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How to Speed Up Beard Growth [10 Easy Tips]

By Jason
December 16, 2023
7 minutes
Factors That Influence Beard Growth

Whether well-trimmed or allowed to grow to its full potential untouched, a beard is one of the things that women tend to notice first in men. It defines their jawlines and makes them look stronger, more mature, and masculine. Research also shows that a beard helps men feel good about their appearance and gives them a more competitive stand among their fellow men.

Men who want to look more masculine or stronger tend to grow their beards as a fail-proof way to achieve that. Some men grow their beards because they love the attention that bearded men get from ladies. Unfortunately, it seems the god of beards favors some men over others.

What do you do when you have tried to grow beards just like other men, but the beards do not seem to like your face? If you are among those men who have done all they can to grow thick and attractive beards but still have no result, here are ten tested and trusted tips to help you grow those beards of your dreams.

Prior to the tips, we want you to understand why it seems as if the god of beards has a special love for some men but avoids others.

Factors That Influence Beard Growth

Factors That Influence Beard GrowthThese are the factors that make beard growth effortless for some men while some are struggling to have a few strands of facial hair.


Dihydrotestosterone [DHT] and testosterone are responsible for body hair growth in men, especially in beards. Men with low DHT and testosterone usually have scanty and unevenly distributed beards compared to men with high DHT and testosterone. If you find out that you have a low level of these hormones in your body, do not fret because there are numerous ways to boost your testosterone level.


Unfortunately, the popular saying, “Like father, like son,” also applies to beard growth. The rate at which your beard grows is based on your genes, which means you have a higher chance of growing full beards if the men in your family are known to have full beards.

This is the simple reason you may do all you can to grow a beard without success while another man just grows it effortlessly. It all boils down to the traits we inherited from our parents. There are few exceptions to this; however, greater chances of growing full and attractive beards rest heavily on our genes.

Androgen receptors on your hair follicles help to promote hair growth. Unfortunately, the numbers of these receptors on the face tend to vary from man to man based on their genetic makeup. The androgen receptors are sensitive to DHT, which helps in hair growth. So, fewer androgen receptors on the face because of inadequate DHT equals scanty beards.


Age can influence the rate at which you grow a beard. During puberty, males start growing fine beards and continue for years. When they get to 25, their beard growth rate will increase till they are about 35 years old. This is because their testosterone level tends to be at its peak between 25 and 35 years.

As men age, their testosterone levels start to drop. Research has shown that men from the age of 45 and above tend to have lower testosterone levels. Since testosterone affects beard growth, the older you get, the scantier your beard will likely be.

We cannot ignore these factors, but there are things that we can do to make these factors in our favor. So, despite how the men in your family look, your testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels, and your age, you can still speed up your beard growth.  Are you wondering how this is possible? Check out the ten tips below to start switching the hormones in your favor.

10 Tips to Speed Up Beard Growth

Here are the ways to make the god of beards smile at you and grace you with the thick beards of your dreams

Eat right

Eat right“What has eating got to do with beard growth? Everything, man. Well-balanced meals will not only boost your testosterone level but it will also provide the nutrients needed for hair growth.

Your body uses protein as its basic building block, so it needs all the protein it can get to build hair. Human hair is composed of protein, so if you deprive your body of protein, you deprive your hair of the growth you wish for.

Vitamin A will help your body to grow the cells needed for hair growth in your hair follicles. Vitamin D will help to rejuvenate your hair follicles, even those that have stopped growing hair. Most importantly, vitamin D helps the body to produce testosterone.

Biotin is another nutrient that you cannot ignore, as its deficiency can lead to hair-thinning minerals like iron help to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen to hair for maximum growth. Research has shown that a deficiency of iron can lead to hair loss, which is the last thing you need for your beard.

Zinc does not just strengthen nails and skin; it also strengthens your hair. Another component of hair is fat. Eating foods rich in omega-3 Fatty Acids will promote hair growth and keep it all shiny and hydrated. Examples of food that can give you these nutrients include vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, dairy products, and many others.

Take Supplements

Just in case you are not able to consume foods that are rich in these hair-friendly nutrients, you can decide to take supplements. Eating these foods will always be better than taking supplement pills, but you can go for them if the foods are not much of an option for you.

