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Nood vs Silk’n: Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

By Viktoria
February 27, 2023
7 minutes

When two devices perform similar functions and promise the same output, buyers get confused about which to purchase. That is the case with The Noodist Kit and Silk’n hair removers . Both products are premium devices for the long-lasting elimination of unwanted hair.

Both utilize light to eliminate undesired hair and are within the same price range. However, the nature of the light used and the effectiveness of both devices differ slightly. For instance, while Nood utilizes Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Silk’n uses Home Pulsed Light (HPL) and Galvanic Energy to achieve its objective.

Are you confused already about the meaning of these IPL, HPL, and the like? I will briefly explain what each stands for and how it affects the operational efficiency of each device.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL describes a collection of broad-spectrum lights with high wavelengths. Such lamps are also termed polychromatic because they are multicolored. Devices that use IPL to remove hairs send it with a flashgun to the skin, where it targets melanin, the skin’s pigment-making substance. Upon reaching the melanin, the hair roots mostly enter the resting phase, and hairs fall off. The more the light intensity, the faster the removal process.

Home Pulsed Light (HPL)

Better known as Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL™, HPL is an advanced IPL technology from the stables of Silk’n. It works the same way as IPL, as users can flash pulses of lights with their device to remove undesired hairs.

The difference is that you can glide the handset over your skin for faster treatment. Also, besides the optical energy of the eHPL, Silk’n now includes galvanic energy in its HPL that opens your pores for a quicker penetration of the light and a faster action.

Nood vs. Silk’n: Which is Better for You?

To decide which of these two hair removers is better, we must compare what each offers and their effectiveness. Of course, it also depends on your preference and skin type. Here is how both compare based on their features.

  1. Shape and Design: Winner – The Noodist Kit

The Nood’s IPL flasher 2.0 is an almost-straight handset, save for its slightly wide body close to its cap. It fits perfectly with the palm and is relatively lightweight for easy handling over a long period. In the broader part of the device is a round spot for the digital display of operational parameters.

The push button lies below the digital display, where users can engage it with their thumbs or index finger. Similarly, the color design blends white, black, and gold, giving the handset a clean look.

The Silk’n handset is comparatively broader and shorter than Nood’s, and many may not find it as ergonomic as the former. Also, it doesn’t feature any digital display, and the flash button is the only conspicuous design. Anyone critical of aesthetics may not find its white-and-black coloration as appealing as the white, black, and gold of the Noods.

Bottom Line: While the design and shape may not be a primary consideration for purchase, it’s significant to note that The Noodist Kit comes out better in this department than Silk’n.

  1. Innovative Usage: Winner – Silk’n

On two grounds, Silk’n handset differs from its contemporaries, especially those based on the IPL technology. First, it comes with a free app that helps you schedule treatments so you don’t forget. Second, it offers the option of gliding and pulsing the light to make your treatment session faster and reach some places that may be uneasy.

Nood’s IPL flasher, in contrast, only supports pulsed light and does not have an app to remind you of treatment time or help you schedule one. If you forget your next treatment day, you may have to wait longer for the desired result.

Bottom Line: Silk’n is some miles ahead of Nood in modern innovation, which will significantly impact the overall satisfaction you will get if you choose it.

  1. Effectiveness & Results: Winner – The Noodist Kit

Both devices have five intensity levels, one being the highest and five lowest. Also, both are selective in the type of hair and skin tones they are effective against. However, Nood’s package leads Silk’n with the inclusion of pre and post-treatment packages that further enhance the result.

Nood’s exfoliant – The Reviver – removes dirt and dead skin from your pores, allowing pulsed light to get quickly to your hair follicles. With the two bottles of 3.3 oz., you can use this product for a month if you use it twice weekly. Also, Nood includes an Aloe moisturizer comprising chamomile and lavender extracts to soothe your skin and prevent redness or irritation.

Silk’n, on its part, doesn’t contain any exfoliant or anti-irritation cream for after-flashing treatment. However, for something close to exfoliation, Silk’n introduces galvanic treatment, which enlarges your pores for a quicker penetration of the optical energy.

As for effectiveness, Silk’n does not have an official timeline within which users can start experiencing results. However, it advises that people use the handset once a week consistently. But with the Noodist Kit, you can witness a significant drop in body hair after eight weeks.

