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10 Best Products for Face Waxing for Men

By Jason
August 30, 2023
9 minutes
Face Waxing1

Who said that beauty pertains only to women? — Such a stereotypical narrative! Men also deserve to look attractive and gorgeous and they must be. 

But they find it hard to maintain their look because of their skin condition: uneven beard and other facial hair. And removing hair around the beard and eyebrows isn’t as easy as it seems — a minor error can destroy their whole beard look, making them look odd. 

And visiting a salon costs money and consumes time. Don’t know what to do now? Don’t worry! Simply read the following content and learn how to properly do face waxing for men and look awesome while spending less money. 

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How Face Waxing Differs For Men & Women 

Face Waxing Differs1

Since men and women have different skin types and cultural priorities, there is a major difference between men and women’s face waxing. And the following content will explain how face waxing differs for men and women. 

Condition  Face Waxing for Men Face Waxing for Women 
Skin Type  Less sensitive skin (few chances of red and irritation in case of applying wax) Women have sensitive skin, so it gets red and irritated easily. (Use wax suited to your skin type). 
Growth Pattern Different styles of beards, so following an efficient approach is required to maintain a specific beard look. No specific facial hair pattern except eyebrows. So it’s super simple to wax women’s facial hair. 
Hair Type  Coarse and dark hair, so you need to use a good wax to remove hair properly.  Thin and refined hair:  a simple wax application can remove women’s hair. 

Part 2: Pros & Cons of Face Waxing for Men


Are you going to apply wax on your face the first time? Then you surely have some concerns about it. So, here are the pros and cons of face waxing for men. 


  • Quick Results: If you want to remove your hair quickly, waxing is best since it helps you eliminate hair in seconds. 
  • Less Hair Regrowth: Hair follicles cause hair growth. When you apply wax, it damages them, resulting in less hair growth.
  • Inexpensive Home Procedure: You don’t need to visit a salon for face waxing. So it’s less expensive compared to other hair removal methods. 


  • Skin Irritation: In case your skin is sensitive or the wax isn’t properly done, your skin will get red and irritated. Moreover, using soft wax on the face often causes pain. So always ensure to use hard wax to remove facial hair. 
  • Slight Skin Patches: Wax sometimes results in blood patches on your skin for a few hours. So if you need to attend a gathering urgently, applying wax on your face can be risky. 
  • 24 Hours Homebound: After using wax, you can’t go in the sunlight. So you’ll have to homebound minimum of 24 hours once you used wax. 

Part 3: Choosing the Right Face Waxing for Men

Hot Wax2

Before applying the waxing on the face, you must know the right waxing method; otherwise, the results will be opposite to expectations. Moreover, you need to know which waxing type will suit your skin to remove your facial hair pleasantly. 

And to help you select the right face waxing method, all face waxing ways are explained with pros and cons: 

Hot Wax vs. Cold Wax

  • Benefits & Consideration of Hot Wax

Using hot wax is dermatologist-tested since it gives expected results while staying gentle on your skin. Besides multiple benefits, hot wax also has some considerations that are explained below: 

Benefits  Considerations 
Hot wax deeply removes hair, giving you a smooth and glowing look.  Professional help is often required to apply hot wax since using it at an improper temperature won’t yield good results.  
If hot wax is applied properly, it causes less pain and doesn’t hurt the skin.  Using hot wax can burn your skin and causes blood patches on it.


  • Benefits & Consideration of Cold Wax 

Cold Wax 3

Cold wax is also the most used form of waxing owing to its multiple benefits. Women usually apply cold wax to remove their hair. However, it has some considerations and benefits explained below:

Benefits  Considerations 
It works pleasantly on sensitive skin and doesn’t cause irritation.  If it’s not applied properly, it can worsen the skin. 
Since it’s cool, it doesn’t burn the skin.  Cold wax is less effective for coarse hair. 
It doesn’t require a complex procedure to use.


Waxing Strips vs. Hard Wax

Waxing strips are a great choice to remove hair from large body areas with a mess-free procedure. As waxing strips have multiple benefits, they also have drawbacks that are mentioned below:

Advantages  Drawbacks 
No complex procedure requires for waxing strips — simply stick them with your hair and 

remove it. 

If applying the waxing stripes improperly, they can irritate the skin.
It’s an inexpensive choice compared to other waxing methods.  Waxing stripes aren’t fully recommended for thick hair removal.

Hard Wax1

Hard wax is the most recommended wax by dermatologists since it’s best for both thin and coarse hair. With its advantages, it has drawbacks that are explained below:

Advantages  Drawbacks 
Best for sensitive skin, especially the face, underarms and Bikini line.  Hard wax requires heat to proceed.
Hard wax sticks with hair, not the skin, so it doesn’t hurt the skin.  You often have to call an expert to apply hard wax on your skin.
Effective for coarse hair. 


Seeking Professional Help vs. DIY Waxing

Availing waxing services will be great if you want your waxing done hassle-free. Again, professional waxing services have some cons with their pros that are explained below: 

Seeking Professional Help1

  • Professional waxing services

Pros   Cons 
Availing a beautician help for waxing helps you remove hair without bumps and irritation.  You must pay handsomely since you’re availing services.
You get top-notch waxing results by hiring professional waxing services.  You also have to visit a salon that consumes your important time.


  • At-home waxing kits

Using at-home waxing kits will be a great option if you lack money and time to go to a salon. However, you need to be an expert to wax your hair at home; otherwise, the results may differ from expectations. To help you properly understand at-home waxing, its pros and cons are discussed in detail below:  

Pros  Cons 
You can apply at-home waxing anytime so it’s a convenient procedure.  Since you’re not an expert, getting good waxing results is hard. 
It’s also affordable as it doesn’t require a salon visit.  Applying waxing by yourself can also burn or hurt your skin. 

