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IPL Underarms Treatments: What You Need To Know

By Laura
February 11, 2023
7 minutes

Doesn’t it get irritating to shave your hair again and again? All the sweating on hairy parts of the body, itching, and discomfort makes it even worse. Additionally, you cannot even escape from removing that hair especially if they are underarm hair. Anyone can easily notice them.

But, removing underarm hair every other day is such a hassle. To solve this and to save everyone from going through painful treatments, IPL devices are now in. These devices provide light-based therapy to damage your hair follicles and refrain them from growing.

However, not everyone has knowledge of their exact uses, their effectiveness, and their working method. Moreover, there are also some myths about IPL devices that the light therapy is harmful or the procedure is painful.

Therefore, to end these myths and help you get comfortable with using IPL devices, we have gathered data on everything you need to know about these devices before you decide to invest in them.

What is IPL Hair Removal Technology?

IPL is the short form of Intense pulsed technology. It is a home-based therapy used to treat several problems like wrinkling of the skin, patches, extra hair, and damage due to the sun. IPL devices are used for this purpose. An IPL device is a handheld and portable device you can easily carry anywhere and use comfortably.

IPL Underarms Treatments Some people might confuse IPL therapy with laser. They are somehow alike but IPL technology uses several wavelengths during treatment while laser uses only one. Therefore, you can treat more surface area of your body using an IPL device.

As mentioned earlier, IPL technology is also used for hair removal. This indicates that instead of shaving, waxing, or laser therapy, you can use this technology for nearly painless hair removal. You can use it safely for your underarms, face, and all other hairy parts of your body.

How does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL hair removal seems interesting, right? But you might be afraid thinking, will it work? Or how will it work? Let’s get to know how IPL hair removal works.

When you apply an IPL device to your body, the device emits light. This light is dispersed thus covering larger areas on your skin too in comparison with laser hair removal. The light comes in contact with your skin pigments and hair. These pigments help the device know where to target for treatment.

After targeting an area, the light takes the form of heat which damages the hair follicles to prevent the growth of hair. The technology is more suitable for those having thick, highly pigmented hair and light skin. The result of IPL hair removal technology is long-term.

Can IPL be used for Underarm Treatments?

The armpits are one of the most sensitive areas of the skin. They have hair that can irritate you, especially during summer due to excessive sweating. Furthermore, it is difficult and more painful to remove the underarm hair as compared to other body parts. So, everyone keeps finding convenient ways to remove underarm hair.

Whenever a new hair removal method is invented, everyone thinks about whether they can use it for underarms or not. Similarly, in the case of IPL technology, are you worried that you might be not able to use it for your underarms?

Luckily, you can use it for all parts of your body. The treatment done using IPL is very safe, comfortable, and gentle. Some IPL devices can also provide you cooling effect too. So, use it without worrying about any aftereffects on any part of the body and get smooth and clear skin .

Why Should You Opt for IPL Underarm Treatments?

There are so many reasons to use IPL hair removal for treating your underarms. Let’s discuss a few of them to assure you of their safety and convenience.

1. Safe and Easy to Use

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removal Handset IPL hair removal is a safe technique to get rid of unwanted hair. There are various devices available in the market for hair removal. One of the best IPL devices available is the Ulike IPL handset . It is not only safe to use but is also extremely convenient.

The Ulike IPL handset is slim so you can grip it easily and apply the device to any area. It also comes with a cooling mode which means you can also feel cool during the treatment. No pain, cooling effect, and firm grip on the device can assure the users that they can use it safely anytime.

2. Noticeable Results in Just 4 Weeks

Most of the IPL devices give results in a maximum of 1-3 months. These results are semi-long-lasting and long-term. One such amazing device that can provide results in 4 weeks is the Ulike IPL handset.

After using the handset, you will feel your hair getting thin within 2 weeks. After thinning, 90% of hair density and 70% of hair length decreases in the next two weeks. Hence, the hair on your body is eradicated in a total of 4 weeks.

