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Nair Hair Removal Cream Review (With Video)

By Laura
July 31, 2023
5 minutes

Having been using different hair removal products, I recently had the chance to buy Nair hair removal cream to remove hair on my body. Nair like any other depilatory is found in many drugstores and cosmetic shops across the world. Besides removing hair in unwanted areas, Nair contains active skincare ingredients that will exfoliate your skin and ultimately leave it smooth, and silky.

Whether a male or a female, this product will help remove hair in all your body parts- bikini area, arms, legs, and underarms. If you want a nearly painless hair removal method that lasts longer than shaving, consider choosing a depilatory like Nair. Safety is a key factor considered in its formulation – you’ll experience no nicks, pricks, or burns associated with shaving, epilation, and plucking.

While Nair contains potassium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide as the main ingredient for weakening the protein bonds holding hair fibers together, you’ll find it infused with aloe, cocoa butter, or baby oil. To revitalize and keep the skin moisturized, Nair’s hair remover cream is enriched with vitamin E and mineral oil.

After using Nair to remove hair on my underarms, I’ll share my honest Nair hair removal cream review. But first, let’s look at how to use this hair cream remover.

Instructions on How to Use Nair Hair Cream Remover

  1. Do a small test on the area you wish to treat before applying it to a whole body part

Different skin types respond differently when subjected to skincare ingredients and hence the reason to do a patch test. You should do the test after 5-6 minutes. Since every hair cream remover is formulated with a unique ingredient combination, read the ingredient section on the packaging. It’ll help avoid ingredients that are irritants or likely to cause skin burns.

  1. Apply a thick even layer of the cream to cover the hair to be removed

If you want skin that’s free of any hair, ensure all the hair is covered by the cream. When every hair strand is covered, the hair bonds will certainly weaken and make it nearly painless to wipe out.

  1. Don’t rub in the cream

Since some compounds in this product are included to melt the hair, the chances of skin burn are high if you rub the cream on your skin.

  1. Try removing the hair after 5 to 6 minutes and if it doesn’t get off wait for a few extra minutes.

Limit wait time to 5 -6 minutes to avoid skin burns and other adverse effects but if wiping the hair out doesn’t get off, give yourself 2-3 extra minutes then wipe the hair off.

  1. Shower off with lukewarm water with a wet cloth

After wiping the hair off, take a shower and do not use soap then pat the skin dry with a soft towel.

Nair Hair Removal Cream vs Shaving and Waxing

Is Nair hair removal cream better than shaving and waxing? From my experience, I didn’t feel any pain; develop skin redness and itching after using Nair hair removal cream, unlike waxing and shaving which also causes irritation.

While it takes almost 4 weeks to regrow hair after using Nair, shaving hair regrows after just one week. It takes longer for hair to grow after waxing compared to using depilatories and shaving.

Shaving is much more likely to cause ingrown hairs and after-shave acne if you shave repeatedly with a blunt razor or without shaving cream. These are side effects you’ll never experience with Nair hair removal cream.

Waxing hurts and sometimes it causes irritation. It’s unsuitable for hair removal on sensitive body parts like underarms, face, and bikini areas. You can use Nair on all body parts.

If you’ve got sensitive skin, Nair can cause irritation. Again, you should wipe it out completely with a damp washcloth and shower to remove all active ingredients and chemical compounds. Otherwise, you’ll keep experiencing a stinging effect which is uncomfortable.

Is Nair Hair Removal Cream Better Than IPL Hair Removal?

With the increased technological advancements in hair removal techniques, IPL hair removal is the best especially when using the Sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal at-home device. This handset hair removal device from Ulike has no side effects, is pain-free, and is long-lasting. It damages the hair follicles hindering hair regrowth. Compared to Nair hair removal cream, it may look a little bit expensive and long-term, but it’s economical because it’ll take years or even never buy another hair removal device.

Safety Precautions When Using Nair Hair Removal Cream

Every skincare tool or product has to be used with precaution otherwise its disadvantages will be more than the advantages; Nair hair removal products aren’t an exception. In fact, thioglycolic acid can be disastrous to the skin if not applied with precaution.

Despite being dermatologist tested and cleared safe for use on all hair and skin types, always test on a small area and leave for 24 hours before applying on the area you intend to remove hair.

After wiping out the hair, thoroughly rinse the area with lukewarm water to avoid the compounds from penetrating deep into the skin and causing negative effects.

To avoid patches of hair from being left, apply a thick coat of hair removal cream and wait for 3-10 minutes. It’s important to know your hair type as it will help determine the most appropriate wait time.

My Nair Hair Removal Cream Honest Review

After waiting for 9 minutes, my underarms were left without a single hair strand. But since I’ve got sensitive skin, 9 minutes was a bit longer than it should be for it caused little red lumps. But after rinsing my underarms with cold water and ice, the red lumps disappeared within a couple of minutes.

Honestly, Nair Hair Removal Cream is an amazing product and its results are worth admiring. You won’t feel pain and neither will Nair irritate you unless you don’t wash thoroughly after wiping the hair out.

Comparing the results and the pounds you’ll spend to purchase this hair remover, I would recommend you buy it.


Even though there are many other Nair Hair Removal Cream reviews to help you apply it correctly, evaluate the most appropriate way to use based on your own circumstances. And since Nair Hair Removal Cream is available in different infusions, consider your skin type before choosing between the cocoa butter, aloe, baby oil, and active ingredients formulation.

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