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Mother’s Day Gift Guide (2023): Beauty, Skincare, and Hair Gift

April 19, 2023
6 minutes

As Mother’s Day is approaching near, you must have also started brainstorming ideas for your lovely mother. However, do you want something practical this time in contrast to the gifts like photo frames or journals your mother will never see throughout the year?

There are so many useful things you can get for the lady who brought you into this world. For example, you can buy her some skincare items if she has been interested in taking more care of herself lately.

Moreover, you can gift her some grooming devices or styling tools if she is conscious of her looks and wants to look all dolled up 24/7. Even if you have ideas, looking for the ideal gift for your mother can be challenging. Therefore, we have gathered the top presents you can gift your mother in 2023.

Here are our top picks.

Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas

Beauty products range from makeup to enhance one’s look to self-care that makes one look his/her best all the time. So, you can get any of these items to your mother if she is into personal care.

1. RENPHO Eye Massager

RENPHO eye massager is for mothers who often experience eye discomfort or headache making it difficult to sleep. This durable eye massager has oscillating heated pads with a warm 40-42 Fahrenheit temperature. So, your mother’s eyes will relax as the pads move into rhythmic percussion messaging motions.

Additionally, it has Bluetooth and built-in speakers that play soft music or prerecorded sounds to bring peaceful sleep. It is also foldable making it travel-friendly.

2. Spa Luxetique Spa Kit

How nice would it be if your beautiful mother could get a spa at home, right? Spa Luxetique spa kit comes with a multi-purpose soap, shower gel, bubble bath, hand cream, body lotion, and a linen bag.

It is packed with shea butter, vitamin E, and a calming fragrance that will help your mother relax after a tiring day or before an important event. Moreover, it is well-packed making it perfect as a thoughtful gift.

3. Ulike Sapphire AIR3 Hair Removal IPL

If you see your mother complain about how tiring and expensive monthly salon visits for hair removal are, get her a long-term and long-lasting solution in her palm. Ulike sapphire AIR3 IPL handset is the ultimate IPL device that can help your mother go hairless effortlessly.

Moreover, it comes in luxurious packaging with a complete kit for removing unwanted hair at home. It might seem expensive at first, but we ensure that your mother will be thrilled.

4. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick Set

The right lipstick is all any women need to slay anytime and anywhere. And Maybelline is one of the top affordable yet reliable lipstick brands. Its super stay matte ink liquid lipsticks have been grabbing attention lately for their precise and smooth application, highly-pigment formula, bold or nude shades, moisturizing consistency, and matte finish.

Moreover, one application lasts for 16 hours. You can buy your mother its 3-lipsticks set with the shades lover, believer, and pioneer.

5. Versace Bright Crystal Spray

Heard of how fragrances make one so nostalgic by reminding them of specific moments? Let your mother feel your presence by her side all day by gifting her a fine perfume. We chose Versace’s bright crystal eau de toilette spray because of its classic fragrances that refresh one instantly.

It smells like yuzu, pomegranate, mahogany, amber, peony, lotus, and magnolia. Additionally, it is wrapped in a beautiful box and can be your go-to gift if your mum loves Versace.

Mother’s Day Skincare Gift Ideas

Do you feel like skincare is an essential part of a healthy look? But does your mother keeps ignoring the care of her skin? Gift her an effective skincare product set so that she starts loving skincare.

1. Deciniee Facial Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

Face massages have been used for anti-aging and depuffing the face for centuries. But this century came up with specific tools to make face massage easier and more efficient. A Deciniee jade roller and gua sha set is a great gift for your mother who likes to exercise her face.

It comes with a two-sided roller and a gua sha tool made of high-quality natural jade stones. These can be used to rejuvenate the skin, improve blood flow, and help with anti-aging.

2. Tatcha The Starter Ritual Set

If your mother has combination or dry skin, gift her Tatch the starter ritual set. It includes cleansing oil, face polish, essence, cream, and eye cream. It is made of lightweight, hydrating, nourishing, and anti-aging ingredients.

