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3 Reasons for Hairy Toes and 7 Methods to Treat Them

By Mariela
January 31, 2024
5 minutes
3 Reasons for Hairy Toes and 7 Methods to Treat Them

The hair on the toys is not very pleasant to look at, especially if you are a woman. So, are you also growing unwanted hair on an unexpected area such as the toe? And do you wonder why it is so or if these are indicating a serious underlying condition? 

This toe hair is also considered a sign of bad health or increased blood circulation. However, that is just a myth you should not believe in. The relation between blood circulation and hairy toes is not as strong as it is believed. 

Furthermore, hairy toes may be due to hereditary, imbalanced hormones, PCOS, and medication. We will elaborate on these factors today. 

So, let us dive deeper into the reasons behind hairy toes and how you can remove them.  Table of Contents:

Part 1: Why Are My Toes Hairy?

Why Are My Toes Hairy?Natural variation in hair growth patterns contributes to the excessive hair growth on various body parts. The hairy toes are also an example of this variation. Three main reasons for hairy toes are:

1. Genetics and Hereditary: 

Hair growth has a significant reliance on genetics. If your parents or grandparents have hairy toes, you will likely also have extreme hair growth on your toes. 

It is because you directly inherit the hair follicle and androgen sensitivity. 

2. Abnormal Hormonal Status: 

Hormones like Androgen or testosterone stimulate the growth of thick and dark hair on the body. Mostly, people have thick hair on their faces, chests, and public areas. 

For example, if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), you’ll have an over-production of androgens, which changes hair growth patterns. 

3. Hirsutism-Inducing Medications: 

You should also check your medications to know the reason for hairy toes. Some medicines like anabolic steroids, danazol, and corticosteroids result in more hair on your body. You should check the medicines or visit a doctor to replace them. 


there is no harm in hairy toes. Our society usually makes it taboo to have hair on the toes, but they are normal and do not cause health problems. 

Part 2: Are hairy toes a sign of good circulation?

Are hairy toes a sign of good circulation?The simple answer is NO. We relate hair growth with blood circulation. However, that is not always the case. Yes,  blood circulation is good for your overall health, particularly cardiovascular health.

The Relation of Blood Circulation to the Health of Body and Toe Hair 

The fast blood circulation ensures oxygen reaches every organ of your body and toxins get removed. But it has nothing to do with the hair on the toes.   

Also, you’ll find some people having similar blood circulation rates but different hair growth levels or the same hair growth levels but different blood circulation rates. 

Furthermore, we have already mentioned that hairy toes depend on hormones and genetics. Therefore, if you have disturbed androgens and testosterone levels, you will have more hair on different body parts, not only toes. 

Part 3: How to get rid of toe hair?

Different methods are available and you can choose them according to your preferences. 

For example, if you want instant results, go for shaving, trimming, or hair removal creams and if you want long-lasting results, you should go for laser, IPL devices, and electrolysis treatment. 

Let us compare each of these methods here.

1. At Home Simple Methods: 

How to get rid of toe hair?Some options for hair removal from your toes at home are: 

Quick Shaving: 

It is an affordable method. You need a good-quality razor and soap. Gently rub the soap and leather it. Now, use the razor in the hair direction to avoid ingrown hair problems. It is temporary, and hair grows back quickly as it does not remove hair follicles. 

Long-Lasting Sugaring and Waxing: 

Waxing is also inexpensive. However, You need patience to handle the pain of waxing at these small areas like toes. It is also a non-long-lasting method, but your hair does not grow back early due to the removal of follicles. 

Sensitive Skin-Safe Threading: 

You use a thread loop as a scissor or trimmer on your hair in this method. It removes follicles from the skin but is still not a long-lasting solution for hair growth. 

Convenient Hair Removal Creams: 

These creams are no doubt cheap and quick hair removal options, but they make your skin dark. They are safe and unsafe at the same time. If you have sensitive skin, we would not recommend using hair removal creams.

2. At-Home Long-lasting Toe Hair Removal Method – IPL Device

IPLIPL hair removal devices are in trend today due to their long-lasting and almost nearly painless results. The results may vary based on the quality of the device and your hair type. So, you must buy a high-quality IPL hair removal device like Ulike Sapphire Air3 for maximum results. 

You will not regret investing in this device. Most users noticed results in the first three weeks of using this device. It is safe at home and does not irritate or inflame your skin. Nevertheless, make sure you do not wax or use any harsh products after using it. Instead, apply soothing and thick moisturizers. 

3. Clinical Toe Hair Removal Method:

Long-lasting Electrolysis Treatment: 

You cannot do this method at your home. A dermatologist and trained technician can perform this treatment in the clinics. They insert an electric wave into the hair follicle. Don’t worry; the wire does not pass through the skin. 

This electric wire heats the hair follicle, killing the hair’s root. Ultimately, your hair falls out of the skin. It is also a long-lasting solution. 

Long-Lasting Laser Hair Removal Treatment: 

In this method, a beam of laser targets the hair. The hair pigment absorbs the light and destroys the hair follicle. Like electrolysis, your hair falls out of the skin after some time. You should choose this option if you can spend money and take multiple sessions.

It is an almost long-lasting and precise method. The skin around the targetted area remains undamaged. You must consult a good dermatologist for the authentic treatment.  

The Final Verdict 

Your skin can have hair in any area, and it is normal. So, accept yourself as you are instead of doubting. Yes, if you feel it is due to any medical condition, you can diagnose it by consulting a doctor and taking medicine. 

However, it does not relate to any medical condition except hormonal imbalance. Furthermore, you do not need to be worried about it because you can easily get rid of the displeasing toe hair at home and with professional treatments as well.


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