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How to Shave Armpits: Shaving Method and its Alternatives

By Mariela
September 15, 2023
7 minutes
How to Shave Armpits Shaving Method and its Alternatives01

While removing body hair is a personal preference, armpits are one of the hairy body parts you cannot leave unattended. This is because the hair in the armpits traps sweat, colonizes bacteria, and leads to bad body odor.

So, if you are looking for a guide that helps you learn how to shave underarms with a razor, we got you. Shaving a concealed area like an underarm can be tricky. But do not worry as we are here to make it easy for you.

Therefore, let us find out how to shave armpits and what are the other advantageous methods of armpit hair removal here.

Table of Contents:

How to Shave Underarms with a RazorHere is your detailed guide from preparation to post-shaving care on how to shave your armpits.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Shave Your Armpits with a Razor

You can follow the steps given below to have an absolute shaving experience with no side effects.

Step 1: Prepare the Skin

Armpit hair is thick and stubborn while the skin is delicate and sensitive. You have to soften the hair before you touch a razor with it. For this, shave at the end or midway of a warm shower so that your hair is prepared for removal with a razor.

Showering will also help in cleansing the underarms and removing accumulated sweat and bacteria which might be a source of infection.

Step 2: Lubricate the Skin

The next step is to lubricate the skin and form a thin moisturizing layer between the hair and the skin. You can lubricate the skin with a shaving foam, cream, or gel. This will help the razor to move smoothly over the skin and remove the hair without damaging the skin.

Step 3: Raise the Arm

Just like with shaving any other area of the body, the skin of the underarms must be pulled tight for a better shave. So, raise your hand above your head in a way that the skin becomes tight.

Step 4: Shave the Hair

Start shaving in the direction of hair growth. It might be a little difficult to find the direction. However, take your time with it and ensure that your first shave is along the grain to prevent razor burns on sensitive skin.

However, if your skin is not sensitive and you would like a closer shave, shave the armpit hair opposite the grain and across the grain as well.

Moreover, use short strokes while shaving.

Step 5: Rinse and Moisturize the Skin

After repeating the same process on the other side, it is time to rinse your armpits to remove the broken hair strands and lubricant residue.

Lastly, apply a body oil or lightweight moisturizer to the underarms to hydrate the skin and make it smooth and soft.

Post-Shave Care and Maintenance of Underarms

Shaving with a razor is not the best method of removing underarm hair. You have to be careful with it. Thus, take the following measures to take care of your skin and the razor.

1. Wash, Clean, and Replace the Razor

A sharp razor is a must for shaving sensitive areas like underarms because a dull razor irritates the skin and makes it more prone to cuts.

So, focus on maintaining the health of the razor by rinsing it during the shaving session, cleaning it afterward, and drying it before you store it in a clean dry place. Moreover, do not overwork a razor and replace it after 5 to 7 shaves on the armpits.

2. Hydrate the Skin

Skin after shaving with a razor becomes dry and might itch. To prevent it, always moisturize the skin with a body lotion or any other hydrating product.

3. Wear Loose Clothes

Your dress coming in contact with the armpits causes skin friction, irritates the skin, and leads to sweating that might sting it. So, never wear tight shirts immediately after shaving. Wear soft and loose clothes made of natural fabrics.

Potential Side Effects of Shaving with a Razor

Here are the side effects of shaving with a razor.

1. Irritation, Redness, Rashes, and Hyperpigmentation

The most common side effects of shaving underarms are skin redness, irritation, and rashes. These occur because of the harsh treatment of the skin with a sharp blade.

The repeated skin irritations cause the skin to produce more pigment leading to hyperpigmentation. Also, if you want to know how to shave underarms with darkening, find out how to whiten your dark underarms fast here.

2. Bumps and Ingrown Hair

If your skin is not well-cleansed and exfoliated, it is likely that impurities will trap in hair follicles. Moreover, the cut hair causes the follicles to swell up. Consequently, ingrown hair and bumps appear.

