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New Year, Latest Beauty and Wellness Trends In 2024

By Mariela
December 20, 2023
5 minutes
Beauty and Wellness Trends

As we step into the year 2024, the beauty and wellness industry is experiencing a transformative wave, bringing with it a vast amount of new promising trends that may redefine our approach to beauty and skincare. Yes, we will talk about trends in 2024, including new research, ingredient formation, aesthetic trends, etc.

This year is all about finding new ways to look our best. In this article, we will dive into trends of 2024, covering everything from glow-boosting Astaxanthin supplements to sustainable choices and the fusion of artificial intelligence and makeup magic.

1. Astaxanthin Supplement 

Supplements 1

Astaxanthin supplements are the new go-to for achieving that radiant, beamy glow. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, but Astaxanthin is a six times stronger antioxidant as compared to vitamin C. Antioxidants originate from the Carotenoid Family and are found in naturally found marine organisms, including Crustaceans, Salmons, Shrimp, Microalgae, and others, and Antioxidants give them their pink color. Astaxanthin slows the skin’s aging process and protects it from UV exposure and pollution. It also cleans off hyperpigmentation, collagen breakdown, and wrinkles. 

Astaxanthin is used in several creams and serums, but taking it as an oral supplement often promises the best results. This brings us to one of the biggest 2024 beauty trends: using oral supplements to improve skin and hair from the inside. 

In a 2019 study by NCBI, 50 women between the ages of 35-65 were given supplements consisting of vitamins and minerals. This study group showed improvements during eight weeks compared to a placebo group. The noticeable changes were firmness, hydration, and overall skin outlook.  

2. Natural Energy Boosters 

Holland & Barret’s Wellness Trend Report of 2024 shows that one in eight UK people always feels tired. The upcoming year promises a solution that is not caffeine. Natural rituals and ingredients help balance the energy with a focus on a plant-based diet. 

The natural route offers you sustained energy levels and improved overall welness, thanks to steady release of nutrients. It won’t lead you to energy spikes and crashes. Also, the plant and herbal extracts are rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, promising long term health benefits apart from immediate energy boost. 

In other words, you can keep your sugar levels and energy levels by taking natural foods such as manga leaf extract (or Dynamite) grows popular in research, as it supports mental alertness, improves reaction time, and helps fight against fatigue.

3. AI and AR in Makeup

Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for breakthroughs in personalized beauty. It’s helping brands better understand individual skin and beauty profiles, enabling them to offer tailored recommendations for every customer’s unique needs. 

Massive consumer data is also fueling these new beauty trends, with companies amassing vast amounts of data on skin assessment, customer lifestyle, and shopping history. This data is a goldmine for knowing what the customer wants, allowing brands to redefine their offerings for a more personalized experience. 

Social media and beauty influencers have (knowing or unknowingly) inspired people to demand a personalized beauty regime. The platform and influencers have exposed the average user to several beauty styles and possibilities, making people eager to experiment with a customized outlook.

Soon, AI ChatBots and Virtual Beauty advisors will advise customers on the right product for their preferences or characteristics. Moreover, Portable skin scanners will emerge as either a handheld device or an app and assess the customer’s skin for its moisture level, imperfection, condition, etc. The algorithm will consider these aspects and give you an exclusively designed regime or products for your needs.

All this effort can help sustainable business practices in the cosmetics industry.  Still, It will take personalization to a whole new level

4. IPL Searches Jump 

Ulike Air3 Hair Removal Device

The IPL market (predominantly handheld) will grow exponentially from 2024 to 2030. The credit goes to their convenience, cost-effectiveness, technological improvements, better consumer awareness, and people preferring Intense Puled Light for removing hair instead of something invasive. This growth is also enabled by the general consumer’s exposure to beauty trends on the internet.

The availability of advanced beauty solutions and the surge in spending on beauty also helped with this surge in their market. Still, the sole driving factor is convenience; yes, the ability to get a spa-like treatment and results at home, with almost identical results without the cost.  The bottom line is that people will spend money on these devices.

If you are also interested in buying an IPL device, check They have an excellent range of IPL devices that are efficient and economical, starting from $100 and going beyond $ 500+.