Bottom Line: The Noodist Kit is a more complete hair removal package than Silk’n. It focuses on removing unwanted hair and keeping the skin supple and glowing afterward.

  1. Value for Money: Winner- The Noodist Kit

Without any discount, The Noodist Kit sells for $473, while Silk’n costs $429. Both manufacturers offer free shipping in the US and 90 days of money back if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

Although the Noodist Kit is $44 more expensive than Silk’n, its offers are worth more than the price difference. If you can pay for Silk’n, which has no exfoliator or moisturizer, you can also pay for the Noodist Kit.

Bottom Line: The Noodist Kit may cost more than Silk’n, but it offers more functionality for the price difference.

  1. Time to Complete Treatment: Winner – Silk’n

Silk’n handset is a bit broader at its cap than Nood’s flasher. For this reason, it can cover more areas than the latter. Besides, because it allows gliding, you can finish treating your legs and other body parts quicker than using the Noodist Kit.

Bottom Line: If you are very busy and would love a device that can quickly cover everywhere, Silk’n is preferred over Nood.

  1. Customer Feedback: Winner – Silk’n

If you are like me, customer reviews are critical to my buying decision process. I like to see how the product fares with past buyers and users. And for these two hair removers, I did the same.

While both currently enjoy sterling feedback from most of their customers, the Trustpilot rating of Silk’n is incredibly outstanding. From over 2,100 reviews, Silk’n has garnered a 4.1 rating out of 5. That is not a small feat for a product with many competitors.

While Nood sure has a slightly higher rating (4.12) on Trustpilot than Silk’n, it doesn’t have as many reviewers as the former. Nood has only collected 387 reviews, which is very low compared to the over 2,100 reviews of Silk’n

Bottom Line: Silk’n is more likely to be customer-centric and more effective than The Noodist Kit based on the willingness of buyers to rate them, and the many excellent feedback recorded.

Nood vs. Silk’n: Similarities

On many grounds, these two devices are at pal, and it’s challenging to rate one better. Here are those grounds.

  • Both of them are FDA-cleared for safety and effectiveness.

  • Both of them have similar intensity levels (1-5)

  • Both of them are suitable for home use

  • Both require shaving before you use them

  • Both offer two years warranty and free shipping within the US and Canada. However, while Nood provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, Silk’n only offers 30 days.

  • Both are selective on the type of skin and hair tones you can use them for.

Nood vs. Silk’n: Final Verdict

These two hair removers have their differences, but they make up for them in several other ways. While Nood excels in design, pricing, and effectiveness, Silk’n leads in innovation, customer feedback, and speed.

However, since purchasing any of these two devices is to eliminate objectionable hair, it’s better to go for one with more positive feedback.

A Third Force: Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal

Who says you only have two options for hair removers? Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal Handset is a revolutionary product in the beauty and hair removal niche, which provides a better result than both Nood and Silk’n. Its advantages above these two products and similar ones include.

Speedy Results: unlike other products that take between eight and twelve weeks to show significant results, you start seeing a difference in four weeks or less with Ulike.

Completely Nearly painless: Ulike’s patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling technology moderates the temperature of your skin as you flash those lights in, ensuring that even sensitive skinners can enjoy smoothness and hairlessness without incurring any negative aftermath.

Lifelong Use: No recent IPL hair remover comes close to the one million flashes that Ulike offers. You can’t exhaust it in your lifetime.

FDA & Dermatologists Cleared: key industry players and regulators, having examined this handset, affirm that it is safe and effective for home and personal use.

Value for Money: Premium hair removal tools are not cheap. However, while others cost a fortune, the Ulike Sapphire IPL handset is only $299, trailing other contemporary price tags.

For a quick look at how the Ulike Sapphire IPL handset compares with the other two products discussed in this article, you can check the table below:

Comparison Table


The Noodist Kit














Result turnaround

8 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks


Customer Rating

4.97/5 (183 reviews)

4.2 / 5.0 (2,108 reviews)

4.7/5.0 (86 Reviews)



2 years

2 years

2 years







What’s in the box?

Exfoliant (two bottles), Soothing cream (two bottles), eye protector, IPL flasher, charging accessories

Silk’n handset, charging accessory

Ulike handset, eye protector, and charging accessories

The Noodist Kit


IPL devices are taking the world by storm. Still, it’s vital that you consider your skin and hair tones before purchasing any of them. Also, always read a handful of reviews before committing yourself financially.

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