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How to Become a Model Girl: Your Ultimate Guide

By Mariela
March 19, 2023
7 minutes

Did you finally decide to turn your childhood dream of becoming a model into reality? Do you feel like you got the looks, luck, and guts to become a supermodel who walks the runways for the top designers and graces the covers of the top fashion magazine? If yes, you are already halfway there. Because the most important thing to become a model girl is an attractive appearance and everlasting confidence.

After that you need discipline, willpower, a desire to improve, an urge of doing experiments with your makeup, poses, and clothing, and the ability to take criticism positively. So, if you are determined to begin your modeling journey and do whatever it takes to turn every path into your runway, you are in the right place.

Because we have the ultimate guide on how to become a model girl from scratch. So, let us get started.

What does a Model Girl Do?

A model girl does modeling for artists, designers, and brands. She sells stuff like makeup, skincare products, haircare items, clothes, shoes, and accessories through her looks and fan following. Moreover, some artists use models as inspiration for their latest pieces. Lastly, a model girl participates in advertisement campaigns.

The most important thing for a model girl is to have what it takes for a brand to promote itself while staying true to the brand’s roots. So, a jewelry brand needs models with beautiful hands and necks, a clothing brand requires someone with a flattering figure, and an artist would want a model with magical facial features.

How to Become a Model?

Below are the steps you need to walk through for becoming a successful model who started from 0.

1. Select the Type of Model

The first step is to decide what type of model you want to become as there are so many kinds of models. So, it is better to have a clear goal from the start and work towards it. You can choose one of the following career lines as a model girl.

beauty model A. Beauty Model

A beauty model is a face model with perfect features, flawless skin, and charming hair. The role of a beauty model is to represent makeup, skincare, and hair care products. She endorses the benefits of a product by showing clear skin and silky hair.

B. Fashion/Runway Model

A fashion model walks the runways for designers and shows how the clothes look on the human body. It helps the audience get an idea of how a particular dress, shoe, or accessory will enhance their looks.

C. Editorial Model

The editorial model also represents items of a brand or a designer. However, instead of walking the runway, she models for fashion magazines.

D. Commercial Model

A commercial model sells stuff directly. Her job is to explain the benefits of a product, its uses, and how it solves the problems of the audience. She promotes products and services.

E. Plus-Size Model

Plus-Size Model Gone are the days when skinny and lean women were selected for modeling. With more than 100 million plus-size women in the USA, brands are now using plus-size models to show how their products and clothes are also suitable for bulky women.

F. Parts Model

If you think you lack the specific features to become a beauty or fashion model, you can try becoming a parts model. The role of a parts model is to flaunt products with her most beautiful body parts like hands or feet.

2. Develop Your Modeling Skills

After choosing your modeling niche, it is time to start developing your modeling skills. You can try these tips to work on your skills.

A. Work on Your Facial Expressions

Expressions say it all. Be sure that your face radiates your confidence, charm, and grace as a model. So, work on your facial expressions until you are able to control them completely.

B. Practice Poses In Front of a Camera

If you are camera shy, modeling can be tough. Even if you are not, modeling is different than random selfies. So, get your friend with her camera and start trying different poses that enchant the audience.

C. Learn to Walk Gracefully

Learn to Walk Gracefully To become a runway model, it is important to walk gracefully. You must look elegant and not weird while walking. So, practice your walk until your gait becomes effortlessly beautiful.

3. Build an Eye-Catching Modeling Portfolio

The next step is to build a killer modeling portfolio that you will make a good modeling agency hire you. You should have about 50 photographs taken by your friend or a professional photographer.

Also, make sure you try different styles, expressions, makeovers, and backgrounds in all of those pictures. Having several eye-catching pictures in your portfolio will make the client decide if you are the right fit for the brand. Moreover, keep a printed as well as an online portfolio with you.

Lastly, arrange your portfolio in a way that also gives the vibes of your personality, targets, and hobbies.

4. Search for the Right Modeling Agency

Done with practice and portfolio? Time to get started with the modeling game officially. You can try freelance modeling and get hired through connections. However, if you want to climb up the ladder quickly, being affiliated with the right modeling agency is important.

Search for the top agencies in your vicinity, look for their authenticity, find out their requirements, and apply for a position. Make sure to send them pictures with little to no makeup, simple hairstyles, simple poses, and under natural light.

This will help the agency see the real you and hire you.

5. Mentally Prepare Yourself for Rejection and Criticism

Modeling is not going to be child’s play. Just like every other profession, it requires passion, dedication, and a strong will to improve. You are going to be selling stuff through your body and face. So, if it is not according to the agency’s or brand’s image, you will be rejected.

Moreover, you can also be criticized for your physique, your skin, your walk, or even for what you are. This can affect your mental health drastically. So, before going to any audition, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for rejection or criticism.

Having clear views about your body and looks along with confidence in yourself can help you take criticism positively.

6. Take Extra Care of Your Skin and Body

skincare A model is all about her skin and body because this is what she is going to display. The height, weight, curves, hair, and skin are essential for a model. So, you must be taking care of your weight by following a diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, make sure to cleanse your skin and do your skincare routine regularly no matter how tired you are after your shoot. Lastly, regular workout also helps in maintaining your looks.

7. Do Your Research to Be Safe

When you are starting a new career, especially modeling, it is easy to fall prey to scams and get mingled up with the wrong people. So, whenever you receive a call that seems fishy or if any agency wants you to pay some refundable entry fee, just run.

Also, make thorough research before reaching out to anyone for a gig about the image and working environment of the company. Because the wrong company can prove detrimental to your mental or physical health. Moreover, involving your friends or family in the pursuit of a modeling career can help you stay safe.

8. Be Committed and Professionally Handle All Prospects

Again, being pretty enough for modeling is also not enough. You need more than that. Your personality and behaviors determine your success in the modeling field. So, it is important to stay committed to your targets without being arrogant and professionally dealing with people and circumstances.

Being on time if not early, respectful attitude toward your colleagues and subordinates, regularly replying to emails and messages, and applying to jobs with a professional CV is essential to pave your way to the modeling career.

9. Set Up Your Social Media Profiles

Lastly, it is the world of social media. Engaging and attractive social media profiles are a must-have for a beginner model. Social media profiles help you promote yourself and reach potential clients.

Moreover, some companies and designers can also hire you solely because of your impact on other people and their target audience. It is a great way to promote the products of the brand you want to work with. So, you should update your accounts regularly with alluring pictures and represent your personality through captions and reels.


While anyone can become a model, starting your modeling career and rising to fame is not easy. But the hurdles to your path must not stop you from following it. A focused mindset, determining the steps, and dedication to follow those steps can lead you to your dream position.

So, in this article, we have made the ultimate step-by-step guide about how to become a model girl in 2023. First of all, you need to choose one modeling niche, then you should start practicing your poses, expressions, and gait according to it. After that building, an engaging profile and applying to high-end modeling agencies will open the doors to a productive career.

Lastly, do not forget to stay safe from the risks associated with this fascinating profession and be safe.

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