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Foreo Luna Mini 2 vs 3: Which One Should You Choose?

By Laura
May 13, 2023
7 minutes

The cleaner our skin is, the better will be its texture, appearance, and health. Along with the facial cleansers, there are several facial cleaning tools as well. Two such products are hi-tech Foreo Luna facial cleansing brushes. It has both full-size and mini facial cleansing tools.

Today, I am going to enlighten you on its mini facial cleansers. Although the latest release is Foreo Luna Mini 4, let us first know about the former Luna Mini 2 and the later Luna Mini 3 here. Both are good at cleaning the skin and pores deeply but there are a few features differentiating them.

So, without any delay, let us get into the quality information about both devices.

Foreo Luna Mini 2 vs 3

Distinguished Features of Foreo Luna Mini 2 vs 3

  • Both Foreo Luna Mini 2 and 3 are gentle facial cleaning brushes that work for all skin types and people with all levels of skin sensitivities.

  • Both are oval-shaped devices with silicone bodies and a metal base. There are soft bristles on both sides of these cleansers.

  • These battery-operated rechargeable facial tools cleanse the skin and help in maintaining hygiene within 30 seconds.

  • To charge both devices, there is a USB charger with a cord. Luna mini 2 lasts for 300 uses per charge and Luna mini 3 lasts for 400 uses after each charge.

  • The intensities of these facial cleansers can be changed. Foreo Luna mini 2 offers 8 levels of intensities while Luna 3 has 12 of them

  • As the devices can get wet while cleansing the face, both are 100% waterproof making them durable. They also come with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Foreo Luna 3 is lighter with 87 grams of weight as compared to Foreo Luna 2 with 93 grams of weight.

  • Both also use T sonic pulsation technology to clean the impurities from a deeper surface of the skin while massaging the face.

  • There is also a Foreo for You app where you can set up your cleansing routine.

Comparison Table

Let us look at the features that make Foreo Luna Mini 2 and Mini 3 different from each other. Here is a one-look comparison table for you.


Foreo Luna Mini 2

Foreo Luna Mini 3





77 x 80.5 x 22 mm

80 x 78 x 38 mm


93 gram

87 gram


2 years

2 years

Year of Release



Major use

Removes up to 90% dirt, oil, and makeup residues

Removes up to 99.5% dirt, oil, and makeup residues


Oval shaped with a straight base

Circular with a straight base

Inside the box

  • Luna Mini 2 cleansing brush

  • USB charging cord

  • Sample of Forea serum serum serum

  • Luna Mini 2 cleansing brush

  • USB charging cord

  • Sample of Forea serum serum serum

  • Travel pouch

Color choices

  • Aquamarine

  • Pearl pink

  • Fuschia

  • Midnight

  • Sunflower yellow

  • Sunflower yellow

  • Mint

  • Fushia

  • Midnight

  • Pearl pink

Where to buy

Foreo Luna Mini 2 in a Glace

Forea Luna Mini 2 features a vibrating facial cleansing T-sonic pulsation brush with 3 types of zone brush heads; thicker touch point bristles on the front for precisely cleaning the face, broad bristles touch points on the back for removing excess oils, and thinner bristles compatible with dry or sensitive skin.

This softest silicone facial brush with bristles that are 35 times cleaner than other brushes. It has a simple interface with a single turn-off and on the button in the middle and intensity-changing modes on the sides.

This mini facial brush is no less than the full-size brush with 8 levels of intensities and 300 uses per charge.


  • 1 hour USB charging can last for 300 uses

  • Perfect for people with oily skin because of its large touchpoints

  • 8 levels of intensities with 8000 pulsations per minute making it highly efficient for massaging the face while cleaning it

  • 10 years guarantee for quality

  • Convenient settings for turning on/off the device and changing intensity levels

  • An indicator light that flashes after every 15 minutes and is paused for a second

  • Removes dead skin cells, excess oils, sebum, dirt, impurities, and other pollutants

  • Prepares the skin for the absorption of skincare products


  • Using clay-based, silicone-containing, or grainy cleansers might damage its bristles

  • It can not be used with facial cleansing oils either

  • It is not connected to Bluetooth

  • Not durable

Foreo Luna Mini 3 in a Glance

Foreo Luna Mini 3 is one of the softest hi-tech facial cleansing brushes with silicone bristles and a soft body. It is a lightweight mini brush with 12 levels of intensities and a Forea for You app to control the levels of intensities and customize the facial cleansing routine according to your requirements.

