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Say Goodbye to Neck Hair: How to Get Rid of Neck Hair with Laser Hair Removal

By Mariela
May 5, 2023
9 minutes

Welcome to the 21st century where almost anything is possible.

Do you have neck hair and just want them gone? Well, now you can have it all gone. If you have tried several methods to get rid of them only to have it all return, there’s good news for you. The laser hair removal procedure helps you effortlessly get what you want.

Laser hair removal has slowly become a notable cosmetic procedure that makes use of a rich beam of light to take away undesirable hair from various regions of the body, including the neck and necklines. Users have been seen to, particularly, like how smooth the process can be and how absolute the result can be too. This one, doubtless, is a great option for you. Nonetheless, let’s peek through more highlights some more.

Why Laser Hair Removal is Best for Neck and Back of Neck?

One clear-cut answer to this is that the laser hair removal procedure provides a final stop answer, which is very effective. Moreover, apart from it being popular among several people due to its ability to take away undesirable hair from the neck and back of the neck, it has also gained more attention due to some other reasons. Let’s see some of them:

  • Precision: The laser beam can specifically target and take down the activeness of the hair follicles without influencing the surrounding skin. This skill makes it an ideal choice for taking out hair in small and hard-to-reach spots such as the back of the neck.
  • Speed: If there is one thing unique about the laser hair removal process, it is how fast it can get. The procedure can help deal with several hair follicles at once. This makes it a quicker option than other hair removal techniques
  • Quality results: It provides a one-stop answer. Other removal means like waxing and shaving never help to totally take away the hair; and if they do, you only have to give it time before the hairs come knocking with full force again. However, with the laser hair removal method, the procedure helps deter regrowth of hair around the targeted region, while also reducing the intensity of future growth.
  • Little or no discomfort: Even when you could experience some dull sensations, the procedure is regarded as considerably nearly painless when compared to others. All you have to do is close your eyes, give it some time, and voila, you are done.
  • Lessens hair ingrown: Similarly, laser hair removal can help lessen the incidence of ingrown hairs, which is a familiar issue with other removal processes, particularly in regions around the neck and back of the neck.

All in all, laser hair removal is a sensible and active means to help remove undesirable hair in the neck and back of the neck. Besides, it gives more lasting and quality results.

How Laser Hair Removal for Neck Works

Laser hair removal for the neck works by utilizing a robust beam of light rays to lock down and take away the activeness of hair follicles.

This action thwarts hair re-growth and it is especially good for parts of the body like the neck.

The process works by directing energy into the hair shaft, which then travels down to the follicle and heats it up. The heat causes damage to the follicle, ultimately leading to its destruction and preventing new hair growth. Laser hair removal for the neck is particularly effective since it offers a long-lasting solution without causing any significant discomfort or downtime.

Removing neck hair and Neck Line with Laser Hair Removal

1. Getting a competent operator: First things first, you need to find a professional and licensed operator. Hence, make sure to confirm the credentials of any laser hair removal provider you might want to go for.

2. Primary consultation: This is the first step of the procedure and it is certainly very important. Here, your operator will analyze and appraise your hair and skin type. They will let you know how the procedure is going to go and further propose a treatment plan that will best suit your body and needs.

3. Preparation: Now, you start preparing for the procedure. Following your hair removal service provider’s advice, you could have to shave the area to be treated and take more precautionary measures like avoiding some cosmetics and even sunbathing.

4. Main treatment: The treatment phase is the major part of the procedure. You will have the laser beam concentrated at the specified hair follicles and their activeness would be taken down. Essentially, this happens by the absorption of the laser beam by the melanin content in follicles, and this act in turn causes damage to the hair follicle itself.

5. Now, it cools: As earlier stated, there could be some mild sensations around the treated area, hence, a cooling system is introduced to help better dull the experience. The cooling system helps to reduce any irritation and also keeps the skin surrounding the treated area safe. Commonly, the laser equipment has this system and it helps blow on your skin during the procedure.

6. After treatment: It’s quite common to sustain a little bit of redness and dull swelling, however, this will all go down after some hours. During this period, you will need to avoid exposing yourself to sun rays and even steaming showers. For these few days, applying a moisturizer can help.

7. Spaced-out check-up sessions: Of course, the procedure doesn’t end after your treatment, you will need some follow-up check-ups after it. These check-up sessions are there to help you monitor the result of your operation while also helping with the healing of your hair follicles.

Furthermore, you will only have to take these appointments at certain times, hence, you definitely won’t find it choking. Often, the sessions are spaced out within some weeks.

