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How to Make Your Leg Hair Thinner and Lighter?

By Laura
February 5, 2024
5 minutes
How to Make Leg Hair Thinner and Lighter

It’s not particularly fashionable to have your legs populated by thick dark hairs, especially if you are a female. Men can still flaunt this as a show of masculinity, but it’s a complete turn-off for the majority of the female folks.

If you can’t achieve a silky-smooth hairless leg or you choose not, getting the population under control by way of making it light and thin is much more preferable. You probably know this already and are just looking for the best way to achieve it.

How do you reduce your leg hair’s density and texture without breaking the bank or harming yourself? This question is what this article seeks to answer. We will go straight to the point by exploring practical ways of achieving the leg hair of your dreams.

Here are three ways to achieve this

1. Waxing

1.WaxingPlease stay off this method if you have zero tolerance for pain. I won’t even try to deceive you by using terms like “nearly painless,” “not too painful,” and the like. The truth is that waxing and discomfort are inseparable, especially during your early days. However, what compensates for the discomfort is the inevitable and immediate result it gives. With waxing, you will initially stay hair-free for about a month, after which the thin, fine hair you desire will start emerging.

But how do you go about waxing? How much does it cost, and can you do it yourself?

There are many ways to go about waxing your leg. You can prepare your paste at home, which is essentially a combination of sugar, lime, and water. After combining these things in appropriate quantities and heating them, you will achieve a consistent paste that solidifies on cooling. You can check out this link to learn how to make your sugar paste at home for waxing. Please, note that since this method involves using homemade sugars, it’s popularly called sugaring, although it’s essentially a type of waxing.

An alternative to this DIY homemade sugar is to purchase waxing strips from your local beauty shop. They are usually affordable and not difficult to use. Waxing typically involves spreading the wax or paste on the leg and pulling in the opposite direction to hair growth and in the direction of hair growth if it’s sugaring. Of course, you can do waxing or sugaring by yourself. But to limit hair breakage and side effects like ingrown hairs, you may wish to see a professional if you have not done it before. Due to the organic materials used in making the sugar paste for sugaring, it’s considered safer than waxing with strips or wax. Also, because it doesn’t stick much to the skin, sugaring tends to cause less skin irritation than waxing.

2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Ulike IPL hair removal for legsIPL is a nearly painless or should we say almost nearly painless way of thinning and lighting your leg hair. You might not even notice when the volume and texture will change because it is not a method that produces immediate results. The major downside of IPL, apart from the time it takes, is the cost of its devices. Compared to waxing or shaving, you need a substantial amount (at least $300) to get the most quality IPL handsets.

If you can close your eyes and make this investment, it often turns out to be a wise choice in the long run. That’s because a single purchase can last you a lifetime. You also do not have to be an expert to use an IPL device. All it takes is your ability to press a central button and flash the light on those leg hairs you want to treat. When you do so, the rays travel inside your skin to the hair follicles and affect the change that brings about hair reduction.

Kindly note that the continuous use of an IPL device can lead to long-lasting hair loss. So, to stay on course with your thinness goal, you will have to use it sparingly or as advised by the manufacturer.

For a sure-bet result, consider purchasing the Ulike Air 3 Sapphire Hair Removal Handset. Usage is once a week and in just two weeks, you will witness a 64% reduction in hair volume and texture. The product has gone through multiple independent testing by global assessors and found excellent for hair removal and maintenance. That’s not all; if you don’t get your desired result and would like to return the item, Ulike permits this and will offer a full refund. The product is FDA-cleared and operates with a patented Sapphire Ice-cooling tech that combats discomfort during treatment.

3. Bleaching

Honey and LemonJust like you can bleach your skin, you can also bleach your hair. The hair color is controlled by a pigment-giving substance called melanin and once it is denatured or hampered, the hair loses its color and is not readily recognizable by a non-attent eye. With continuous bleaching, the hair not only loses its dark color but also becomes thin and light.

You can achieve hair bleaching with homemade materials like honey and lemon or you can simply walk into a beauty shop to purchase a hair bleaching cream. Store-bought creams are chemicals, which can adversely affect your skin if you react to them. They can also cause dryness, itching, and other forms of irritation. As such, always conduct a patch test before applying it to your two legs. Better still, ask a doctor if you’re unsure about the safety of a depilatory substance you wish to use on your leg.

Wrapping Up

Hair thinning and lighting are alternatives to outright removals. They allow you to keep your follicles intact and perhaps your skin unaffected while looking less hairy and smooth. However, one point that one must stress is that a hairy leg is also beautiful. It’s a quality that some people desire. It doesn’t disturb your leg functions or necessarily attract any infection.

Remember that each skin differs and what works for Miss A may not be appropriate for Miss B. Therefore, before you settle down for any method, be sure that the risk is minimal or you can consult a dermatologist or beautician for guidance.

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