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RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL Reviews (Included Video & 10-Month Update)

By Rena Cayari
June 11, 2023
7 minutes

It’s now 10 months since I began using the RoseSkinCo OG IPL hair removal handset. In this article, I’ll share an in-depth review of the efficacy, effectiveness, and user experience of the new RoseSkinCo Lumi IPL in comparison with the RoseSkinCo. The former is an improved version of RoseSkinCo although almost similar in shape there’s some twerking in design, light intensity levels, and size.

The new LUMI handset just like the Air 3 IPL device promises pain-free, smooth, and hair-free skin in every part of your body. And being an at-home IPL hair removal device, you’ll save time and money if you opt to use this device. You can get in on their website unlike me. I got it via a YouTube ad link.

Since I’ve been using the OG IPL handset, I’ll start by sharing month-to-month results.

Monthly Update and Results from the OG IPL Handset

After acquiring the OG IPL hair removal handset, I immediately began my hair removal treatment sessions. And since my hair grows fastest on my legs, the focus was to get rid of the unwanted hair on the legs first. RoseSkinCo recommends you start with the lowest intensity if it’s your first time using this device.

During the first week of my first session, I used the lowest light intensity level setting (Level 1). Honestly, I didn’t see any change or feel anything as I glided the device on my legs.

In my week two, I increased the intensity level to two, and like in week one, I felt a little warmth and no pain at all. Hair growth was just as usual – no difference.

On my third week, I again increased the light intensity level to three and that’s then when I started seeing changes in hair growth – the hair was growing slower. I could see some patch areas where the hair wasn’t really growing back.

When I got to the third month, the hair was barely growing back and the little that was growing was thin and patchy. At this time, the hair was growing very slowly and I could shave after 4 weeks. The results were amazing.

Coincidentally, just like now, it was the begging of the warm season – summer – the perfect time for you to start your IPL hair removal treatment session to counter the intensive heat expected this year. A more powerful and portable IPL handset device is the most suitable if you plan to enjoy the summer with hair-free skin.

In conclusion, I had to shave the small patchy hair growing back twice during the summer season. It gives a liberating feeling knowing you’re going out with smooth and hair-free legs and arms.

Precaution: Whichever area you’re going to treat, you should keep away from any sort of tanning because it causes some sensitivity if you’re tanning the skin and using an OG IPL device at the same.

Skin Maintenance with OG IPL: After you’ve achieved your desired results, you should start treating the skin at least once a month to maintain your hair regrowth rate too low. Because of not treat the skin every month during summer, the hair on the areas I had treated started regrowing a little bit faster.

Differences between RoseSkinCo vs New LUMI IPL Handset

Now that I’ve acquired the new LUMI IPL hair removal device, here’s a quick summary of the differences between RoseSkinCo vs New LUMI IPL.



New LUMI IPL Handset

Energy Levels

5 light intensity levels

6 intensity levels


Oval-like shape and width slightly bigger

Oval-like shaped but slightly slimmer

User Experience

Easy to use with a warm feeling

Simple to operate and more ergonomic


Full body treatment in 45 minutes

Full body treatment in 30 minutes


Hair-free skin in 8-12 weeks

Silky smooth and hair-free skin in 8-12 weeks


300,000 flashes to last approximately 10 years

90,000 pulses to last approximately 30 years


90 days

90 days


1-year warranty

1-Year guarantee


FDA cleared

FDA cleared

Areas of Use

Safe to use everywhere hair grows

Safe to use on every part of the body

Even though the OG IPL and LUMI IPL devices promise a smooth and hair-free body after consistently treating the skin for 8 -12 weeks biweekly, the energy level you use will determine the device’s efficacy. When using the new LUMI with light intensity at its highest level – suitable to people with high tolerance levels – you’ll likely get full results within 6 weeks if you do treatment biweekly.

The 15-minute full body treatment duration difference between the RoseSkinCo vs New LUMI IPL Handset is a result of the difference between the light intensity levels and pulse rate.

In terms of design, the LUMI is slightly slimmer and has a matt finish as opposed to the OG device which has a glossy finish and is bulky. Their heights are almost the same. Again, both devices come in rose-gold color which is too appealing.

LUMI’s cooling technology is more improved compared to the OG and it’s therefore, a little bit gentler. So, by just analyzing the two devices, the new version will give better results.

How Many Times Should You Use the LUMI?

To get the best results faster, use the LUMI IPL hair removal device twice every week for 12 weeks. Make sure you give yourself at least 72 hours between the first session and the second session.

You can also opt to use this device once a week. But ensure you’re consistent. The results won’t be as fast as when treating the skin twice a week.

After the 12 weeks, treat the skin at least once a month for three weeks. By this time, the hair will be completely gone. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you’ll also need to treat the skin once in a while to maintain the skin silky smooth, and hair-free.

If you don’t do skin maintenance, hair will regrow although at a very slow phase, and before you know it, your skin will have some noticeable hair.

Skin Preparation Before Using Handset

Before you start skin treatment, shave your hair on the areas you intend to treat. Wash and dry the skin thoroughly with a clean towel. Don’t put any lotions, creams , or oils after washing your skin.

In case you have tanned, waxed, or epilated your skin, wait for 4 weeks before using the new LUMI IPL hair removal handset.

How to Use LUMI IPL Handset

Among the advantages of using LUMI IPL is its simplicity of use. It’s equipped with a cord that’s twice as long as the one used in the RoseSkinCo OG device. The long cord makes it more convenient for home use.

Step 1. Switch Device ON

To use this device, plug it into a power socket and you’ll see a blinking indicator light. Press and hold the power button a bit to switch it on. When the device is on, the indicator light will stop blinking and you’ll hear fan rotating sound – it sounds very similar to the OG handset. You’ll also use the power button to select the intensity level.

Step 2. Set Intensity Level

If it’s your first time using the new LUMI, do a patch test starting with the lowest intensity level and going upwards until you reach your tolerance level. Old on to the skin and quickly press the power button to increase the intensity level. Level one is the weakest and level 6 is the strongest.

Step 3. Treat your Skin

While holding LUMI flat against your skin, press the Pulse button and it’ll start to pulse. Lift after each pulse to increase the cooling effect. Don’t overlap treatment spots.

Some body parts require spot treatment as they require more precision while others are large and flat – can be treated quickly. Lumi has three modes of treatment: Stamp mode, Glide mode, and Auto mode. This makes it easy to work on every body part with unwanted hair.

The Stamp mode is designed for areas that require precision like underarms, face, and bikini area. LUMI pulses with each click when this mode is activated.

Glide mode as the name suggests it’s designed for gliding large areas like legs, arms, and torso. It pulses every second as you glide. This mode is activated by holding down the pulse button while the device is in contact with the skin. It’ll take 30 minutes to do full body treatment using this mode.

Auto mode is activated by holding down the pulse button when LUMI is pointing away from the body. To disable Auto mode, press the pulse button pointing the device away from the body. This mode will enable you to glide your whole body without pressing any button. Sounds interesting!

Hold down the power button until the intensity light goes off turn LUMI off.

Final Verdict

User Experience: LUMI vs RoseSkinCo OG

After treating my legs, I can honestly say LUMI is more gentle than the RoseSkinCo OG. Even after turning the intensity level to level 4, the device was gentle on my skin. I just felt a little warmth after treating my legs but that disappeared within a few minutes.

Rena Cayari
A beauty, health, and lifestyle channel. I post randomly. Turn on the YouTube notifications bell if you want to be notified when I post next :)
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