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How to Choose the Right IPL Hair Removal Device? (14 Factors)

August 13, 2023
7 minutes
How to Choose the Right IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL hair removal devices have brought havoc in the world for being the most effortless method of hair removal that offers unbelievable results. But with the popularity of IPL, came 100s of IPL devices by several big and small brands. Also, each brand offers two or more devices adding to the unlimited availability of these at-home laser hair removal devices. 

However, not all devices are alike in terms of their appearance and functions. Also, there is a huge difference in the prices as well. So, if you want to see the best an IPL device can offer, you will have to put energy into choosing the right IPL hair removal device for you, right? To make the search easy for you, we have put together 13 tips you can keep in mind while buying an IPL hair removal device. 

List your Requirements

Before buying a hair removal device, you must know what you need the device to do for you and also if it will work for you or not. So, below are some prerequisites for buying an at-home IPL hair removal device.

Additionally, you can check the contraindications of IPL hair removal treatment contraindication

1. Hair Color

Hair ColorUsually, the energy from IPL devices is absorbed into the pigment of the unwanted hair. This is why IPL devices are mostly effective on dark hair including black, brown, and dark blonde. However, some devices use a combination of IPL and radio frequency technologies to work on lighter hair colors. 

So, keep your hair color in mind while buying any device. 

2. Skin Type

IPL light should be absorbed into the hair and not the skin, right? That is why IPL devices are safe and effective for light skin tones like ivory, fair, and light brown. In addition, some IPL devices work for dark skin tones as well because of the presence of an additional technology other than IPL.

3. Budget 

Budget Although economical as compared to laser and electrolysis, IPL devices can be quite expensive. So, consider your budget range and search for an IPL device that falls within that range. 

4. Expectations

An important thing to consider is how fast you want the device to work, how much time you can give to the treatment sessions, how often you can do it, and what is your skin sensitivity and pain tolerance. 

5. Portability 

ortability If travel often, it is important to get a device that is easy to be taken with you. So, pay attention to the packing case, accessories, weight, and size of the device.

6. Body Areas you Want to Treat

Some hair removal devices are suitable for the face and body while others also work on sensitive and intimate areas. So, enlist the parts of the body you want to treat with IPL hair removal. 

How to Choose the Right IPL Hair Removal Device (14 Factors)

Below are the factors that make a huge difference in the device being wrong or right for you. 

1. Design and Window Size

Design and Window SizeThe first thing is the design. IPL devices come in a gun-shaped design that fits into the palm easily offering the best grip, a curved wand-shaped design that helps in reaching tricky areas easily, and a straight-wand slim design that is easy to hold and use all over the body. Also, choose a device that is made of a high-quality durable material. 

In addition, choose a device with a window size appropriate enough to treat large areas like legs quickly and small areas like upper lips efficiently. It must not be too big or too small. 

2. Power Supply

IPL devices either work on a rechargeable battery or main power supply. The charged version helps you use the device anywhere without a cord but charging the device might not be convenient. 

Similarly, the corded devices are plug-and-play but you need to keep the cord along with the device. 

3. Energy Output

Energy OutputThe greater the energy output, the more efficient the device will be. However, the risk of redness and skin irritation also increases with greater energy output. This is why most IPL devices only use 6-10 J/cm2 of energy. 

However, some devices inflict no adverse effects on the skin even at 20J/cm2. 

4. Flash Speed

Flash speed is how fast a device is going to cover a particular area in a given time. It also helps in calculating the full body treatment time. The treatment with IPL takes anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour depending upon how fast the speed of the flashes is. 

5. Number of Flashes/Lifespan

As you are going to spend several hundred dollars on IPL, you would want a device that lasts for years to come. So, look for the number of flashes of each device you are considering. A device with 250,000 can last up to 20 years with average use and a device with 1 million flashes might last a whole lifetime. 

6. Skin Safe Technologies

Skin Safe TechnologiesAs IPL uses a broad spectrum of light that can also be absorbed into the skin and the light flashes of an IPL have a wavelength in a range of 400 nm to 1200 nm, you should select a device that does not let UV light touch your skin, especially if it is dark. 

So, IPL devices either use a safer wavelength of light or come with UV filters to prevent the shorter wavelength from affecting your skin. 