Its compact design reaches the areas around the nose more efficiently and 8000 T-sonic pulsations cleanse the full face deeply. Additionally, it is also charged with a USB cord and one charge lasts for 400 uses. There is also a light indicator at the bottom of the device.

Lastly, Foreo Mini 3 has an automated Bluetooth setting and a single easy-to-use button to connect the Bluetooth and control the usage of the device.


  • Thinner touch points on the front for cleaning the cheeks and making it suitable for normal to sensitive skin types

  • Thicker touchpoints to cleanse the T zone effectively

  • Charging it for an hour keeps the battery going for 400 uses

  • Durable design with no need to replace the head

  • 40% larger, 10% longer, and 25% softer than the other version

  • Glow boost mode improves the texture of the skin while cleaning it for 30 seconds

  • Can be used for a quick facial as well

  • Treats and prevents blemishes and acne marks

  • Comes with a travel pouch making it easy to carry


  • Controlling the device with Bluetooth can be a little inconvenient

  • Does not turn off until its cycle is completed

  • Does not work unless you register it on the app

  • Expensive

Comparing the Effectiveness and Ease of Use of Foreo Luna Mini 2 vs 3

The effectiveness of both devices is comparable because both devices have multiple levels of intensity and T sonic vibrations to cleanse the skin. The presence of 3 types of touch zones of Foreo Mini 2 makes it more effective for people with oily skin and Foreo Mini 3 has only 2 touch points making it suitable for all skin types.

Additionally, the shape of the Foreo Mini 3 is more compatible with the contours of the face. Also, the battery life of the Foreo Mini 3 is more than that of the Foreo Mini 2.

The only thing I did not like in Luna Mini 3 is its automated setup, Bluetooth app, and connectivity. It can frustrate the user. On the other hand, the simple interface of Luna mini 2 is more user-friendly.

Comparing the Price and Cost Effectiveness of Luna Mini 2 vs 3

There is a difference of $40-60 between the price of Foreo Mini 2 and 3. Forea mini 2 is $139 as it is and about $119 on discount while Foreo Luna mini 3 is $179 offering no discount. Clearly, Foreo Mini 3 is more expensive.

But is it worth the extra 60 dollars? Not really as long as you can mend the usage of Luna mini 2 according to your needs because the effectiveness of both is almost the same. However, if you like an automated hi-tech device that lasts for a longer time for each charge and is easy to use on the nose, Foreo Mini 3 is totally worth it.

Comparing the Warranty and Guarantee of Luna Mini 2 vs 3

Both devices come with a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year guarantee for their silicone head making them irreplaceable. So, both devices are expected to last for the same time.

However, if we see the packaging, Luna 3 also comes with a storage pouch making it easy to be taken care of and protecting it from dirt and rubbing with other tools in your travel bag. So, it stays cleaner.

Major Differences Between Luna Mini 2 vs 3

Shape, weight, and dimensions: Foreo Luna 3 is lighter in weight, bigger in size, and larger in shape while Foreo Luna 2 is a little heavier and smaller.

Touch Zones: Foreo Luna 2 has 3 touch zones including broad, thick, and thin bristles while Foreo Luna 3 only has thick and thin bristles. The bristles of Luna 3 are also longer as compared to that of Luna 2.

Intensity levels: 12 intensity levels in Foreo Luna Mini 3 for 8 intensity levels in Foreo Luna Mini 2.

Lifespan per Charge: Battery lasts for 400 uses in Luna mini 3 and for 300 uses in Luna mini 2.

Usage cycle: Luna mini 3 completes a 30-60 seconds cycle before it can be turned off while Luna mini 2 takes a pause after every 15 seconds and turns off automatically after 3 minutes. However, you can turn it on/off anytime.

Bluetooth Connection: Forea Luna 3 is a Bluetooth-connected app that is controlled through it and works only with registration and Bluetooth. But Foreo Luna 2 has manual controls on its back side.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Choose

Foreo Luna mini 2 and 3 are hi-tech silicone cleaning facial brushes with different sizes of bristles to target different areas of skin, indicator lights to indicate the usage of the device, and a rechargeable battery that lasts hundreds of uses.

Both devices are exceptional at cleansing the face, exfoliating skin, removing impurities, and washing off makeup residues. Their effectiveness is also almost the same.

So, if you have the budget, go for the latest version of Forea, Luna mini 3 and if you want an affordable device, Luna mini 2 is definitely going to satisfy your needs.

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