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The 8 Foods That Cause Facial Hair Growth in Females

By Laura
April 5, 2024
6 minutes
The 8 Foods That Cause Facial Hair Growth in Females

Our diet and lifestyle play an important role in determining the level of hormones in our bodies. While genetics, drugs, and systemic diseases can cause excess facial hair growth, hormones are the chemicals that control hirsutism. 

So, are you wondering if food can alter the hormonal status and thus cause facial hair growth in women? And do you also want to know which foods have the potential to cause facial hair growth in women?

If yes, you are at the right place as we plan on elaborating on the effects of diet on facial hair growth in this article. 

Table of Contents:

Can Foods Cause Facial Hair Growth in Females?

Can Foods Cause Facial Hair Growth in Females?Yes, foods can cause excess facial hair growth in women. Although the effects of meals on your facial hair follicles are not direct, your diet is associated with hirsutism by indirect mechanisms.

These mechanisms include obesity, increased fatty acids, decreased insulin sensitivity, and inflammation. 

A study published by the World Health Organisation has established the role of refined carbs in causing hirsutism and plant-based diet in preventing it [1]. Additionally, you can find more about the List of 6 Best and Worst Foods for PCOS as PCOS is the major cause of facial hair growth. 

The 8 Foods That Cause Facial Hair Growth in Females

The 8 foods that are associated with increased facial hair growth in females are given as, 

1. Meat and Poultry 

 Meat and PoultryThe meat and poultry that are brought up in the farms do not take an inorganic diet. Some of them are also injected with hormones to boost the growth. 

It is the presence of chemicals in the meat and poultry that can stimulate the release of testosterone in the female body. These male hormones cause facial hair growth.

Additionally, broiler chicken is especially known to cause hormonal imbalance [2].

2. Potatoes and Oranges

 Potatoes and OrangesWhile potatoes do not increase the level of testosterone in the body, they convert testosterone into its active form known as dihydrotestosterone. DHT is more potent than testosterone and causes the development of male characteristics in females.

Similarly, oranges increase the level of testosterone and DHT in the blood. The breakdown product of oranges, fructose binds to the receptors involved in the metabolism of hormones in the liver. 

Consequently, the hormones are not metabolized and their increased level stimulates hirsutism. 

3. Eggs

EggsThe major part of the egg yolk is fat. It contains a high amount of cholesterol as well. Cholesterol is the precursor of steroid hormones and steroid hormones are the major hormones determining the thickness, density, and growth rate of the hair follicles.

Thus, egg yolk is not the best source of proteins and nutrition for women with hirsutism. 

4. Alcohol

AlcoholA study by Oxford Academics has illustrated the role of uncontrolled alcohol intake in premenopausal women. According to this study, alcohol increases the level of androgens and male hormones in the female body [3].

Moreover, alcohol also causes a fatty change in the liver and an inflammatory reaction in the body. Both of these cause hormonal imbalances. So, if you drink alcohol too often, it could be the culprit behind your hirsutism. 

5. Refined Sugars 

Refined Sugars Refined carbohydrates are notorious for causing various health concerns in the body. Some of the well-known effects of carbohydrates in the body are insulin resistance and increased levels of free fatty acids in the body. 

Therefore, intake of refined sugars is also associated with facial hair growth. A study concluded that refined carbs caused PCOS-like features including hirsutism in female rats [4]

6. Fast Food

 Fast FoodFast food is a combination of potatoes, professed ingredients, refined carbohydrates, boiler chicken, and saturated oil. Therefore, it is a combination of ingredients known to cause unwanted facial hair growth in females. 

7. A High-Fat Diet

 A High-Fat DietA high-fat diet means you will become overweight in a short time because of the accumulation of fats in the body. Obesity itself is a huge risk factor for disturbance in the levels of hormones and thus hirsutism. 

Therefore, we suggest you lose weight and control your diet by following the tips mentioned in 10 High Volume Low-Calorie Foods Meals for Weight Loss.

8. Dairy Products

Dairy ProductsDairy products might be necessary to live a healthy lifestyle, but they do not suit people having a history or risk factor of hormonal imbalance. This is because dairy triggers inflammation in the body. 

Also, dairy milk increases the risk of developing PCOS in women and PCOS is associated with hirsutism [5]

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair in Females?

If you are taking any of the meals mentioned in this article, the first step to getting rid of unwanted facial hair growth will be to stop taking such foods and improve your lifestyle.

In addition to that, you can try the hair removal methods mentioned below to get rid of unwanted facial hair in females. 

1. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for facial hair removal have the least side effects and offer good results if you are consistent. Additionally, natural remedies also help in hydration and nourishment of the skin.

So, here are a few facial hair growth reduction masks for you.

  • Curd, turmeric, and yogurt face mask
  • Egg white and corn flour or baking soda face pack
  • Gelatin and milk hair removal solution

Also, remember that the results of home remedies are not immediate. You have to be patient for a few weeks before noticing the hair growth reduction. 

2. Transient Hair Removal Treatments

Transient Hair Removal TreatmentsFacial hair removal home remedies do not suit women with thick facial hair growth because they are time-consuming and minimally effective on coarse hair. Under such circumstances, we suggest that you try other methods of facial hair removal.

Some temporary methods for hirsutism are,

  • Shaving or dermaplaning
  • Waxing 
  • Threading or tweezing 

3. Long-lasting Hair Removal Treatments 

Most temporary methods of facial hair regrowth are painful and do not last for a long time either. Thus, it is better to invest your money and time in some long-lasting or semi-long-lasting methods of hair removal that offer better results. 

Some of these methods are,

  • In-office electrolysis
  • In-salon laser hair removal
  • At-home laser hair removal or IPL

4. The Best Facial Hair Removal Method 

The Best Facial Hair Removal MethodIf we have to choose one method of facial hair removal among a wide range of techniques used to get rid of unwanted hair, IPL will have the first place. No other facial hair removal method can compare to IPL in terms of convenience, price, and long-lasting results. 

Therefore, Ulike Air 3 IPL can prove to be the best method of facial hair removal for you. Some of the unlimited reasons behind this include 

  • Nearly painless hair removal because of the ice-cooling technology of Ulike
  • A distinct comfort mode with low intensity and high power output for the sensitive and delicate skin of the face
  • The mechanism that kills the hair follicles and prevents them from giving way to unwanted hair growth
  • An economical price, amazing discounts, and the opportunity to pay in installments 
  • A well-designed and well-packed device that can enhance the grace of your bathroom shelf
  • Travel-friendly device 


Contrary to the common belief, certain foods are highly associated with increased facial hair growth. Most of these foods either trigger the production of testosterone, prevent its binding with receptors, or reduce its metabolism. 

The high level of steroids, especially testosterone in the body cause facial hair growth in women. Such foods include potatoes, oranges, milk, yogurt, refined carbs, poultry, meat, and more.

We discussed each of these foods in detail in this article. Therefore, giving up on such foods can help you reduce facial hair growth.


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