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How to Use Eyebrow Razors: A Comprehensive Guide

By Viktoria
September 12, 2023
7 minutes
How to Use Eyebrow Razors A Comprehensive Guide

Eyebrow razors are growing in popularity for their precise hair removal, easy maneuverability, and efficient eyebrow hair removal. They are able to get rid of even those hair that cannot be gripped with tweezers. These small razors are not painful, unlike waxing or tweezing.  Moreover, they can also get rid of dead skin around your eyebrows.

Sounds good, right? But, how to use an eyebrow razor? You just need to keep some easy steps, mentioned in this article, in your mind and get yourself the perfect eyebrows.

Table of Contents

Part 1: What are Eyebrow Razors?

What are Eyebrow RazorsAn eyebrow Razor is a sharp tool with a small blade at the end of its long handle specifically used for shaping and trimming your eyebrows. Since the blades are particularly designed for small areas like eyebrows, they are safe to use.

All eyebrow razors work in similar ways but there are varieties based on the material, shape, and usage of these razors.

Based on Handle Material

Most eyebrow razors have stainless steel blades but the material of their handles can vary.

  • Metallic Handle Eyebrow Razors: Metallic handle eyebrow razors are the highest quality razors that are durable and long-lasting. They are a bit expensive as high-grade metals are used in their making
  • Wheat Straw Handle Eyebrow Razors: Wheat straw handle razors are new to the market and are similar to those of metallic or plastic blades. The only difference is that they are made of wheat straw and therefore are biodegradable.
  • Plastic Handle Eyebrow Razors: Eyebrow razors with plastic handles are usually light in weight and are not slippery which enables convenient eyebrow trimming

Based on Shape

  • Based on ShapeStraight Eyebrow Razors: Straight eyebrow razors are the most common razors available in the market. They give you the perfect eyebrow shape with more precision and fewer cuts
  • Foldable Eyebrow Razors: Foldable eyebrow razors are the best ones in terms of portability. They usually have screws in the middle of the handle to fold them and keep them anywhere
  • Dual-Edged Eyebrow Razors: These eyebrow razors have blades at both ends. This makes them multipurpose as the side with a larger blade can be used for face shaving while the one with smaller ends can be used for eyebrow trimming

Based on Usage

  • Disposable Razors: Disposable razors are made of rubber, steel, or plastic. They can be used for a limited time and need to be disposed of after 5-10 uses.
  • Electric Razors: Electric eyebrow razors are used for quick and efficient eyebrow hair removal. They ensure equal length of all the hair and reduce the risk of nicks and cuts. Moreover, some eyebrow razors have built-in LED lights so that you do not miss any single hair
  • Manual Razors: Manual razors are those which we see everyone using in their daily lives. They are more cost-effective as compared to electric ones but you need to learn the right technique before using them

Part 2: Preparation for Eyebrow Grooming

Before moving towards the shaping and grooming of your eyebrows, you must keep the following things in mind for a comfortable experience.

Choose the Right Time and Environment

Choose the Right Time and EnvironmentThe best time to groom your eyebrows is after a shower. A hot shower opens up the pores of your skin and flushes out all the dirt accumulated in those pores. This also softens the eyebrow hair facilitating faster, better, and more comfortable hair trimming.

Moreover, you can trim your eyebrow hair once every 4 weeks and if you want to reshape them, it is best to let them grow for 12 weeks and then reshape.

Prepare Eyebrows

Prepare EyebrowsTo prepare your eyebrows for shaving, you need to start cleaning the eyebrows in case you have any makeup on the eyes. After that, it is necessary to brush eyebrows in an upward and outward direction.

Also, before shaving your eyebrows, trim the hair to a shorter length to make the shaving process easy. If you have any hair between your eyebrows, tweeze them first before shaving the eyebrow hair.

Prepare the Tools

After you are done preparing your eyebrows, the next thing is to prepare the tools for shaving. For this purpose, bring out your shaving razor, clean it well, and check the sharpness of the blades.

You can clean the razor by rinsing it under tap water. To check the sharpness of the blade, do a patch test on any other area.