Moreover, it has all your mother needs to finally start her skincare and get luminous, healthy, glowing, and young-looking skin. Also, the packaging, the jars, and the design give it a simple yet rich look.

3. Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Skincare Set

If your mother likes to keep it basic and stay loyal to her most-used brand, Olay, Olay Regenrist advanced anti-aging skincare set can make her euphoric. This hydrating set instantly gives significant results.

Olay Regenerist’s anti-aging set includes a salicylic acid-enriched face wash and hyaluronic and vitamin B3-enriched moisturizer. These ingredients work to make skin firm, ageless, soft, poreless, and well-nourished. Moreover, it boosts skin cell turnover, skin rejuvenation, and brightness.


Has your mother been obsessed with Korean skincare lately? A SOORYEHAN skincare set can make her adore you all over again. Its premium anti-aging set features a moisturizing skin toner, emulsion lotion, hydrating cream, firming eye cream, and cleansing foam.

It is an exclusive anti-aging skincare set that is formulated using a full ginseng plant. So, it boosts collagen production, improves skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of signs of aging like wrinkles, enhances fluid drainage, and makes skin radiant.

5. NEW LOOK | Tree of Life Vitamin C Skincare Set

If vitamin C is the essential ingredient of your mother’s skincare routine, the Tree of Life Vitamin C set is definitely for her. This brightening skincare set has a cleanser, toner, serum, eye gel, and moisturizer. So, your mother won’t have to buy anything else.

This cruelty-free dermatologically-tested set cleans the skin deeply, removes makeup and impurities, reduces puffiness, makes the skin tone even, and fades out fine lines.

Mother’s Day Hair Gift Ideas

If your mother is more into haircare and hairdressing than skincare, we have more ideas for you.

1. NEW Nutrafol Women’s Vegan Hair Growth Supplement

If your mother’s hair is shedding a lot more than usual, let her try NEW Nutrafol women’s vegan hair growth supplements with vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. These physician-formulated capsules make hair thicker and stronger while reducing hair breakage and falling.

Additionally, they improve sleep and quality of life as well.

2. Sofmild Hair Brush-Natural Wooden Bamboo Brush

The solid all-natural brush set is made of bamboo and natural rubber. This brush with rounded bristle ends softly brushes the hair, massages the scalp, and distributes hair oils evenly.

The bamboo pins prevent frizz, breakage, and thinning of hair in addition to making hair smooth and shining. Moreover, it is perfect for dry, thick, straight, or curly hair. So, your mother will love how soft the brush feels on your hair.

3. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

Do you know the benefits of castor oil for scalp, eyelash, or eyebrow hair? If not, we ensure your mother will guide you well after using Kate Balnc Cosmetics castor oil. This oil is for lashes and eyebrows in addition to hair.

So, it thickens the eyebrows, elongates the lashes, and makes scalp hair grow longer and thicker. It also comes with a dropper, a spoolie, and a straight hair applicator to use it easily.

4. ISOWESHE Automatic Curling Iron

Do curls look beautiful on your mother but she avoids putting them on as how tiring curling thick or straight hair is? Get her ISOWESHE automatic curling iron. This smart curler with LED light heats up quickly and curls the hair appropriately by using its smart sensors.

Moreover, it features 6 temperatures and 6 timers to help you customize your hairstyle. This USB-charged cordless curler can fit into her bag as well because of how lightweight and modishly designed it is.

5. TYMO Ring Plus Ionic Hair Straightening Brush

If your mother has thick curly hair and she keeps on straightening them while her arms get fatigued, TYMO ionic hair straightener brush can bring ease into her hair life. The patent teeth of TYMO straightener are coated with nano titanium that evenly distributes the heat into hair while straightening them in one stroke.

Additionally, it has 9 temperature settings, an LED light, and an upgraded sunk-button design. So, she can use it the way she likes.


Surprising your mother with a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift can be such a heart-touching event to bond with your beautiful mother. It also gives you a chance to show appreciation for her. So, we want to help you in this regard by recommending the stuff any lady would love, whether she is into beauty, skincare, or haircare.

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