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How Much Does a Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost: A Complete Guide

By Laura
July 24, 2023
6 minutes
How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

Nothing is better than laser hair removal to eliminate hair over the long term. But is it a definitive method?

Between the razor the epilator and the wax. There are a multitude of methods to get rid of hair. Out of all these methods, laser hair removal is one of the most advanced techniques for long-lasting hair removal. On the other hand, it requires a little more investment. Like all other hair removal treatments, it has advantages and disadvantages.

The laser hair removal technique with a device like the Ulike Air series IPL Hair Removal Handset , allows you to remove unwanted hair from any area of your body and face. The laser will destroy the bulb and the shaft of the hair by targeting the melanin of the hair. The darker and thicker it is the more effective the result will be. The laser thus heats the brown or black pigment on the skin (light) and disintegrates the hair at high temperatures.

Thus, no more repeated trips to the convenience store to buy razors and waxing supplies all the time. It is wise to invest in laser hair removal for a smoother hassle-free future for your skin.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Full Body Laser Hair Removal CostLaser hair removal is the most effective and popular method for long-term hair removal. It offers an almost definitive result. Unfortunately, we cannot say that they will never grow again until the end of your life. At the end of each session the existing hairs (fewer and fewer over the sessions) will be eradicated until new growth occurs and new hairs appear. Once all the laser hair removal sessions are done you should have practically no hair left. A maintenance session once a year may be necessary to make the effects of hair removal even more long lasting.

It takes several sessions to remove body hair. In general, five to eight sessions sometimes more depending on the person. The hair goes through three phases throughout its growth. These predicaments can last several months or even years with a laser. Remember that laser hair removal cannot remove all the hairs at once.

Here is a closer look at some of the factors that determine the cost of this treatment:

  • Size of the Treatment Area: The larger the area you wish to treat with laser hair removal the higher the overall cost. For example, suppose you intend to have hair removed from only your face or bikini line. This will not be as expensive as treating multiple large areas such as both legs and arms.

  • Thickness and Density of Hair: If the area you wish to treat has thick hair it may require multiple treatments in order to achieve desired results. Each additional treatment will add to the total cost of the treatment.

  • Number of Sessions Required: The number of laser treatment sessions required depends on various factors including skin type and age. Also, your hormone levels and genetics play a significant role in the success of such treatments. The number of sessions depends on the photo type and the hair cycle of the area to be treated. For most people, six sessions are usually enough to achieve long-lasting results. Still depending on their situation some people may even need up to ten sessions. To obtain convincing results, it takes an average of eight to twelve sessions. Between the first two, a period of four to six weeks must be respected. Thereafter, the period between two sessions is longer. In the end, one year is on average necessary to eliminate all the hair.

  • Expertise of the treatment provider: If you opt to have your treatments done at home with a laser device it’s essential to make sure that you choose an experienced and reputable provider. Doing so will ensure the best possible results and minimize your risks of any unwanted side effects.

  • Location and facility amenities: If you choose to have your treatments done in a medical facility or spa the cost will hike up due to the additional costs associated with the included amenities.

  • Additional services and exclusive packages: Many providers offer multiple treatments or additional services such as skincare and relaxation therapies. Purchasing such a package can save you money in the long run as it often comes with discounts for each additional service.

Average Cost Ranges for Full Body Laser Hair Removal

The price of a laser hair removal treatment session depends on several criteria. Will you perform your treatment sessions in a laser hair removal center or with a dermatologist? Maybe you are confident enough to undertake the procedure on your own using an efficient and portable laser hair removal tool like the Ulike Air3 . Most user reviews are generally very positive for devices like the Ulike Air3. Only with one buy of $329, you will get noticeable results in 3 weeks and enjoy Pain-free experience.

If you decide to laser hair removal center, the cost of full body laser hair removal treatments can be anywhere from $200 to $4 000.

It depends on the hair color,  thickness, and treatment area. After the first treatment, the hair is expected to reduces 10% to 25%. To remove all hair, most people require 2 to 6 laser treatments.

Most people will pay between $400 and $3000 for several treatments. Treatment prices will vary depending on your chosen provider. So, go shopping and look around. Comparing prices is essential to book the best package for yourself. The treatment provider’s reputation and location of the facility matter a lot. Also, additional services can all affect the variations in treatment cost.

As we mentioned earlier many providers offer discounts when purchasing multiple treatments. If you want to save money on your laser hair removal treatments while still getting excellent results consider taking advantage of such offers.

The average cost of a laser hair removal treatment for the face is between $150 and $400 while treatments for larger areas such as arms or legs can range from $200 to $600.

Cost Comparison with Other Hair Removal Methods

When considering the cost of laser hair removal, it is important to also consider how much money you can save. In the long run if you invest in laser treatment over other methods. The initial cost of laser hair removal may be more expensive than traditional methods such as shaving and waxing or even plucking. Nonetheless, it is essential to calculate how much money you may save.

Financing and Payment Options

Depending on your health insurance provider some or all of the costs associated with laser hair removal treatments may be covered. Check with your provider to see what kind of coverage this procedure offers. Suppose you require help covering the cost. In that case payment plans may be available. Do your research by talking to several providers about their payment plans and discounts. Then see what works best for your budget.

Tips for Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Device

No matter which treatment provider you choose for your laser hair removal treatments there are a few things you should consider when making your decision:

  • Compare the effective energy size. The greater the energy density, the better the hair removal effect. usually the spot size of the hair removal laser is about the size of a fingertip (3-18mm)

  • Comparing the wavelength range. The effective hair removal wavelength should be above 500nm, The most suitable laser is one with a wavelength between 700 and 1400 nm, as this range has the greatest absorption for melanin and the least interference with other pigments such as hemoglobin.

  • Reading reviews and testimonials: Read online reviews and testimonials to get an idea of how about the service offered and effects. You can also get insight into the results that customers have experienced with the treatments.

  • Certification and experience: Research the company’s qualifications to ensure they have enough experience and expertise in performing laser hair removal treatments safely and effectively.

Concluding Thoughts

Laser hair removal is an efficient and riskless way to eliminate unwanted body hair for good. In recent years laser hair removal has proven itself. Admittedly this method requires a real investment but it offers unbeatable efficiency if you want to get rid of hair. It also allows you to cover a large area in a minimum of time and would be the ideal solution against ingrown hairs.

However, do keep in mind that the laser is a device for strictly medical use. It is therefore not without risk and must be used by an experienced doctor. The latter will not fail to inform you of the risks and in particular of the one which is probably the most important risk of the burn in particular when over the sessions the power of the laser is increased to destroy increasingly fine hairs. This risk of burning is also significant in the event of a tan because the pigmented skin will then absorb the energy of the laser beam like hair.

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