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How to Use the Ordinary Peeling Solution?

By Mariela
July 12, 2023
7 minutes

Ordinary is one of the most popular skincare brands that has a wide range of affordable active serums and other skincare products. One of its most hyped-up products is the AHA and BHA peeling solution which has been seen everywhere on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media accounts.

This is considered as the best alternative to harsh physical exfoliant and it improves skin tone and texture miraculously. But some people had their skin burned and peeled off with this peeling solution raising concerns about its use.

Ordinary peeling solution is completely safe to use and confers the skin all the benefits it claims when you use it as recommended. People who did not go through instructions of use are the ones suffering from burns and other side effects.

So, in this article, we will guide you on how to use the ordinary peeling solution to make your skin healthier, more radiant, and glowing without irritating it.

What is Ordinary Peeling Solution and What Does it Contains?

ordinary Ordinary peeling solution is a chemical exfoliant with a high concentration of active acids in a liquid consistency. It is used as a peel-off mask to remove dead skin cells gently. Moreover, it is vegan and free of gluten, parabens, silicone, mineral oils, alcohol, and soy.

Regardless of being free of all harmful ingredients, it might irritate the skin because of its highly concentrated acids. So, it should be used with caution. Furthermore, below are the details of the ingredients of the Ordinary peeling solution.


This peeling solution has a 30% concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. It contains 4 types of AHAs; glycolic acid which helps in deep exfoliation of the skin because of its small particles, lactic acid which is a gentle skin exfoliant with skin soothing properties, tartaric acid which helps in anti-aging and shrinks open pores, and citric acid that makes skin tone even and brightens it.


ordinary In addition to AHAs, it has 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid in the form of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid removes dirt, bacteria, impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells from the skin. Additionally, it regulates oil production in the skin and reduces the incidence of acne breakouts.

Other Ingredients

Other note-worthy ingredients include hyaluronic acid cross polymer, Tasmania leaf extract, black carrot extract, vitamin B5, and aloe leaf water. The role of these ingredients is to counteract the intense acids in the solution. They also moisturize the skin and reduce aftereffects of the acid use.

Why is Ordinary Peeling Solution So Hyped Up?

Ordinary peeling solution is so hyped up because of the following benefits.

Skin Exfoliation

First of all the major role of ordinary peeling solution is to exfoliate the skin. In contrast to physical exfoliating agents, this chemical solution does not cause micro-tear in the skin.

Moreover, the double power of both AHAs and BHAs removes the buildup of all impurities in the skin effectively.

Improvement of Skin Texture and Appearance

Regular use of Ordinary peeling solution makes the skin flawless as it reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, and texture. So, the skin looks young, smooth, radiant, and fresh.

Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that soothe skin inflammation and makes the skin look poreless.


Regulating Oil Production

Ordinary peeling solution works great for people with oily skin as it removes excess oils in the skin and reduces the production of oils. As a result, the skin only gets the necessary oil to maintain its barrier from the oil glands. This also reduces acne and clogging of pores.

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

As the Ordinary solution, removes the topmost layer of the skin which is mainly dead and dull skin cells, it becomes brighter with every use. This peeling solution also reduces blemishes, acne marks, uneven areas of hyperpigmentation, and scar marks.

How to Use Ordinary Peeling Solution

Although Ordinary peeling solution is full of benefits for the skin and excellently improves skin texture, it can cause skin redness, inflammation, irritation, and chemical reaction if you do not follow the right protocol to use it.

So, below are the steps to use an Ordinary peeling solution and get benefited from its acids without harming your skin in the slightest way.

clean Step 1: Cleanse Your Face

First of all, cleanse your skin thoroughly. If you have makeup or any skincare product on, it is better to double cleanse the skin so that it is completely free of the residues of cosmetics and other products.

Then let the skin dry completely. Make sure there is not even a single drop of water left on the skin.

Step 2: Apply the Peeling Solution Evenly

After that apply 3 to 4 drops of the peeling solution to your forehead, cheeks, and nose. During application, keep the dropper slightly away from the face so that the solution stays contamination free.

Once you have applied the drops, use your fingers to evenly and gently spread the solution across your face. Do not rub the solution on your skin. Also, spare the eye area or any active acne you have.

Step 3: Wait for 5 to 10 Minutes

Ordinary recommends keeping the solution on the face for 10 minutes. But if you using it for the first time, 5 minutes are enough. Then you can slowly increase this time as your skin becomes more adaptive to this chemical-rich solution.

But never let the solution on for more than 10 minutes. Remember that it is a peeling solution, not a leave-in serum.

Step 4: Wash the Face

moisturizer Then wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. There is no need to use face wash. Just rinse your face well in a way that no residues of the peeling solution are left behind on your skin.

Moreover, if you feel any irritation or burning before 5 to 10 minutes on the skin, wash your face immediately.

Step 5: Apply a Moisturizer

You might or might not notice a slight redness on your skin after washing. So, apply a soothing and lightweight moisturizer like aloe vera gel to calm the skin. Also, do not use any skincare product with active ingredients.

Precautions to Use Ordinary Peeling Solution

Always Do a Patch Test

Even when you follow the usage instruction, this peeling solution might not suit people with sensitive skin. So, always do a patch test behind your ear or on a small area of your face 24 hours before using this solution to test if your skin can take it well and see how it reacts to the acids.

Only Use At Night

The Ordinary peeling solution removes the top layers from the skin, sensitizes the skin to sun rays, and makes it easily irritable. So, it is best to use the peeling solution at night when you can give your skin a break from all other products and sunlight.

avoid sun Avoid Sun Exposure the Next Day

Skin becomes sensitive after chemical exfoliation. So, try applying your Ordinary peeling solution on the weekends or when you have no outdoor plans so that you can avoid sun exposure.

Also, wear a liberal amount of sunscreen when going out followed by reapplication for a week after using the Ordinary peeling solution.

Put Other Actives on Hold

Products with active ingredients like vitamin C, retinoids, niacinamide, and any other acid can react with irritable skin and make it red and inflamed. So, you should avoid using such products for a day or more after using AHAs and BHAs.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, consider avoiding such ingredients one day before the application of Ordinary peeling solution as well.

Avoid Using it on Sensitive or Irritated Skin

No matter if Ordinary has infused some skin-calming ingredients in this solution, the main ingredients are acids in a high concentration that can irritate the skin. So, do not use this product on sensitive and irritated skin or skin with a compromised barrier.

Make sure your skin is in a healthy state when you use it.

Do Not Rub it into Your Skin

Our purpose to use the peeling solution is to exfoliate the skin not to remove the healthy skin cells. So, do not rub the solution into the skin, and do not dab it in either. Rather apply it gently with fingertips in a smooth motion.

Also, do not use the serum on damp skin as there are chances of increased absorption on wet skin.

Do Not Use it Too Often

If your skincare routine contains no acids and no actives, you can use this peeling solution about once a week. And if your skincare routine already has other exfoliating solutions, using it once a month is more than enough.

In any case, do not use it more than twice a week. Though we a good solution is to use it once every 15 days. Also, set a day and note it down when you apply this peeling solution to ensure that you are not using it too often.

Do Not Use it Beyond a Year After Opening

The solution is good to use 12 months after opening the bottle. So, note the date of your first peeling mask application and do not use it after 12 months have passed from that date.


Although Ordinary peeling solution is the best chemical exfoliating solution in the market that also comes at an affordable price, you must not overuse or misuse it. So, in this article, we talked about the steps to use it well and the precautions you must take to avoid its potential side effects.

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