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How to Shave and Trim a Goatee Beard? (Detail Guide)

By Jason
March 20, 2023
8 minutes

The ideal, simple middle ground between a full beard and a mustache is the goatee beard style. If properly groomed and maintained, goatees are a stylish and adaptable way to confidently express oneself. For individuals who are prepared to maintain it and for those whose mustache and chin beard areas are connected, the Goatee style is a wonderful look. If you are certain that the goatee beard style is the best fit for you, getting ready in advance can help you make the most of this fantastic appearance. When it comes to shaving a goatee, there is a difficult process (a learning curve I would call it) that necessitates planning and preparation (especially for newbies). However, once you have the hang of it, there are a variety of methods to customize this fashionable look.

Some Goatee Shapes For Different Faces

1. If your face is round, consider growing a pure goatee

The easiest way to describe a pure goatee is as a chin beard with no mustache and the entire jawline shaved. This look is ideal for people with round faces because it can help to define your jaw and narrow your face. It is a traditional goatee style and is comparatively simple to keep up with.

2. For a professional appearance, grow a well-groomed, simple goatee

If you want to keep up a professional appearance or if your company is conservative, a thick or messy goatee might not be the best choice. To ensure that your goatee and professional life complement each other, choose a style that is not very prominent and that you can keep up regularly. You can project a creative, innovative, and professional attitude by maintaining a well-groomed goatee.

3. If your face is triangular or round, grow an anchor

A goatee in the anchor style appears just as its name suggests. It consists of a chinstrap beard, a soul patch, and a mustache. The anchor style gives the jawline more importance.

4. Van Dyke-style Goatee For Oblong Face

With short hair and a clean-shaven face, try a Van Dyke-style goatee, which consists of a chin beard, mustache, and soul patch. Men with oblong facial shapes respond particularly favorably to the Van Dyke style.

5. If your face is square, grow a goatee and a mustache

For square faces, a goatee and mustache look good since they draw attention to your strong jawline. With a mustache, chin beard, and clean-shaven cheeks and jawline, this is a traditional appearance.

How to Shave and Trim a Goatee Beard

Step 1: Let your facial hair grow out

To start shaving a goatee, your beard must first be fully grown out. Let the facial hair around your chin, lips, and nose grow out, although it can be frustrating to have to put up with the patchiness and itchiness of a fresh beard. This lays a strong basis for shaving and choosing your preferred shape. It’s best to start with growth that has been present for one to two weeks.

Applying beard oil while it’s still developing can facilitate the process. Additionally, beard oil can lessen beard itch in addition to accelerating the development of facial hair.

Step 2: Brush and trim your goatee

Cut the hair on your neck, cheeks, and above your lip evenly with a beard comb trimmer. Focus on trimming the area around your chin and mustache to ensure that the length of your beard is uniform throughout and where you’re comfortable with it. Once your facial hair is a good length to work with, you’re closer to having your dream goatee beard shape. Start defining your Goatee beard style with the head of your beard trimmer. To obtain the required Goatee outline, trim slowly starting from the neck and moving to the margins of your chin, then your cheeks and upper lip. The goal of this step is to shape the design to fit your beard before securing the final details. Having done that, you’ll discover that things are taking shape already, and you’ll be able to tell that you have a goatee beard.

Step 3: Draw an outline using a washable marker

Having a distinct vision of how you want your goatee to look is important and confusing for beginners. To make things easier, you can shape around your facial hair like the throat, cheeks, and upper lip. Knowing just where to begin shaving and choosing the proper contour for your goatee can be challenging for beginners. Draw lines with a washable marker on your face for a perfect shave. It will be easier for you to shave just along these lines. Also, it will help your goatee look even and balanced. Simply make sure the marker is washable.

Step 4: Create neat, crisp lines on both sides of your Goatee

You can start by trimming the hair from your chin to your ear. Use gentle, steady, gradual strokes. You can avoid mistakenly shaving into your beard outline and undoing the style and form you’ve already been creating into your beard by trimming away from the hairline. By doing this to the left and right ends of the goatee, you can ensure that each side has been trimmed proportionately. Next, when you’re satisfied with both sides, you can give your goatee beard sharp corners. Using downward motions is the simplest technique to accomplish this.

Be especially careful down at the chin and where both sides meet the mustache. The greatest way to define your beard and achieve a precisely planned beard style and look are with bold, clean lines.