In addition, skin tone sensors help in keeping the dark skin free of side effects and contact sensors play a role in protecting the eyes and other parts of the body. 

7. Nearly painless Technologies

IPL hair removal is never as painful as waxing or tweezing. However, it can give you a rubber band snapping sensation during the treatment or make the skin sting. So, some brands infuse ice-cooling technology to prevent even a minimal amount of pain and give you the best experience. 

8. Intensity Levels 

The requirements of energy levels vary among people. Similarly, the requirement of energies varies on different parts of the body in a single individual. 

So, go for an IPL device that offers an optimum number of intensity levels to treat your body, face, and areas with stubborn hair without you being confused about which intensity to work with. 

9. Treatment Modes

Treatment ModesTreatment modes are useful in treating body hair quickly and facial hair precisely. Some devices offer a stamping and a gliding mode while others only work with stamping the light window. Moreover, there could be thumb-press or thumb-free gliding modes. It is good to get a device that offers both treatment modes.

10. Inside the Kit

For IPL hair removal, you need a safety razor to shave the hair, an IPL device to burn the hair follicles, and UV protective glasses to protect your eyes. In addition, a storage case can be the cherry on top. Although you can buy all these accessories separately, get an IPL device that has all of these in a single kit to save your money and effort. 

11. Price

IPL hair removal devices can be in the range of $99 to $199. However, the results and quality of such devices are average. The other devices fall in the category of $200 to $600. 

Such devices offer satisfactory results, ergonomic designs, safety features, and multiple treatment heads as well. Also, the most expensive IPL devices might not be the best ones. So, see what you want and how much you can spend. 

12. Warranty

WarrantyAn IPL hair removal is a robot that can malfunction just like any other machine. So, you should buy a device that comes with at least a 1 to 2-year warranty. In this way, you have insurance so that you can get the device exchanged or repaired in case of any error without having to spend extra dollars. Also, the money you would spend on other methods of hair removal will be recovered during this time. 

13. Guarantee 

Money-back guarantee and refund policy is your best bet for buying any IPL device. Most high-end grooming brands give a 1 to 3 months money-back guarantee so that you can keep the device if the device is up to its claims or simply return it if you are not satisfied with the results. 

This time is enough to determine if the device is worth the money you spent. 

14. Customer Reviews and Brand Reputation 

Lastly, customer reviews are important. Check out how the customers feel about the device, their experience, and their before-after results to conclude if the device will work for you. 

Also, invest in a well-reputed brand as such brands offer good customer services to help you along the way instead of leaving you with no guidance. 

Our Recommendation: Ulike Air3

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset11According to the factors we mentioned above, here are some of the best Best IPL Hair Removal Devices. Out of these devices, let us take a look at the features of the 1st device mentioned here. Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset is also one of the top IPL devices available in the market in terms of its design, price, effectiveness, and safety. 


The basic features of the Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal device are given below. 

  • Flashes: Ulike Air3 IPL device features 1 million flashes which are more than enough to last unlimited time making it your best hair removal partner for a lifetime. 
  • Power levels: Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL handset comes with soft mode, body mode, and power mode. These three power help you treat thin, thick, or coarse hair feasibly. 
  • Energy output: Although Ulike Air3 feels comfortable and is gentle on the skin, it has a high energy output of 21J/cm2. 
  • Design: Ulike Sapphire Air3 has a slim design, durable material, decent finish, and light weight of only 271g.
  • Exclusive technology: Ulike Air3 has an integrated dynamic sapphire technology that keeps the device, the heated IPL rays, and your skin cool throughout the usage. 
  • Treatment and results: Ulike confers an effective hair removal treatment with 7 minutes of treatment time for the full body, obvious hair regrowth reduction within 3 weeks, and results lasting for 6 months. 
  • Customer reviews: Ulike is a well-reputed and reliable brand with over 4 million satisfied customers. 
  • Price: With such amazing features, Ulike Air3 is an Affordable device costing only $329.


Although finding a good hair removal device is no easy job, you can do it right by enlisting your requirements, the features of an ideal IPL hair removal device, and comparing these with any device you consider to buy. Furthermore, we have explained the top 14 things you need to look for in an IPL device. 

Lastly, the right IPL device for you is the one that is most suitable for your skin, hair, budget, and other expectations. Additionally, check out how often you should use an IPL device at often you can use an IPL device.

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