Furthermore, different reviews also conclude that the Ulike IPL handset can show results in 3-4 weeks.

3. Nearly painless, Hassle-free Experience

Are you anxious that just like other therapies, IPL hair removal might be painful too? It is not. For most of the people using IPL devices, they find the hair removal process nearly painless. The light therapy used in this procedure does not cause any harm to your body.

It only targets a specific area and the heat produced removes your hair smoothly without even the user noticing. The heat produced may be troublesome but the Ulike IPL handset has a cooling effect too. So, the feeling of heat is masked by the cooling effect.

In this way, you can save yourself from going through the trouble of feeling pain, booking appointments, waiting for hours, and spending money repeatedly.

4. Specific Level 3 for Underarms

IPL devices can be used for all parts of your body. Every device has multiple levels and each level is used for different areas of your skin. For example, there will be different times for removing chin hair, hair on arms and legs, and bikini line hair depending upon the level of intensity.

Ulike IPL handset has a total of 5 levels with increasing intensity, each for a separate body part. As the underarm hair is more coarse and longer than your facial, arm, or leg hair so for removing your armpit hair, level 3 is specified. Using this intensity level, it will take you a total of 2 minutes for treating your underarms per session.

5. Recommended by Dermatologists

A product seems to be more valid when it is recommended by a specialist related to that field. In the case of IPL devices, most devices are FDA cleared. If we talk specifically about everyone’s favorite Ulike IPL handset, it is not only FDA-cleared but is also recommended by dermatologists.

A medical and cosmetic dermatology expert, Dr. Hadley King has recommended the Ulike IPL handset. Being a board-certified dermatologist she said that “With Ulike, users have the option of creating their own safe and private personal beauty sanctuary to get rid of unwanted hairs discretely”. This proves the authenticity of the Ulike IPL handset.

Ulike Sapphire

How to Use Ulike IPL on Your Underarms at Home?

To use any IPL device, including the Ulike IPL handset, on your own, it is essential to follow some protocols.

Let’s know about them to help you get a safe experience of hair removal at home.

1. Prep the Skin by Shaving

To have effective results, first of all, you need to shave your hair on the part of your body you need to apply the device. After shaving, do not put on any moisturizer or cream. Furthermore, avoid waxing or plucking your hair as they can eradicate hair cells completely.

2. Wear the Protective Eyeglasses

The next step is to use protective eyeglasses during treatment. This is to protect your eyes from any harmful radiation.

3. Make Sure Your Ulike IPL Handset is Plugged in and Ready for Action

Ulike IPL handset has a cord attached to it which needs to be plugged in for the device to work. So, confirm that it is on to avoid wasting your time with an off-device.


4. Choose Level 3 Setting for Armpits

As discussed earlier, every part of the body requires a specific level. To specifically treat your underarms, choose level 3 to have effective results. The armpit hair is a little brittle so they need a little higher intensity.

5. Hold the Button Down and Glide it Across Your Skin

Next, you need to hold down the button and glide the device over your skin. When you move the Ulike IPL handset, it will find your hair and skin pigments to target them. Keep moving the device on the whole area for maximum results.

6. Unplug the Device and Secure it in its Box

After you are done, unplug the Ulike IPL handset and place it in a safe box to use the device for a long time. An IPL device can work for years if you provide them with proper maintenance.


IPL technology is a successful method of removing your body hair for a long time. It uses light to target pigments in hair follicles and destroy the follicles. This procedure is nearly painless. Among various IPL devices available for the procedure, the Ulike IPL handset is one of the most effective devices.

Recommended by dermatologists, the device is safe and pain-free. You can get results in just 4 weeks. Using the device is easy, but there are some prerequisites that we mentioned above for you to follow to have a safe experience.

After following the right protocol and selecting the right level according to your body part, you can enjoy silky and soft skin for a very long time.

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