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Lux Skin vs. RoseSkinCo: Which IPL Hair Removal is Better?

By Mariela
May 18, 2023
7 minutes

Are high-quality IPL hair removal devices too expensive and out of your reach? But so is spending 100s of dollars on waxing, shaving, and salon. Therefore, have you been searching for IPL devices that can be bought on a budget to help you get rid of unwanted hair long-lastingly?

I assume you have come across Lux Skin Premium Hair Removal IPL and RoseSkinCo Lumi Hair Removal IPL already. But it is hard to find information on both devices and finding a comparison on both would be a miracle.

Do not worry because I have that miracle right in front of you here. These affordable IPL devices are not the most sold or reviewed ones. So, let us see which of both can be a better investment.

Distinguished Features of Lux Skin vs. RoseSkinCo

  • lux skin

    Both Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo are IPL hair removal devices. IPL is a technology where light is used to target and kill the hair follicles. So, you can go completely hairless and the skin stays smooth and supple for a long time.

  • Both of the devices are great for you if your hair color and skin tone fall in the compatibility chart of IPL devices. And if does not you might want to give electrolysis or advanced laser a try for long-lasting hair removal.

  • You need to use an adaptor to connect Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo IPL hair removal handset to the main power as they are not cordless.

  • Lux Skin is a premium IPL device released about a year ago while RoseSkinCo has been around for a few years.

  • Both devices come with a large number of flashes that can last for 20-30+ years depending upon the frequency of use.

  • Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo IPL brands also provide a 90-day money-back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty for its users to get the best of the devices with no risks.

  • Both brands claim their devices to be 100% safe and pain-free as well. However, there is no specific built-in technology in these devices to make them nearly painless.

All About Lux Skin IPL Device

It is likely that you have seen Lux Skin standard white IPL devices all over the internet. Lux Skin has a premium IPL handset as well. This Pink Lux Skin comes with a handy and eye-catching design, lightweight and ergonomic built, strong energy output, and a 20 years lifespan.

Moreover, you only need to use it only once every week for 3 months. By the end of this duration, you will have completely hairless skin for a long time and you can do your maintenance sessions every few weeks.


  • 600,000 flashes

  • A sleek, luxurious, and easy-to-grip design

  • Pink color with a girlish appearance

  • The energy output of 15 J/cm2

  • One of the most affordable IPL hair removal devices ever

  • 90 days money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction

  • Can be used on unwanted body hair and objectionable facial peach fuzz

  • 6 intensity levels with an easy-to-use and an easy to read interface


  • It is not nearly painless

  • The device becomes heated during use

  • Sharp bright flashes can damage the eye

  • There is no information on its FDA-cleared

  • No gender-neutral colors are available

All About RoseSkinCo IPL Device

RoseSkinCo RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL hair removal set is yet another of the most affordable IPL devices you can come across. It is not only affordable but also practical as it treats unwanted hair within 8 weeks.

This popular device comes in two colors, white and bright pink with a compact design and elegant details. It is perfect to be used anywhere hair grows except eyebrows, forehead, and areas around the eyes.


  • 900,000 flashes giving it a lifetime

  • 6 intensity levels to personalize hair removal

  • Does not irritate the skin

  • 1-year warranty

  • Completely safe to use and FDA-cleared

  • Free shipping

  • Easy on pocket


  • Stinging sensations during treatment that increase on increasing intensity levels

  • Each treatment takes 30-60 minutes and might tire out your hands

  • Incomplete hair removal accessories

Comparing the Effectiveness of Lux Skin vs. RoseSkinCo

lux skin Both Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL hair removal devices are effective. They really show results and the results also last for a long time. But it takes too much time to go hairless. But affordability too comes at a price, right?

Lux Skin takes 12 weeks to reduce hair growth and make skin smooth while Lumi IPL takes 8 weeks to show the same results making RoseSkinCo more effective. However, it is an average duration and individual treatment time can vary from person to person.

Comparing the User Experience of Lux Skin vs. RoseSkinCo

Lux Skin Premium IPL device is a slim and lightweight device. So, it is easy to hold and move on the skin. Its 6 intensity levels and strong power provide the required results.

Additionally, it is gentle on the skin and not painful. However, it is not completely nearly painless and I am also doubtful of its safety in the long term.

On the other hand, the RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL device has a matte coating making it easy to grip. It is known to make skin smooth like a dolphin in 12 weeks and is completely safe to use as well. However, the design of this device is not ergonomic.