Part 4: 10 Face Waxing Products for Men 

BLITZWAX Waxing Kit — Best for full body 


Best for bikinis, armpits, and face, BLITZWAX waxing kit is dermatologist-cleared, hypoallergenic, and vegan-free. 

This hot wax for men’s faces pleasantly suits all skin types, including oily, sensitive, dry, and normal skin. It’s super simple to use, so you can apply it in your home and save money. 

What Customers Say: 

According to customers, this waxing kit is easy to use and perfect for sensitive skin. 

KOTAMU Hair Removal Waxing Kit — Best with nearly painless procedure 

KOTAMU Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Do you want to apply wax on your face but fear pain? If so, KOTAMU removal waxing kit is what you’re looking for. Being hard wax, it causes less pain and is great for sensitive skin and all body parts. 

Best for armpits and legs, this male face waxing kit is also recommended by dermatologists and provides the expected results.

What Customers Say: The majority of customers say that this waxing kit is perfect for sensitive skin and causes less pain. 

Nose & Mustache Wax Kit — Best for sensitive skin 

Nose & Mustache Wax Kit

Does your nose hair irritate you? If your answer is a big YES, this nose and mustache wax kit is what you need. 

It comes with 30 applicators and is perfect for sensitive skin. Using this waxing kit, you can remove your hair at home and save your salon expenses. 

What Customers Say: 

According to customers, this waxing kit works great and is simple to use. 

Brazilian Waxing Kit — Best for legs, face & eyebrows 

Brazilian Waxing Kit

If you’re looking for a nearly painless way to remove your facial hair, a Brazilian waxing kit will be a great choice. It’s applicable to the full body, including the face, eyebrows, Bikini, and legs. 

Dermatologist-cleared and hypoallergenic, this waxing kit gives you the expected results while staying pleasant on your skin. 

What Customers Say: 

Customers say this waxing kit package includes everything you need to give you high-quality results. 

Barbero Hair Removal Wax Kit — Best with stripeless formula

Barbero Hair Removal Wax Kit

Many people avoid waxing since it’s a long procedure. But not with this Barbero hair removal. This waxing doesn’t require stripes, so it helps you quickly remove your hair without feeling pain. 

Best for the face, underarms,  legs, and Bakini, this stripeless best face wax for men is what you need. 

What Customers Say: 

The best feature of this wax kit is that it deeply removes hair without causing a mess. 

Nad’s For Men Body Wax Strips — Best at-home waxing kit 

Nad's For Men Body Wax Strips

Do you want to remove your facial and body hair without visiting a salon? If that’s the case, these Ned’s body stripes will be your best choice. 

Made of all-natural ingredients, this wax doesn’t hurt your skin and gives you desired results. 

What Customers Say: 

According to customers, these waxing stripes remove hair following a simple procedure. 

Bestidy Waxing Kit for Men — Best for chest, legs & eyebrows 

Bestidy Waxing Kit for Men

Selecting a wax that’s applicable to the whole body will save you money and avoid mess. So considering this point, here we have this Bestidy hard was for men’s face.

This wax is pleasant and simple to use. Also, it gives you the expected results. 

What Customers Say: 

According to customers, this Bestidy waxing kit works best on their skin, so they would like to recommend it. 

MOOM Waxing Hair Removal Strips for MenBest with polycotton material

MOOM Waxing Hair Removal Strips for Men

What is the thing that makes you afraid when you think about waxing? Isn’t it pain? If so, these removal strips made of polycotton material will help you pleasantly remove your hair. 

You can apply these strips to any of your body parts, like your back and chest, and remove hair. 

What Customers Say: 

Customers refer that using this product is super easy and doesn’t cause a mess. 

Wax Kit for Women Men — Best with hard wax beans 

Wax Kit for Women Men 1

Jasmine extracts and oil are processed to make this wax. It deeply removes your hair while making your skin look smooth and glowing. 

This hard wax is usable on sensitive body parts like eyebrows and Bikini lines. You can also apply this wax on other body parts like legs and arms and freely remove your hair. 

What Customers Say: 

Most customers say this is the best hair removal wax for men’s faces. 

Anruz Women Men Wax Kit for Hair Removal — Best for home use 

Anruz Women Men Wax Kit for Hair Removal

We want to remove our facial hair but don’t have time to go to salon, right? If your answer is a big YES, this Anruz Women Men is what you need. It gives you salon-quality results at home and is applicable on all body parts. 

This waxing kit is also dermatologist-tested so you can remove your facial hair without experiencing irritation and pain. 

What Customers Say: 

Customers say this waxing facial hair men’s kit provides the expected results. 

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions About Face Waxing for Men 

  • How long does it take to wax your face?

On average, the facial waxing process completes in 20-30 minutes. 

  • How often should men wax their faces?

The majority of dermatologists recommend that a man should wax his face between two to three weeks. 

  • Can men wax their beards or mustaches?

Yes, a man can wax his beard and mustache if he wants. 

  • Does face waxing make facial hair grow back thicker or darker?

No, waxing breaks up hair follicles, making hair thinner and decreasing hair growth. 

  • Are there any risks or side effects of face waxing?

Yes, if you have hyper-sensitive skin and apply wax using the wrong method, your skin can get red and you find bumps on it. 

Final Remarks

conclude the topic

To conclude the topic, it’s 100% right to say that men grooming is as important as women’s. And waxing is the best way to eliminate unwanted facial hair compared to all other hair removal methods.

And to help you properly do face waxing, the above content explains every point in detail. Also, top face faxing kits are mentioned above, so you choose the one you find best for your skin type. 

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