3. Razor Cuts and Burns

Using a blunt razor over the skin can cause razor burns. Applying too much pressure to only the razor as you shave will lead to razor cuts.

Part 2: How to Remove Underarm Hair Without Shaving

How to Remove Underarm Hair Without ShavingDo you want to know how to underarm hair without shaving because of the risks associated with shaving? Well, IPL hair removal can be the ultimate alternative as it has been explained in shaving vs IPL hair removal.

IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal is a hair removal technique that uses a laser-like technology to remove unwanted hair from the roots with the results lasting for a long time.

However, it does not cause any bumps, ingrown hair, risk of cuts, and other side effects. You can check more about IPL hair removal on underarms here.

Furthermore, if you want to know about an IPL hair removal device you can rely on, Ulike offers a number of hair removal devices to help you. Another great thing about Ulike devices is that the set comes with a full IPL hair removal kit.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Remove Armpit Hair with Ulike Air3

Below are the steps to use an IPL device for removing unwanted armpit hair.

Step 1: Prepare the Skin

The first step is to prepare your skin by washing it thoroughly with a body wash to ensure that there is no dirt, oil, or sweat in the underarms.

Then the base of IPL hair removal is formed by shaving the hair so that the IPL rays get absorbed directly into the hair follicles instead of working on the hair that lies above the skin.

Step 2: Set the Device

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL device features 3 intensity levels and two treatment modes. Turn on the device, and set it to the power intensity level as it is most suitable for armpits. Then set the stamping mode as it works more precisely for small areas like underarms.

Step 3: Flash the Laser

Once you are done setting the device, keep it gently at an angle of 90 degrees to the skin and press its button to flash the light. Repeat the procedure until you have treated the whole underarm area and do not flash the device more than twice in a single section.

You will be done within a minute on both sides.

Step 4: Soothe the Skin and Store the device

Moisturize your skin like you should after using any method of hair removal.

Also, clean the device by removing the stuck hair and using an alcohol-based cleanser to prolong its life. Lastly, keep the device in its storage case and you are done.

Part 3: How to Remove Armpit Hair Naturally

How to Remove Armpit Hair NaturallyBelow are the methods that you can use to remove unwanted hair at home without shaving.

1. Sugaring

Sugaring is a gentle alternative to waxing that includes all-natural ingredients. Mix and heat half a cup of sugar, 1 to 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, and water according to the need in a bowl until a pasty mixture is prepared.

Then take it on your fingertips, apply it to the underarm hair, and remove it by pulling.

2. Turmeric Paste

A turmeric paste not only removes the hair but also slows its regrowth. A paste with a quarter cup of turmeric, 2 tablespoons of rose water, and 1 tablespoon of milk sticks to the hair and removes them.

Apply the paste on the skin, let it dry, and remove it with the help of a warm towel.

3. Egg White and Cornflour

Egg white and cornflour work to remove unwanted armpit hair from the roots. Take an egg white, and add 1 teaspoon of ground sugar and half a teaspoon of cornflour. Mix it well, apply a thin layer of it in the direction of hair growth, and peel it off in the opposite direction removing the hair.

4. Gelatin and Milk

Take 3 tablespoons of warm milk and add 1 tablespoon of unflavoured gelatin to make a thin peel-off mask. Then apply this mask on unwanted hair with a brush. Wait until it dries off completely and peel it off to get rid of the unwanted habit.

5. Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey work similarly to turmeric paste. Take about 3 tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice to make a smooth paste. Apply it to the hair you want to get rid of, let it dry, and clean the area with a warm towel.


Armpit grooming is one of the basic requirements for maintaining hygiene, smelling good, and feeling confident. Several methods including shaving, IPL, and DIY masks can help in treating the concern of unwanted armpit hair.

Shaving can be difficult in the first go. So, we prepared a step-by-step guide to shave the armpits smoothly in this article. Moreover, you can get the information on armpits IPL hair removal here.

Lastly, we hope that you have enough awareness to groom your armpits and wear sleeveless dresses confidently.

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