Part 3: Step-by-Step Guide: Using an Eyebrow Razor

Eyebrow razors can be used for shaving, making an eyebrow slit, and shaping the eyebrows. Let’s see how can you do it.

How to Shave Eyebrows?

To shave your eyebrows, follow these steps:

  • Prepare your eyebrows and tools for shaving and then hold the skin taut slightly towards your forehead for a smooth shave
  • Apply any oil or shaving cream on the eyebrow hair and grip your blade at a slight angle preferably 45 degrees
  • You can start by shaving the upper part of your eyebrows. Moving the blade in the direction of hair growth can minimize the risks of cuts, nicks, and ingrown hair
  • After you are done with the upper part, move towards the lower part and shave all the stray hair. After getting rid of stray hair, you can shape the eyebrow with little gentle strokes
  • Now, shave the area between your eyebrows and get rid of all the unwanted hair in that area
  • Apply any light moisturizer and you are done with shaving your eyebrows perfectly

How to Shave Eyebrows

Worried that the new hair might be thicker? To know the answer, click Does Shaving Make Your Hair Thicker?

How to Make an Eyebrow Slit?

How to Make an Eyebrow SlitHow to do an eyebrow slit? Just take out your eyebrow razor and proceed as follows:

  • First, decide the number of slits you want. It can be decided based on the thickness of your eyebrows. You can do more slits for thicker eyebrows
  • Now, take a white eyeliner pencil and draw a verticle line slightly angled at 60 degrees towards your eyebrow tail
  • Stick tape on both vertical sides of the line while making sure that the tape does not cover the marked line
  • The area in between the tapes is the one where you are going to make a slit
  • Use your eyebrow razor and move it vertically against the direction of hair growth in the area between the tapes without applying much pressure
  • If you want more than one slit, move your razor from an outwards to an inward direction
  • You can tweeze out any extra hair at last

Part 4: How to Clean Eyebrow Razor?

After you are done using the razor, it is necessary to clean it and then store it.

Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning and StorageWhile shaving, you need to rinse the razor under water after every stroke. When you are done with shaving, rinse the razor under warm water. Then lather the razor with a gentle soap and rinse it again under warm water. This gets rid of dirt, hair, or soap scum present on the blades.

Shake the razor a bit and use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the razor. Rinse it again with warm water, dry it with a washcloth and you are ready to store the razor.

To store the eyebrow razor, ensure that the area is dry and away from the reach of children.


ReplacingEvery time you shave, your blades start getting dull. Due to minor changes, we do not always notice the dullness but our shave gets rough and rougher every time we shave with the same blade. So, it is advised to replace the razor blades after every 5-10 shaves.

Part 5: FAQs

Can you use an eyebrow razor for the bikini area?

Eyebrow razors have small blades for removing your hair precisely with minimum risk of cuts and nicks. You can use them along your bikini line to get rid of stray hair. However, the bikini area is more sensitive, so prefer the razors specially designated for this area.

For learning the perfect technique for bikini hair removal, read out How to Shave the Perfect Bikini Line at Home.

Should you use an eyebrow razor wet or dry?

You should wet your eyebrow razor before using it. Wetting the razor with warm water cools down the blade’s metal and allows smooth gliding of the razor across your skin.

How often should you use an eyebrow razor?

After you have shaped your eyebrows, you can shave them once every 7 days to keep that shape.

When should you throw away an eyebrow razor?

When the blades of your eyebrow razor start getting dull and you need to apply more pressure to shave, that is the time to throw the razor and buy a new one.


Eyebrow razors are small and capable enough to groom your eyebrows effortlessly, nearly painlessly, and quickly.  You just need to get your eyebrows, brush your eyebrow hair, clean the blade, and then move it at 45 degrees in the direction of hair growth to remove all the unwanted hair.

The razors are not difficult to use and you can shape your eyebrows in different ways using them. For this purpose, you just need a little practice and soon your skills will be refined enough to try every look you want.

Done with grooming your eyebrows but what about other facial hair? Click, Facial Hair Removal 101: The Essential Handbook for Hair-Free Face.


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