Assuredly, the laser hair removal procedure for the neck is meticulous and can help create a clean neckline and give a smooth hairless neck area. However, it’s crucial to find a competent provider and follow their pre and post-treatment instructions to obtain the most satisfactory results.

Ulike: Help You Remove Unwanted Neck Hair

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Some of our best sellers are the:


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How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

The length of each laser hair removal treatment for the neck can differ depending on the magnitude of the area to be treated. Nonetheless, a regular session for the neck region can take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes.

Again, the duration of the treatment can rest on some other conditions, such as the consistency and thickness of hair in the area to be treated, the laser type used, and the efficiency of the operator.

Usually, your laser hair removal provider will let you know how long your sessions are going to span. As your skin or hair type might require a more deliberate plan, the operator will help come up with a more personalized timeline that will work best for your treatment and schedules. Also, there is often a need for more check-up sessions which are usually spaced out within weeks after treatment. All this will be discussed with you during your first primary consultation.

How many laser treatments are needed for neck hair?

As discussed above, the number of laser hair removal treatments needed for neck hair rests on several conditions, and this, of course, will affect the duration of your entire operation. Some of the factors include the fullness of hair, the density of your hair follicles, and the type of your skin. Typically, 6 to 8 treatments are at least needed to attain good results.

It also helps to know that hair growth occurs in distinct phases, hence, several sessions will be needed to take down the hair follicles rooted in the area you want treated. The spaced-out weeks after the first procedure will help to further look out for any regrowth and will generally help with a better treatment.

There are also maintenance sessions that you will have to take on after your first series of treatments. Commonly, the maintenance part comes every six to twelve months. Moreover, your diagnosis from your provider can also affect the number of sessions you will be having. All in all, a good discourse with your treatment provider will give you a more reliable number to work with.

Laser Hair Removal Neck Cost

If you plan on visiting a salon for hair removal, it’s recommended to use professional laser hair removal as it is more effective. The price of laser hair removal for the neck usually ranges between $150 and $500 per session.

However, the overall cost of the procedure can vary based on factors like the size of the treatment area, the number of sessions required, the location of the provider, and so on. Consequently, the cost of treatment can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. It’s important to note that insurance typically doesn’t cover cosmetic treatments like hair removal, and travel expenses to the salon should also be taken into account.

Fortunately, there is an alternative option available: at-home IPL laser hair removal devices. For instance, the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal handset costs only $379 and includes the device with limitless flashes and a lifespan of over 50 years. So, is investing $379 worth it for a lifetime of hairless skin?

Can you long-lastingly remove neck hair?

Unsurprisingly, this is one question most people have just right on the tip of their tongues. Now, the answer to this is that, even when the laser hair removal treatment is relatively effective compared to other treatment plans, it doesn’t guarantee long-lasting neck hair removal. Of course, the procedure can give substantially reduced hair growth for a very long while, but it doesn’t eternally wipe your neck hair out.

It is also important to note that the laser hair removal session is a process. Hence, depending on your skin, hair, and follicle type, more periodic sessions might be needed to give you a more satisfactory result. So, overall, though the procedure generally helps to damage the hair follicle and stop further growth of hair, a little bit of dull regrowth here and there might not be avoided.

Still and all, the removal process can be trusted to give a long-lasting reduced hair growth and even considerably enhance the appearance of the neck area.

Is Laser Hair Removal on the Neck Worth It?

The decision to go through with the laser hair removal on the neck rests on individual inclinations and reasons. For some people, laser hair removal on the neck can be a favorable investment, in as much as it can provide a long-lasting result and improve their neck area. While for others, the lack of long-lasting effect can be off-putting.

Generally, the laser hair removal process is useful to people who battle with too much or undesirable hair growth on the neck. The procedure will ultimately help them reduce the hair growth in the treatment area while also lessening the requirements of regular upkeep, such as waxing and trimming.

In addition, the removal procedure could also be a great choice for individuals who care a lot about their looks and will want their necks to look much more vibrant. The process has little or no risk and it’s quite efficient. Naturally, at the most, you will only experience little side effects which are nothing too serious.


Hey there, friends! If you’re strugglin’ with stubborn neck and back neck hair growths, laser hair removal treatment is a boss solution. But before ya dive in head first, it’s important to consult with your provider to map out a detailed treatment plan.

You should also know that even though the laser hair removal process is one of the best procedures around for dealing with hair growth, the results may not last forever. Still, it’s a safe and effective process that’s totally worth checking out.

And when ya opt for at-home laser hair removal, you get even more bang for your buck. It’s affordable, nearly painless, and efficient – what more could ya ask for? And if you wanna take things up a notch, consider using a device like Ulike to make your experience EXTRA luxurious.

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