Step 5: Give your goatee a shape

After brushing any stray hair off your beard, start defining the edges of your goatee using a fresh, clean, and sharp razor or a trimmer without a guard. Start by making little cuts on your neck, roughly the size of a razor blade or trimmer. Work your way slowly around to your chin and finally your cheeks until you are satisfied with the goatee’s edges.

Usually, goatees don’t extend past your mouth. Smiling while shaving and making sure your goatee’s edges don’t overlap your smile or dimples’ corners can also be helpful.

The outline of your throat should be two to three fingers’ breadth above your Adam’s apple. In case it feels like it goes too far down your neck, you may always shorten it afterward. There’s no urgency to get your goatee looking perfect, so take your time and proceed with caution. Keep in mind that most people won’t notice a minor mistake if you make one. If it’s noticeable, you could always shave your beard cleanly off and start over in a few weeks.

Step 6: To highlight your Goatee, clean and shave your face

It’s now time to cleanly shave your jawline, cheeks, and neck using your shaver or razor. Spray some warm water on your skin to prepare it, then use shaving cream. After that, use single, continuous strokes to shave counter to the direction of your hair development until the skin around your goatee is smooth and hair-free. As this sharp edge is a key component of the Goatee beard style, double-check that you don’t shave into it in the area under your chin.

Step 7: Keep your Goatee beard moisturized and healthy

Regular hair conditioners can be used to maintain your beard looking well-groomed.

Now that you have a goatee, rinse your face and use an alcohol-free moisturizer to protect your skin from drying after shaving. Then you watch out for any stray hairs, especially near your mustache area. To maintain that neat, handmade Goatee appearance, you must trim your beard at least once weekly. To maintain your clean and well-groomed, it also helps to wash your goatee every two to three days. Your beard will look sharp and be simple to style if you use a regular hair conditioner. Also, depending on the style of your goatee, beard oil, and wax can help you manage it. The Goatee is a fantastic beard style that demands as much freshness as possible.

Maintaining your goatee beard

1. You should regularly trim your goatee

A goatee needs to be trimmed every day to keep it looking clean-cut and well-defined. Regularly shaving the rest of your face will assist your goatee to stand out and seem nice, tidy, and well-groomed.

2. Regularly wash your goatee

Face hair is susceptible to damage and looks messy because it can collect dust, debris, food, and other contaminants. Rinse off the shampoo completely after massaging it into your beard. On your beard, stay away from harsh soaps. Your beard will feel dry, be stripped of its natural oils, and develop breakage and split ends as a result.

3. Apply beard oil to your goatee

Both your skin and your facial hair will benefit from beard oil’s ability to hydrate and soften both. The greatest option to hydrate, strengthen, and thicken facial hair is natural beard oil. You don’t want your beard oil to remain in your beard for days at a time, so don’t forget to wash it out.

4. Let your beard air dry fully

Before trimming or styling, always let your beard air dry fully.

Dealing with wet hair makes it simple to unintentionally cut too much off. Trimming your beard is best done with a tiny, sharp razor.

5. Regularly groom/condition your goatee

While shampoo will clean your beard, it also eliminates the natural oil from your skin as a side effect. Massaging in a specialist beard conditioner will prevent your beard from getting either excessively dry or oily. This will keep your beard’s skin underneath clear and imperfection-free.

6. If you want your hair to appear attractive, lead a healthy lifestyle

Your goatee will look its finest if you live a healthy lifestyle and follow a routine. Your hair follicles will receive the proper nutrients if you eat a balanced diet. A regular workout schedule and getting about 8 hours of sleep each night will both aid in promoting hair development.

7. Keep other areas of your face clean-shaven

Your cheeks and any areas of your chin or neck that extend past the boundaries of your goatee need to be proper;y kept clean. Always begin on the edge and shave outward while shaving close to your goatee’s outline to prevent accidentally cutting off a portion of it. This entails shaving your chin in the direction of your ears and shaving the portion of your beard on your neck vertically downward. To see the outline of your goatee when shaving with a razor, use clear shaving gel rather than foam or cream.


Although a goatee beard is nice, it doesn’t quite fit everybody the same way. So don’t be scared to try out various goatee designs until you find one that suits you. Try growing a mustache, reducing the amount of facial hair you have, or expanding your goatee. Not all males can grow facial hair nicely. Besides growing facial hair might come with some discomforts like itching if it’s your first time. After two to three months, if your facial hair is still spotty, it won’t get any better. Shave it off and look for other ways to convey your sense of style.

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