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Fine Hair vs Coarse Hair: Safe And Healthy Way Of Removing Unwanted Hair

August 2, 2023
7 minutes

The body begins to change slowly once puberty hits, and like most people, you will begin to grow hair in places you may not want it. Having hair improves one’s beauty, as long as the hair is cared for and properly maintained.

Hair comes in several types, and they are distinguished by texture, color, or length. Each type of hair has varying approaches to removing it. Some people run into little trouble when trying to remove fine hair, while others have issues trying to remove coarse hair. Using the same technique to remove all types of hair is not always the best, and sometimes could lead to certain unwanted outcomes like itching, redness, bumps, and many more

This article will focus on the best ways to remove unwanted fine and coarse hair. So if you are having problems getting rid of the aforementioned hair types, keep reading this article.

Do You Have Fine Or Coarse Hair?

People, with hair have strands and lack thickness. However having this type of hair is not a problem as it does not make you more susceptible, to baldness. It’s important to take care of hair to prevent breakage.

Fine hair is renowned for its silky texture. While it tends to become compared to hair it lacks the thickness and bounce of coarse hair. As a result, fine hair is more manageable. Requires effort to maintain.

How do you know if you have fine hair? – If you want to determine if you have fine hair try plucking a strand and rubbing it between your fingers. If the strand feels barely noticeable or almost imperceptible then it is likely that you do have fine hair.

On the other hand, coarse hair is quite different from hair. Each strand of hair is thicker and longer giving it an luscious appearance. It can be straight, wavy, curly or coiled. Although coarse hair is strong, in nature it tends to suffer from dryness and split ends frequently and lacks flexibility. Managing and maintaining hair requires attention compared to fine hair. Therefore your hair care routine should prioritize hydration and moisture to keep it healthy.

How do you know if you have coarse hair? If you take a strand of your hair and gently rub it between your fingers you can determine if your hair is coarse, by feeling its strength.

Removing coarse hair can be quite challenging, due to its thickness and certain methods of hair removal may not be as effective compared to when dealing with fine hair.

How to remove unwanted fine hair?

The Wax approach

This approach happens to be one of the most frequently used methods for the removal of unwanted hair, especially fine hair. This removal approach requires the use of cold or warm wax to the region with the hair to be removed. The wax is therefore removed alongside the unwanted hair. The waxing method gets rid of unwanted hair from the root, causing the region to be smoother, and the shave lasts longer.

Wax usage procedure

  • Get your skin ready by cleaning it and also ensuring it is dry.

  • Carefully go through the printed instructions on the pack to know how to go about the whole procedure.

  • Circulate the wax coating on the affected area.

  • Wait for the wax to dry and quickly pull it off in the opposite growth direction so as to prevent excruciating removal.

  • Add some calming gel to avoid redness.


This is a natural-ingredient fine hair removal method that helps reduce ingrown hairs. The sugar wax mixture is made with water, lemon, sugar, and juice.

Guide to using the sugaring technique

  • Purchase the mixture or make one for yourself

  • Ensure a clean and dry surface

  • Distribute the mixture to that region and remove it quickly

  • Ensure to apply soothing creams to avoid redness


Epilators are devices that help remove fine hair from its roots; it pulls multiple strands of hair out of the skin at the same time. Epilators are uncomfortable at certain times but they are always effective, with exceptional results.

Epilators; how to use them

  • Ensure your Epilator is clean and dry before use.

  • Ensure you navigate the epilators in the right direction

  • Keep the epilator steady

  • After the whole procedure, apply a soothing balm to prevent irritation

Depilatory Cream

This is a lotion that embodies constituents that are needed to break down hair that grows on the skin. Depilatory cream is not to be left on the skin, they are meant to be rinsed off after a while. The most amazing part of using this approach is that this fine hair removal method does not come with pain and is very effective. However, it is important to do a patch test before deciding to use it for a larger portion of your skin.

Depilatory Creams usage

  • Get the matching product for your skin

  • Undergo patch test

  • Follow the usage guide on the product during the application

  • Ensure to remove the cream and the removed hair as when due.

How to remove unwanted coarse hair?

IPL Laser Hair Removal

Making use of lasers for removing hair is another amazing approach when dealing with fine hair and coarse hair. The laser works on the hair follicles, preventing further hair growth. IPL provides a gentle yet efficient way to remove unwanted hair from various areas of the body, including the face, arms, legs, and bikini line.IPL’s advanced technology precisely targets each individual strand, leaving no room for missed spots. The powerful light energy emitted during treatment penetrates deep into the hair follicles, significantly reducing hair regrowth over time.


  • Be sure you are fit for the method

  • Stay away from sunlight before undergoing the removal

  • Shave to shorten the hair

  • If you feel discomfort, create an awareness


This is a method that uses twisted threads to extract strings of hair. Threading is one of the best approaches for removing coarse hair from the face, but it can, however, be used for other body parts.

Threading is a good choice because it does not include any chemical solution. Threading is also a good hair removal method for a variety of skin types, in contrast to the use of wax or depilatory lotions.

Threading application procedure

  • Get a professional to help with the procedures

  • Ensure to clean and dry the surface to be worked on

  • Allow the professional to do the job while you observe

  • Ensure to apply lotion after the threading process


Electrolysis is a secure strategy to long-lastingly remove coarse hair. It is the process that involves the use of electrical wire for its operation.

How to undergo the Electrolysis process

  • Get a certified electrologist to do it for you

  • Clean and dry the region

  • Use cream for that region after the session

Hair Clipper

The hair clipper is another popular hair removal device mostly used by men to cut their hair. It is electronic and therefore requires power to function. If not used appropriately, it could cut more hair than required.

What Type Of Facial And Body Hair Grows On Us?

It is important to have knowledge of the types of hair that grows on our body. This section explains the different types and where they grow, so you can figure out the best way to extract them leaving the affected region unharmed.

Leg Hair: Most women have been known to either shave or use the wax method to extract the hair in their legs. This technique is a great fix for fine hair. However, for coarse hair, sugaring is the best method for removal because it can remove the thickness and length of hair.

Underarm Hair: The underarm hair is usually coarse. To remove the hair, any of the methods explained in the early part of the article is fine. You can easily get irritation, bumps, and more often than not, a darkened area. That’s why it’s advised to take proper care of an area after hair removal.

Bikini Line: This particular area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, Women typically wax this area, completely disregarding the surrounding area.

Upper lip: Waxing of this area can work for fine hair, but if it’s coarse hair, making use of a shaving stick or clipper will be more effective

Good Riddance To Unwanted Hair

Are you exhausted from managing delicate facial, arm, and upper lip hair that traditional hair removal methods struggle to address effectively? Or maybe you’re irritated by the tenacity of coarse hair, which demands frequent upkeep.

To take care of unwanted hair effectively, it is important to know your hair texture at different regions of your body. Using the most appropriate hair removal method for the specific situation is also important. Discover what works for you and learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

In the long run, we have found that IPL hair removal is the safest and most effective approach. Compared to traditional techniques, IPL requires fewer sessions, allowing you to say goodbye to frequent salon appointments and enjoy smoother, hair-free skin at your convenience.

Say farewell to the frustrations of temporary hair removal methods and welcome the freedom of having silky-smooth skin with IPL – it’s your ticket to effortless beauty.

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