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Plucking vs. Waxing: Is Plucking the Same as Waxing?

By Viktoria
July 27, 2023
7 minutes

Are you looking for the right method of hair removal for your body? The most common answer you will get is either waxing or plucking. Most people prefer using them as they seem really effortless. If we dig deeper, every method has its own consequences, struggles, and different results.

So, you cannot make your decision based on what other people say. Before choosing the right method, you need to know about them in detail. So, here we are! We will provide you with all the information like the cost, procedure, similarities, and differences of these methods to find the right answer for yourself.

Is Plucking the Same as Waxing?

plucking To beginners, plucking and waxing might seem to be the same procedure as they both pull out hair from your roots. But, they are different. Plucking is also commonly referred to as Tweezing but it is different from waxing. The results of both these procedures are similar, but the process, tools, and so many other parameters differentiate them from each other.

Plucking gets rid of your unwanted hair without the use of any other creams or agents while waxing requires an external agent to do the work. You can use hard wax or soft wax for removing hair from your body. In the next section, let’s discuss in detail the parameters that differentiate them.

What is the Difference Between Plucking and Waxing?


Starting with the cost, plucking, and waxing, both are economical methods of hair removal you can use all the time. If we compare the cost of these methods, plucking can cost you only a few dollars as you only need a pair of tweezers. You need need to change them when they get dull. As for waxing, it is more costly compared to plucking. A wax kit can range from $10-$40 or even above and it won’t last more than 2 months, unlike tweezers that can work well for long.


tweezing The procedure of both techniques is slightly different. In plucking, you need to pull each hair individually with the help of a pair of tweezers. In waxing, you need to apply wax with a spatula and then remove it using a piece of cloth or you can use wax strips. For the right application, you need to know the right direction of putting the wax on your body and the right way to remove and prepare the wax.

So, if we compare them on the basis of procedure, plucking is easier than waxing as it does not have a lot of rules or it doesn’t need lots of preparation. To know the right way of waxing, click How to Wax at Home.

Time Taken

It’s an emergency and what method will you use to remove your body hair? Well, waxing is usually faster than plucking. It is because, in plucking, you need to work on each hair separately while wax allows you to remove a number of hairs at once. So, if you are in a hurry, just wax and get yourself ready to go.

Suitable Body Areas

Plucking is time taking while waxing can be done quickly. Plucking is preferred for smaller areas like your eyebrows, upper lips, chin hair, and other facial hair. It is more precise so better for these areas.

Larger areas mean more hair and if you start plucking your hair one by one, it is going to take forever. Therefore, you can use wax on larger areas and get the work done quickly.

Supplies Required

supplies required Plucking only requires a pair of tweezers. On the other hand, you should have a whole waxing kit for wax. This includes wax, wax strips, a bowl, a spatula, and even a wax warmer if it is hot wax. So, waxing can be a bit messier in comparison to plucking.

If you still prefer waxing, you can find some amazing waxing kits at The Best At-home Waxing Kits .

Effect on Thickness

There are myths going on about waxing and plucking that these techniques make your hair thicker. In most cases, waxing leads to thinner and finer hair and thick hair growth is only rare. On the other hand, plucking has more chances to make your hair thicker, but only in case, you pluck hair from high-density body parts.


Waxing and plucking are quite different in various manners but there have similar results. Both these methods remove hair from their roots and it takes time for the new hair to grow. So, irrespective of the method you are using between these two, your body will stay smooth for 4-6 weeks.


comfort We know that both waxing and plucking are painful. Want to know which one is more painful? Waxing pulls many hairs together and also with a strong force. This makes waxing more painful than plucking.

The good thing is that the pain after waxing goes in an instant but for plucking you will feel it every time you pull your hair. This means, if you do your upper lip plucking in 5 minutes, you will have to bear the pain for this whole time period. In short, waxing causes stronger but quick discomfort while plucking is a bit less painful but causes continuous pain.


If we talk about the benefits of both these methods, both these methods can get you good results.

Waxing is more effective for removing finer hair because it is difficult to hold small and thin hair with a tweezer. It is quick and also pain goes away instantly. In contrast, plucking can be a good choice when you want to shape your brows perfectly or have any skin allergies.

Side Effects

side effects If we talk about side effects, plucking has lesser side effects. Plucking does not use any products so the maximum you can get is itchiness if done the right way.

Waxes have chemicals plus for hot waxes, you need the right temperature for application. So, you are prone to burns at high temperatures, or irritation, redness, and bumps caused by any allergic reaction to wax.


There are some contraindications to both these procedures. If you have any skin disorders, varicose veins, diabetes, or cancer, then waxing is certainly not for you. Also, during menstruation, your skin becomes sensitive so you should avoid waxing.

As for plucking, if you have any moles, acne, or ingrown hair, you need to avoid plucking on those areas as they can increase inflammation and cause further irritation.

A Better Solution to Hair Removal

Ulike Plucking your hair requires a lot of patience and of course, being a newbie feels almost impossible to do it right. The waxing is also very painful and for those with sensitive skin, it’s not a safe option. And if you are contra-indicated, then you cannot even think about these methods. So, what to do? You can go for IPL hair removal. IPL technology uses impulse pulsating light to destroy your hair follicles.

You don’t need to go outside for this, become we have an amazing at-home IPL hair removal device to free you from all the worries. Use Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal handset. It is an IPL device you can conveniently use at home.

Advantages of At-home IPL hair removal

Following are the advantages you cannot get from either waxing or plucking:

  • You only have to use it for 7 minutes per session so it’s very quick

  • After undergoing the number of required treatments, you can enjoy hairless skin for up to 6 months and for some people, it can last up to years

  • 3 different adjustable modes allow you to use it on all body parts unlike waxing or plucking which is harmful to the bikini area or other sensitive parts

  • With its patented-cooling technology, you are free from all the pain you had to go through during waxing and plucking

  • It has 30+ certifications and FDA cleared for being a safe device which means minimum side effects

Comparison Table

Here’s a short summary of the three hair removal procedures we mentioned above.




Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL hair Removal


$5-$15 ( one pair)

$10-$40 per kit


Time Taken

10 minutes (only for eyebrows)

40 minutes (full body wax)

7 minutes (for any area)

Compatible Body Areas

Small areas

Large Areas


Compatible Skin tone and Hair types



Light skin with dark hair


4-6 weeks

4-6 weeks

More than 6 months






Yes (for Newbies)

A bit easier

Very Easy

The IPL device looks really expensive but if we look at the money we spend on changing our tweezers repeatedly or the waxing kits we have to buy again and again, the cost of an IPL device is very less as you can use it for a lifetime after paying once.


Waxing and plucking are the typical methods of getting a hair-free body. Both these techniques get rid of hair till their roots make your skin smooth. It lasts for up to a month. Moreover, they are also not expensive so everyone prefers these methods.

You can use wax for larger areas to get rid of more hairs at once and save time. For smaller areas like your eyebrows, you require some precision, so plucking is to go for. But, both of these methods are painful and waxing can cost you more than $10,000 for a lifetime. Also, there are some contraindications.

So, you can use IPL hair removal too. This semi-long-lasting hair removal method is safer than waxing and plucking and also pain-free. To choose the right method for you, you can think about your needs and then decide which of the three methods fulfills them.

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