Ulike Laser Hair Removal Devices


5. Digital Detox 

Staying connected around the clock can take a toll on your mind, so you better take a break. 2024 will surge in digital detox as people opt for natural and outdoor experiences, leaving their digital lives behind. The therapeutic benefits of digital detox are unquestionable, and it’s surprising how much difference a small break can make. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything significant. Take your first step by deleting a few apps, the unused ones, from your phone, and day by day, try to free up your time for a walk or something by reattaching yourself from the screen. This can make an excellent New Year’s resolution.

How Many Miles Should You Walk a Day

Just find a new hobby, practice mindfulness, meditate, work out, or walk daily instead of scrolling down your screen.  That said, you must consider a digital detox if the following sounds like you:

  • You feel anxious or stressed out when you misplace your phone
  • You are addicted to your phone and check it every few minutes
  • You get anxious, angry, or depressed because of social media
  • You are afraid of missing out if you don’t check your phone
  • You stay up late at night scrolling on your phone or check your phone first thing in the morning
  • You can’t concentrate on anything because of your phone

6.  Peptide Lip Treatment

Peptide Lips will also get traction in 2024, as it aligns with the people’s preference for a non-invasive option. Peptides are made from amino acids that help your skin recover with collagen stimulation; they make your skin look young and firm.

Peptide Lip treatments improve lip health and make your lips fuller and healthier, as they stimulate collagen production, helping you get naturally plumped and hydrated links. We believe peptides will stand out from other options as they offer visible results in a short time, and that too without any side effects.

Pros of Using Peptides:

  • Hydration:  Peptides aid with drawing moisture to dry pucker, keeping it plumped and soft.
  • Reduced Fine Lines: Peptides may be helpful to decrease the appearance of chapped lips and wrinkles, giving your lips a smoother look.
  • Increased Collage Production: They can help boost collagen production, which helps your pout with firmness and a plump appearance.

7. Pimple Patches 

Acne treatment is slow and time-consuming, but you can skip the embarrassment with pimple patches. They hide acne and pimples and will be a beauty trend in 2024, thanks to several celebrities wearing them. These patches are made from hydrocolloid, a gel-like material that helps wounds recover. These patches protect the acne from irritation or keep it from drawing impurities. With these patches, you can treat acne and pimples in a glam way. 

Many beauty companies are creating acne patches, even labeling them as pimple stickers, as they use self-dissolving microneedles to treat acne or pimples. These patches are designed opaque, so they appeal to many customers. 

8. Double Duty Concealer Serum 

New beauty trends might blur the line between skincare and makeup; concealer serum is a perfect example. These new products will first cover dark circles under your eyes along with acne scars. It delivers a creamy texture and the benefits of a moisturizer serum. 

Traditional serums are becoming heavy and cakey, creating a demand for concealer serums as they blend well into the skin while offering the right amount of coverage. These serums will be famous among women who want a quick look or a no-makeup look, anything with minimalist makeup. It’s for women who want their skin to look like theirs instead of being weighed down by heavy products. 

9. Moisture Boost with Ceramides 

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

Ceramides have been among the top beauty trends for a while.  These naturally occurring fats make up more than 50% of your skin; they have a crucial role in your skin’s hydration and firmness. The issue is that they are easily damaged by sun exposure and aging. Adding Ceramides can help you get plumper-looking skin with a firmer outlook. 

Just like Astaxanthin, ceramides are available in topical applications, but they are widely taken as oral supplements lately. Regardless, adding ceramides to your beauty regime has its benefits. 

10. Sustainable and Renewable Products

Mindful consumerism is on the rise, and people want sustainable products. Beauty and wellness are not only about how you look. Instead, it’s a holistic approach, as people are more concerned about the ingredients used in making a product than how the package looks. 

A sustainable approach to beauty means using products made with natural ingredients and coming from renewable resources while upcycling products that might be considered waste. Using by-products of other industries, like coffee grounds from cafés and olive stones leftover from olive oil production, can help; there are many other examples like eco-friendly packaging, green formulation process, waterless beauty, clean energy production, etc. 

End Word

Approaching the New Year will be a variation and introduction in beauty and wellness treatments along with promising trends like AI and AR, Astaxanthin Peptides, etc. Besides looking good, we should also reconsider what’s in our beauty products. We should opt for more eco-friendly, skin-friendly makeup and skin care products. Despite the digital age, we should be more outgoing. Anyway, we hope these trends give you the help that you require without overcomplicating anything!

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