Sleep Well

Sleep WellOur body produces most of the testosterone we use during the day at night while asleep. This is why our body’s testosterone level is always high in the morning and tends to decrease towards the afternoon. When we do not get enough sleep, we are not only disrupting our body activities but also inhibiting testosterone production.

Men with sleep deprivation experience reduced beard growth by 19%. We need about 7 – 8 hours of sleep daily for maximum testosterone production in our bodies. This production is usually high during Rapid Eye Movement [REM] sleep hours.

Ditch Alcohol and Cigarettes

I know what you must be thinking: what happens to the silicone found in beer that helps improve beard growth? Well, beer is an alcoholic drink, and an increased level of alcohol will raise your blood cortisol level and dehydrate you.

Smoking also reduces blood flow, and your body needs a healthy blood flow for hair to grow optimally.

Stay Hydrated 

Water is very important for the normal functioning of your body system. Water will ensure normal blood flow to your hair follicle and improve hair growth. Water deficiency in the body will keep your hair dry and prone to excessive breakage. It will also reduce blood flow to all body parts, including hair follicles.


ExerciseThere is a link between obesity and low levels of testosterone in our body. Obese men are more likely to have low testosterone levels than men with lean muscles. So, while fighting obesity with exercise, you are also boosting your body testosterone level and encouraging your beard to grow.

Additionally, exercise enhances blood circulation in the body as it improves heartbeat. So long as your hair follicles are well supplied with blood, which contains oxygen and nutrients, it will grow optimally.

Reduce Stress

The stress hormone cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone, reduces blood flow, and indirectly reduces the oxygen and nutrients the hair follicles are receiving. Cortisol will force your hair follicles to go into their resting stage, leading to stunted hair growth and sometimes hair loss. Therefore, you must take things easy while pursuing optimal beard growth. It even goes beyond hair growth, as continuous stress can lead to premature death.

Keep Your Beards Moisturized

Keeping your beard moisturized with good-quality oil will help keep it healthy. It will also help to nourish the skin and enhance beard growth. There are leave-in conditioners that you can try on your beards as they help to nourish hair.

There are beard oils with track records of improving beard growth because they contain ingredients that stimulate hair growth. Massage your scalp with these oils to improve blood flow to your follicles and nourish your hair.

Clean and exfoliate

Clean and exfoliateExfoliating ensures that your pores are not clogged to affect hair growth negatively. Cleaning will prevent germs, dirt, dandruff, and other minor hair issues that can adversely affect hair growth.  Cleaning and exfoliating will also help to prevent ingrown hair when you start grooming your beards.

A Little Patience

We know how much you want to see the bush on your face flourishing, but you have to give it time to grow. Even after applying all these sure tips, your beard will not magically appear overnight; give it some months, and it will blossom. Impatience may push you to touch or worry about your beards, increasing your blood cortisol level.

Seek Medical Care

If all seems not to be working as fast as you have hoped for and you are becoming impatient, we recommend seeking a medical solution; instead of stimulating stress hormones with your worries, consider visiting the doctor, especially when you are experiencing hair loss. Some drugs help to reduce premature balding, and doctors can place you on them if your beard keeps thinning.

Micro-needling is one medical intervention that stimulates hair growth. It involves messaging the scalp with a device that contains multiple needles. There are lots of at-home micro-needling devices that you can purchase, but ensure that your doctor approves of such and carefully follow the sterilization instructions.

The last option is a facial hair transplant. This involves the extraction of viable hair from other parts of the body to the face. It is something you can try if every other option fails. The only downside is that it has to be done by a doctor, and, of course, it isn’t cheap.

Final Say

Although a greater percentage of your beard growth rate depends on your genetics, these ten tips can make a significant difference. Apply them religiously, and you will see results within a few weeks or months.

To wrap up, we would love to remind you that there is no shortcut to growing thick beards overnight. You have to be patient for these tips to yield results. Good luck with increasing that ladies-pulling beard you desire. Meanwhile, we await the discovery of a  tip or magic word for overnight beard growth and hope to update you with it soon.

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