Comparing the Price, Warranty, and Money-Back Guarantee of Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo

Lux Skin IPL hair removal device is only $160 and RoseSkinCo is double the price at $229. Moreover, the 1-year warranty and 3-month money-back guarantee for both devices are the same.

Major Difference Between Lux Skin vs. RoseSkinCo


Several features of both devices are similar. But here are the different ones to focus on.

Number of Flashes:

Lux Skin Premium IPL hair removal device has 600,000 flashes with a 20 years lifespan. RoseSkinCo IPL hair removal handset has 900,000 flashes with 30 years of lifespan.

Safety Cleared:

Lux Skin IPL device is not cleared by the FDA and I also failed to find any evidence of its long-term safety. And its high energy output at such a price without any skin protective technology is dubious.

However, the RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL device is FDA-cleared and completely safe.


Lux Skin is a pink elongated device while RoseSkinCo Lumi is somewhere between an oval and a square. So, the design of Lux Skin is more ergonomic.

Time to See Results:

Lux Skin IPL hair removal takes 12 weeks for hair removal and RoseSkinCo IPL device takes 6-12 weeks.


Lux Skin IPL hair removal device is $160 while RoseSkinCo is $229.

A Better Substitute: Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Device

Ulike Although Lux and RoseSkinCo provide great benefits at an affordable price, there is another supreme device with better results, a more comfortable experience, and greater value for money. Ulike Sapphire AIR3 hair removal IPL device offers several benefits other IPL devices lack. Here is how.

Energy Output Closer to Professional Laser

The professional laser uses a power level of 40 J/cm2. The energy output of the Lux Skin IPL device is 15 joule/second and of RoseSkinCo is 6 joule/second. While the energy output of the Ulike Air3 IPL handset is 21 J/cm2, more than half of the laser allows Ulike Air3 to provide hair removal as effective as that salon hair removal in fewer sessions.

Significant Results in Less Time

Both Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo take an average of 3 months to reduce hair regrowth significantly. On the other hand, the high energy output of Ulike along with its effective treatment sessions shows noticeable results in the first few sessions.

Hair becomes finer, shorter, and fewer within 3 weeks. So, you desired results in less time. Moreover, hairless skin lasts for 6 months or more. However, you also have to do a few monthly touch-ups with Ulike just like other IPL devices.

No Pain and Better Experience

The IPL device we discussed earlier has integrated technology to save your skin from UV radiation, unintentional skin burns, and unwanted damage.

While they protect you from the side effects of lasers, there is no mechanism to help you deal with the snapping sensations and pain you feel while using an IPL device.

In contrast, Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal devices have a patented technology that features a sapphire ice cooling system, liquid cooling solutions, and heat dissipation dust. So, hair removal becomes completely nearly painless and heat-free

Once in a Lifetime Investment

Ulike Lux Skin Premium IPL device has a lifespan of 20 years and RoseSkinCo can last for 30-40 years. Although it is a long time to use an IPL device, Ulike Air3 saves you from thinking about buying another IPL device whether it is after 30/40 years with its unlimited flashes.

Safely Cleared

In addition to preventing pain, ingrown hair, and strawberry legs, Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Handset is completely safe as well. It was introduced to the world after getting cleared from all major international health firms including FDA, CE, SGS, and more.

Moreover, dermatologists recommend it as a better alternative to other methods of hair removal because of its safety and feasibility of use.

Comparison Table

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of all three devices in this comparison table.


Lux Skin


Ulike Air3






Elongated and sleek

Oval and thick

Smart and elegant


1 year

1 year

2 years

Year of release




Used for

Full body and face

Full body and face

Full body and face

Inside the box

  • Lux Skin premium device

  • Charger with cord

  • RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL

  • Charger with cord

  • Ulike Air3 IPL

  • Charger with cord

  • Safety razor

  • Protective goggles

  • Storage case


20 years

30 years

Full life

Where to buy

At Official Lux Skin Site

At Official RoseSkinCo Site

At Official Ulike Site


Lux Skin and RoseSkinCo Lumi prove that long-lasting hair removal can be affordable and effective at that. The only catch is both devices do not provide the complete kit. So, buying stuff like safety razors, protective glasses, and a premium storage case adds to the price.

Instead, you can simply buy yourself Ulike Air3 for $379 or $279 using a coupon code and get one of the safest devices with a complete hair removal kit.

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