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How to Heal an Armpit Rash?

By Laura
October 26, 2023
6 minutes
How to Heal an Armpit Rash?

You might notice some redness or irritation on your armpit, which can be caused due to a number of reasons like sweating, microorganism buildup, or even armpit rash cancer. If that happens, you’ll feel itchy, burning sensation, or some irritation, and the intensity may depend on how messed up your rash is. 

In this article, you’ll go through an illustrative study of armpit rash, what causes it, and how you can get rid of it. If you want to treat your armpit rash by yourself, remember that consulting a professional doctor is a safer and recommended way.

Table of Contents:

What Is Armpit Rash?

What Is Armpit Rash?Armpit rash is just like any other rash on your skin, in which you will see some redness, mild swelling, itching, and burning sensation. When you raise your arm, you might feel less sensations, which can increase as soon as you bring your arm down. That happens because the affected skin rubs against each other, which further increases the irritation.

The color of your armpit rash may vary in different shades or red, like light pink to harsh red. Itching your rash can further darken its color, so please avoid doing that.

When Should I See a Doctor?

      1. If you’re experiencing a lot of discomfort, so much that you feel sensations continuously, then go see a doctor.
      2. If you itch your rash so much that it causes bleeding or is just about to bleed, then medical advice is important.
      3. In case your skin irritation is getting worse day by day, then waste no time in getting medical attention.
      4. It’s quite possible that your rashes go away on their own after a while, but keep coming back. That’s when you should check from a doctor why this is happening repeatedly.
      5. If you believe that certain products like deodorant, talc powder, soap, or any other skincare products are causing the issue, and not using them doesn’t cure your armpit rash, then perhaps getting a doctor’s advice is the ultimate solution.

Why Do I Have a Rash in My Armpit?

Allergic Reactions to Certain Substances Like Deodorants, Soaps, or Fabrics

Allergic ReactionsNot all the skincare and grooming products work the same way on every person. It’s natural for you to have an allergic reaction to products like your deodorant, soap, or certain fabrics. You can try changing your product brand and see if the rashes still show up.

Also, using certain fabrics like polyester and other synthetic fabrics can cause an armpit rash because they’re not natural substances. Avoid using them and see if you’re still having those rashes.

Irritation From Shaving, Friction, or Excessive Sweating

Irritation From Shaving, Friction, or Excessive SweatingIf you sweat a lot, you need to maintain proper hygiene. If not, then you’re more prone to getting armpit rashes. Also, if you shave your armpits, make sure you’re gentle with your shaving, the tools are hygienic, and you are not using harsh chemical products there.

Sometimes, clothing gets in between the armpits, and doing physical activities causes that clothing to rub between your arms. That can cause friction, which can lead to armpit rashes.

Fungal or Bacterial Infections Like Candidiasis or Folliculitis

There are so many fungal infections that can show up anywhere. Candidiasis and folliculitis are some of the common ones. It doesn’t matter what their name is, sometimes fungal infections can also lead to armpit rashes. In the absence of medical attention, the situation will only get worse.

Skin Conditions Like Eczema or Psoriasis

There are common and rare skin conditions, in which you can get rashes on your body, including your armpits. To get a confirmation of such a skin condition, you will need medical help.

How to Heal an Armpit Rash?

        1. You need to keep your armpits clean. Try washing them occasionally if you sweat a lot. Also, even if you wash them, keeping them dry is important. Terry towels work great in absorbing liquids quickly.
        2. If you have started using a new skincare or grooming product recently and have noticed rash-like conditions under your armpit, stop using it immediately and see if the rashes go away or not. That’s one way to test if you’re allergic to your new product.
        3. There are so many over-the-counter creams available at the drug store to cure or avoid skin rashes, including armpit rashes.

Treatment Variations Based on the Cause of Rash

How to Heal an Armpit Rash?Contact Dermatitis

        • Cause: Contact dermatitis results from skin contact with irritants or allergens.
        • Treatment: Identifying and avoiding the offending substance. Over-the-counter (OTC) hydrocortisone creams can also help with the symptoms.

Heat Rash

        • Cause: Heat rash occurs due to sweat trapped in sweat ducts.
        • Treatment: You need to keep your armpits clean, dry, and cool. Wear loose clothing and try not to sweat a lot.

Fungal Infections

        • Cause: Fungal infections like jock itch can reach your armpits.
        • Treatment: Antifungal creams or ointments. Which you can get over the counter or require a prescription.

Bacterial Infections

        • Cause: Bacterial infections can lead to painful and pus-filled bumps.
        • Treatment: Antibacterial ointments or oral antibiotics can help you with the issue, but only your doctor will determine the appropriate medication.

Suggestions for General Measures

        1. If you want to keep your armpits cool and dry, you can use a towel and some menthol talcum powders. Some brands even claim that their products can cure rashes in just 3-7 days, depending on how severe it is.
        2. Clothing that is made of breathable fabric will help your armpit not sweat to some extent. Cotton clothing is without a doubt, our topmost recommendation.
        3. Try not to overuse certain skincare products on your armpits. Usually, young and teenage people spray a lot of perfume and deodorant, which can give you terrible deodorant armpit rash over time, and using poor quality and poorly reputed brands can also be harmful.

How to Heal a Rash on Armpits From Deodorant?

        1. Stop using poor brands and local deodorants immediately and switch to well-reputed and tested products only.
        2. Don’t spray so much deodorant that your armpit and/or the clothing gets moist or wet. That can introduce armpit rashes soon.
        3. If you are using a deodorant regularly, you need to wash your armpits frequently.
        4. Don’t scratch even no matter how hard you want to, because that can worsen the situation.
        5. If none of the online remedies work, see a doctor immediately.

Home Remedies for Armpit Rash

Applying Cold Compresses or Ice Packs to Reduce Inflammation

Cold CompressesSometimes, cold compression can relieve your armpit rash, perhaps temporarily, or long-lastingly. To cold compress, apply a cold and damp cloth on your affected area.

However, that cloth can get warm in no time, so you can use an ice pack for better results.

Using Over-The-Counter Hydrocortisone Creams or Ointments for Itch Relief

Over the counter creams can also help you get rid of those rashes at home. Explain to the chemist your problem, and it will give you some of the best options in the shop. Remember that this may not be as effective as your doctor’s treatment.

Applying Natural Remedies Like Aloe Vera Gel, Chamomile Tea Compresses, or Oatmeal Baths

Aloe VeraAloe vera is a proven natural product that is known to relieve skin problems, including armpit rashes. Also, a lot of girls use aloe vera face packs to get healthier skin and get rid of any skin diseases. You can use aloe vera gel in its natural state or simply take oatmeal baths, as you see fit.

When to Seek Medical Help?

Continuous Symptoms

If your rashes are severe, it’s time to see a doctor. Severe rashes can be like lumps, swelled, red in color, and when you scratch it, you will get cuts.

Continuous symptoms usually show up due to bacterial or fungal infections, which will only get worse if you don’t see a doctor.


Rashes can have a really foul smell and you might notice presence of pus, which may or may not discharge from your skin. That’s a terrible situation, which requires an immediate medical help.

When Your Home Remedies Show No Results

It’s fine if you go for home remedies initially, but if they are not showing any improvement in the next 1-3 days, and if the situation is still getting worse, then don’t waste your time on those treatments. You need to see a doctor right away.


So far, you have got a clear idea of an armpit rash, what causes it, how you can avoid it, what are the medical conditions, when you should see a doctor, and a lot more. Please remember that sometimes we underestimate the situation and end up using over the counter products, which can only resolve the issue temporarily. To get the proper treatment, never waste your time in seeing a doctor.

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