upon the type of products you are using. If you are using a durable high-quality epilator, it is going to be more sustainable as compared to synthetic wax in plastic packaging.

Similarly, waxing can prove to be more sustainable if you use sugar wax and make it yourself as well. It will be cheap, effective, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Therefore, how you want to contribute to saving others by using any of these methods is up to you.

5. Which Areas of the Body are More Compatible with Epilation or Waxing?

Which Areas of the Body are More Compatible with Epilation or Waxing?

Although both methods of hair removal can be used anywhere on the body, epilators are mostly used on arms and legs. However, special epilators are also designed to be used on the face and bikini lines as well.

On the other hand, waxing is compatible with any area of the body you can think of. It works well for the face as well. Additionally, waxing can be used for Brazilian hair removal as well.

But, at times waxing can irritate hypersensitive skin. So, a patch test is a must. 

6. Which One Consumes More Time? Epilation or Waxing?

Which One Consumes More Time? Epilation or Waxing?

The duration of the treatment with an epilator or wax depends upon the actual treatment and its preparation. Considering epilation, there is nothing much to do. All you need to do is cleanse the skin, grab the epilator, turn it on, and move it on the skin. 

Using an epilator can take up to 60 minutes for the whole body. However, this is the full treatment time. On the other hand, the procedure of waxing is faster and can take about 45 minutes. 

However, skin preparation, warming the wax, applying it, and cleaning the mess afterward require much more time. This can go for 1.5 hours in total. So, waxing is a time-consuming hair removal process.

A Method Better Than Epilation and Waxing: IPL Hair Removal

IPL Hair Removal

Whether it is epilation or waxing, the sad thing is that you will have to buy wax over and over again and an epilator once every few years. Not to mention that even the long-lasting results of these methods come to an end within a month.

We encourage you to give a more skin-friendly and more effective hair removal method a try. So, check out Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal for its several benefits given below.

  • One-time investment: Ulike Air3 is only $329. This ergonomic and durable device comes at this price and lasts for decades.
  • A lifetime of hairless skin for free: Ulike Air3 features up to a million flashes. These flashes can be used however you like all your life for the initial treatments as well as follow-ups.
  • Skin-protective features: The UV filters of the Ulike make it safe for the skin and its sapphire ice-cooling technology adds to the comfort.
  • Longlasting results: The results of Ulike Air3 last for several months as it kills the hair follicles.
  • A quick timeline of effectiveness: Only 4 weeks are required to kill up to 90% of the hair follicles and for you to notice semi-long-lasting hairlessness. 
  • A gift set: Currently, Ulike is offering a sale for Holidays. The discount on the price is one thing, you also get a whole limited edition gift set.


Waxing and epilation are great methods to try if you are looking for hair-free skin for up to a month. Although both are painful, their results can be worth the pain. Both last for the same duration of time is compatible with any area of the body and can be sustainable as well.

However, epilation can be more painful and waxing can be more time-consuming. So, we would like you to check out IPL hair removal for a fast and nearly painless hair removal experience.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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