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How to Shave Your Balls Without Any Injuries?

By Jason
December 16, 2023
7 minutes
What Is the Best Way to Shave Your Balls Without Any Injuries

Shaving balls has a lot of benefits like better sensations, less chances of skin infections, better ventilation, and can also help in producing sperm better. Shaving the balls is very tricky because even a slight mistake can cause bleeding as the balls have a lot of nerve endings.

Therefore, this article is an elaborate guide on how to shave your balls without any injuries, to achieve a hair-free touch to the genitals. Not only is it tempting, but a lot of girls love shaved balls too.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How To Prepare For Shaving The Balls?

This section explains the correct way of preparing the balls before shaving.

Clean Up The Area First

Always wash the genitals and the private area before shaving so that there are no deposits of dust, dirt, and microorganisms. These can be dangerous and cause infections while shaving, otherwise. It’s always best to take a bath before shaving so that the body is completely clean and hygienic.

It’s recommended to clean the balls with soap and warm water, while some prefer shampooing their long hair on the balls to the skin slightly soft.

Trim The Long Hair

If there is long hair on the genitals, use a trimmer to trim them after cleaning it up. Trimming helps reduce any risk of injuries while shaving and helps the razor perform better. While there’s no ideal hair length prior to shaving, keeping the hair length to no more than half an inch is considered best. Remember to adjust the trimmer’s length setting before starting.

Part 2: How To Choose The Right Tools To Shave The Balls?

These are the most important tools and items to shave the balls properly:

Selecting The Right Razor

Not every razor is designed for shaving the balls, so never choose just any razor. There are safety razors and razors for balls specifically designed for use on the male private parts. If buying a new razor for balls, never forget to verify that it’s compatible with the balls.

Important Safety Razor Tips

  1. Always use warm water to clean the balls so that the skin and hair become soft and easy to shave.
  2. Keep rinsing the razor after every second or third stroke to make it keep working properly.
  3. Never scrape the same area more than 2 times. If the hair wasn’t shaved in the first attempt, leave it for a while and return to it in the second round. Give the skin some time to heal naturally.

Always Use A Shaving Cream Or Gel

Using a shaving cream or a shaving gel provides lubrication to the skin that reduces the friction between the blades and the skin. The reduced friction helps the blade glide smoothly without leaving razor burns, cuts, or nicks.

Since there are a lot of nerves on the balls, even a slight scratch or a cut will cause a lot of bleeding, and using a cream or a gel will help avoid that situation.How to Shave Your Balls With the Right Technique

Part 3: How to Shave Your Balls With the Right Technique?

This section tells the right way to shave the balls without causing injuries or bleeding.

Always Use Warm Water

Collect some warm water in a bucket and wash the genitals gently with soap and warm water. Let the warm water soften the hair and the skin on the genitals so that the hair loosens up. This will help in shaving them properly.

Right Amount Of Lathering Is Very Important

After washing, pat dry the genitals with a terry towel for the best results. Once dried completely, take a shaving cream or a shaving gel and rub it on the genitals to create enough lathering. Make sure that the gathering doesn’t put the genitals out of vision.

Keep The Strokes Very Gentle

Once the cream is set, make a nice grip on the razor handle and make small and gentle strokes. Begin from the end of the scrotum bag and move to the middle. Then make strokes from the penis towards the middle of the scrotum bag for the best results.

Stretch The Skin To Avoid Injuries

Before beginning, always remember to stretch the skin taut to get a smooth and flat surface for shaving. Shaving is best performed on a flat surface and owing to irregularities of the skin on the genitals, it’s important to stretch the skin in such a way that the skin stays completely flat.

  • Do not stretch it too much or else the skin tissues can tear down.
  • Always adjust the skin taut before each stroke.
  • If it’s difficult to get a proper view of the skin for shaving, try sitting on a chair to get a proper view.

Part 4: Right Aftercare & Maintaining Hygiene

Here’s how to do aftercare and maintain hygiene after a successful shave.

