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How to Use Epilator on Face 2023

September 6, 2023
7 minutes
How to Use Epilator on Face 2023

In order to get rid of unwanted facial hair, there are several options like hair removal cream, laser treatment, shaving, etc.

An epilator device is one solution for facial hair removal, which is a handheld device that you can use to uproot hair from your face.

These are compact and lightweight devices that help remove facial hair quickly. In this article, you’ll learn everything about how to use on face the right way.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How Does a Facial Epilator Work?

The main idea behind how a facial epilator works is to pull the hair out from the roots. Here’s how facial epilators work in general:

  1. First, the epilator device is placed on the targeted skin.
  2. There’s a pair of tweezers in the device that keep rotating at a very high speed.
  3. When the device moves on the skin, the hair gets stuck between the fast-rotating tweezers, which pull the stuck hair out from the roots.
  4. If the hair density is high, more hair is likely to get stuck in the tweezers.

In order to achieve a better hair removal session, most epilators come with adjustable settings such as speed, etc.

Benefits of Using Epilators for Facial Hair Removal

While the idea of hair getting pulled from the roots might sound a little uncomfortable to some people, there are so many benefits of using epilators for facial hair removal, which will stun you. Here’s a detailed list of that:

1. Long-lasting Results

The hair gets pulled from the roots. So, hair regrowth takes a lot of time as compared to shaving, because shaving just cuts hair at the skin level. Hair takes so much time to regrow from the roots again, that epilators have succeeded in giving long-lasting results.

2. It Can Remove Fine Hair Too

Sometimes trimming and shaving leaves fine hair on the skin. But with epilators, you can get rid of fine hair that might be difficult to remove with other hair removal methods.

3. Precise Operation

Epilators such as Braun epilators come with many attachments, so you can use an attachment that gives better results. This way, you can get rid of hair from delicate areas like upper lips, eyebrows, etc., with preciseness.

4. Cost-Effective Solution

Laser treatments and waxing, etc., can be expensive, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can use epilators for the best and most economical results. Even after the treatment, you don’t have to spend money on the post-treatment maintenance.

5. Less Skin Irritation

Epilators do cause some sort of sensation, but the overall irritation is still really much less than waxing and other methods of hair removal.

Part 2: How to Use an Epilator on Your Face?

Using epilators might sound like a straightforward process, but there’s still a proper procedure to use it on your face. This section deals with how to epilate face without breaking out. It’s also the same guide for how to use a Braun epilator on the face.

1. Preparation


a. Exfoliate

Experts suggest that you should exfoliate your skin before using an epilator. Also, if this is the first time you’re going to use that device, you may take a pain reliever nearly 30 minutes before using it. Wash your face and dry it if not already done.

b. Choosing an Epilator

Now choose the right epilator for your face. It’s suggested to go with a device with a small head, attachments for sensitive skin, and adjustable speed.

c. Trim Your Facial Hair

You need to trim your facial hair if they’re long. Using an epilator on long facial hair can cause harsh tugging, which can increase discomfort.

2. Begin with the Epilator

Begin with the Epilator

a. Start with Slow Speed First

You must always start with the lowest speed setting first, especially if you’re a novice. This is the safest way to get a little idea of the sensation and level of discomfort (if any). Also, low settings will give you improved control over the device, which will reduce any chances of accidents.

b. Stretch Your Skin

Your face’s surface will be very uneven, and using an epilator could be troublesome. So, you can stretch your face skin with your hands such as on the cheeks part.

3. Progress with the Facial Hair Removal

Progress with the Facial Hair Removal

a. Hold It at 90 Degrees

Always remember to keep the epilator perpendicular to your skin, which means 90 degrees. This is the most optimum position for the tweezers to work at their best.

b. Progress Slow and Steadily

When you place the epilator on any area, the hair will get pulled and you’ll feel a sensation. Once the sensation goes away, it means that the hair on that spot is pulled out. Now you can move the epilator to another spot slowly and steadily.

c. Keep the Strokes Short

When you move the epilator to another spot, make sure to keep the stroke small.

4. Finishing Up & Post Epilation Maintenance

Finishing Up & Post Epilation Maintenance

Once you believe you’re done with the treatment for now, please clean your epilator and apply some moisturizing cream on your face after a few minutes. If your face has rashes or redness, you can apply antiseptic cream. Please avoid washing your face with hot or warm water. Instead, cold water is highly recommended.

Part 3: Common Mistakes That You Can Avoid When Using an Epilator

  • Neglecting to cleanse and exfoliate your face before epilation can lead to inefficient hair removal and ingrown hairs. Always prepare your skin beforehand.
  • Epilators are designed to work primarily on short hair. If you’ve got long hair, you need to trim it so that you can get the most optimal results.
  • Many times people use epilators at high speed out of excitement or simply due to carelessness. That can be troublesome, so please avoid using it right at high speed from the beginning.
  • Please avoid pressing the epilator against your skin too hard. That’s a very common mistake that most newbies make, which can cause a cut or severe rash on your face.
  • In many cases, people just start moving the epilator too fast, which is again, a very common mistake. You shouldn’t move the epilator fast on your face.
  • Not reading the user manual that comes with the device is again a silly mistake. It’s good if you have seen the videos or read the instructions somewhere on the internet beforehand. Reading the manual will give you an exact idea of how to use that particular device in your hand.

Common Mistakes That You Can Avoid When Using an Epilator

Part 4: FAQs

Is It Painful to Use an Epilator on the Face?

Yes, it’s somewhat painful to use an epilator on the face, because ultimately, it’s pulling off all the hair on your face. But, once you develop a habit of using it, you shouldn’t feel much pain, and it should only be a little discomforting for you.

That’s why we’ve suggested using a pain reliever 30 minutes before using the device.

How Long Does the Hair Need to Be for Epilation?

The ideal length of your facial hair for epilation is nearly 2mm to 5mm. Going any longer than 5mm can cause relatively more pain, and going anywhere shorter than 2mm may give you improper results. Hair that is shorter than recommended won’t get caught in the epilator properly and hair won’t get pulled out as expected.

Can I Use an Epilator on My Upper Lip?

Yes, of course, you can use an epilator on your upper lip, but there’s a catch! Your upper lip area will be very small, which is why you must use another attachment that’s designed for small areas, such as the upper lip. And since that’s a sensitive area, you should also go with the lowest setting first.

When using it on your upper lip, don’t forget to bulge out your upper jaw part outwards for better epilation.

How Often to Use an Epilator on the Face?

Ideally, you might have to use an epilator for your face every 2 to 4 weeks. This range is based on a general hair regrowth in most people. However, if your hair regrowth rate is high, you might epilate quickly. Or, if you had less dense and average-quality hair, then you might epilate a little later.

And remember, that you should not wait for your hair to regrow more than 2mm to 3 mm until the next epilation session, or else you’ll have to trim them.

Final Verdict

So far you have got an idea of the right way of using an epilator and you also got some common mistakes that most people make when using an epilator. If you’re a newbie, it’s highly recommended to read all the necessary material before using it. Remember that epilators need to be handled with care. Also, please avoid sharing epilators with anyone just for the sake of hygiene.

In a nutshell, using epilators is a great way to get rid of facial hair at your home without investing much money. And if you follow the instructions properly, you’re definitely going to love the epilation sessions.

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