Rinse The Balls Properly

After completing the shave, rinse the genitals with cold water properly and wash off all the hair and cream residues. Cold water will help in reducing any skin burns or irritations on an immediate basis for some time. It’ll be good to put 2-3 mugs of cold water or even more if it’s relieving and comforting.

Always Pat Dry

Never wipe the genitals after washing because that will create a lot of friction on the wet skin, which will damage the topmost layer of the skin, resulting in potential bleeding. Instead, pat dry with a terry towel and try using a cold air blower to further dry up the area completely.

Never Skip Moisturization

After pat drying, use a gentle moisturizer to nourish the skin and relieve it from potential skin burns and irritations. Even if there are no sensations of burns or irritations, moisturizing the skin will help it stay hydrated and the skin won’t chip or peel off later on. Dehydration can occur later sometime and a moisturizer at this stage will avoid that situation.

Keep The Balls Clean

After applying a moisturizer, try to keep it clean as much as possible so that no dust, dirt, or microorganisms build up on the skin.What Are The Risks & Safety Precautions

Part 5: What Are The Risks & Safety Precautions?

Shaving the balls correctly is rewarding but there are a lot of risks associated with it.

Ingrown Hair

Frequent shaves can give ingrown hair. Ingrown hair on the genitals can be extra dangerous because it can pierce the skin from the inside, causing irritation, razor bumps, etc. To avoid ingrown hair, regular exfoliation of the genitals becomes important.

Cuts & Nicks

One wrong stroke can cause cuts and a lot of bleeding. It’s best to discard used razor blades and always shave with a new blade every time. Too tight a grip on the handle can result in high pressure strokes that should be avoided anyhow. To avoid cuts and nicks:

  • Keep the pressure light
  • Don’t strike the same area more than twice
  • Use a sharp blade only
  • Use a shaving cream or a gel
  • Don’t forget to use the right razor designed for male genitals


If a man skips aftercare steps, he’s at a high risk of developing allergic reactions due to potential microorganism buildup and side effects of dehydration. Also, when using certain shaving products for the first time, always patch test on a non-sensitive area and see if they’re reacting with the skin. If not, then they’re probably safe for use on genitals (if mentioned on the product).

Part 6: Are There Any Alternatives To Shaving The Balls?

Yes, there are several alternatives to shaving the balls in case shaving feels risky and dangerous.


Instead of shaving all the hair from the skin level, trimming is a great option to reduce the length of long hair to the desired length. It gives almost the same feeling as shaving. Trimming is far safer than shaving but adjusting the trimmer’s length settings properly is very important.

In addition to that, the skin taut still needs to be held and stretched properly before every trimmer stroke, or else the skin may trap between the trimmer blades and bleed.


Hard waxing is the most feasible option out of all waxing options for genitals. There are certain specific branded waxing strips designed for male genitals. Waxing gives a hair-free region with a slight fragrance that lasts for quite a long time.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic treatment that can only be done at the salons. This treatment is a set of sessions, usually 6 to 10 sessions with a gap of 10 to 25 days between each. It can give hair-free balls for a very long time without the need to shave or trim. After every session, the hair will start shedding and the regrowth rate will reduce to severe levels.

IPL Treatment

IPL Treatment (Highly Recommended)

The most highly recommended option is Ulike IPL treatment. There’s a small handheld device that shoots IPL to the skin to destroy the hair follicles. It’s like a trimmer that needs to be placed on the balls. Then trigger the button and IPL will reach the hair follicles. The light energy will turn into heat energy and destroy the hair follicles, leaving no room for further hair regrowth. It’s safe, convenient, designed for sensitive areas, and user-friendly. Use it at home anytime as desired as it takes just 5 to 10 minutes per session.


Shaving the testicles is very dangerous as there’s a high chance of incorrect execution that can lead to unfruitful results. But with the right practice and the best tips above, men can avoid mishaps. If shaving sounds risky, then there are several alternatives. Trimming is the best alternative to shaving for those who don’t want to invest in the process yet, while those who’re willing to get long-term results can try Ulike IPL device that’s designed specifically for male genitals too. But first, always figure out personal preferences.

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