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Safety Razor vs Cartridge: Which One Should You Choose?

By Jason
June 28, 2023
7 minutes

If we could cast a die on how you got here, perhaps we could guess that your desire to improve your self-care routine got you here. Which is absolutely a good reason. At least you’re trying your best to look your best if you catch the drift.

Perhaps, one thing led to another that brought you here, you are welcome, and we can assure you that nothing happens here by coincidence. So, no, you didn’t stumble on this post by accident. Perhaps, it’s just the universe’s way to let you know that skincare is not a forbidden fruit and maybe it’s time you embrace it with arms opened wide.

Except you’ve taken some keratin blockers, it is natural for every human to grow hair in some specific areas like the head, face, armpit, and pubic region. However, those with a generous amount of keratin may have hairs in other areas of their body including the chest region, hands, arms, legs, and feet.

While we are no seer to know your gender, the best belief is that you have some unwanted hair that you’ve been wanting to remove. And just maybe, procrastination got in the way and then you forgot. But luckily here is a reminder.

Let’s face it, everyone has had that point in their lives where they got so tired of recurring hair and all they just want is to find the best way to get rid of them. And to achieve this, they turn to the most available and affordable option, shaving. Don’t forget hair removal has several amazing benefits .

In a previous article, we discuss extensively the types of shaving available and which is best for you depending on your skin type. We believe that would help you get your foot in the door of shaving as a self-care treat.

However, this article takes it a notch higher by focusing on two distinct types of shaving razors – safety razors and cartridges. We give the characteristics of both razors and compare both types of razors. Later in the article, we use this comparison to give a well-rounded answer on which razor is best and which you should settle for.

(Ps, we recommend that you read our previous article “Shaving soap vs cream” to build foundational knowledge on shaving).

For a refresher, shaving is a way to remove unwanted hairs from specific areas of your body where they often grow. Whilst there are two types of shaving, the wet and dry shaving method, not many people enjoy the process involved in wet shaving, mostly because it is time-consuming and nobody loves to waste time so, they would rather stick with the dry shaving.

Dry shaving requires using either an electric razor or a shaving stick. For the latter, there are several options available, however, for this article, we focus on two types, the safety razor and the cartridge.

Safety razors

As its name implies, safety razors are razors that work to give you a close shave as well as deliver optimum protection to your skin in the process. Chances are that you may have heard (or even used) quite some shaving razors, perhaps one introduced to you by your parents in your teenage years or one you picked from a store. A popular household name safety razor is the Gillette razor. That rings a bell, now, right?

What makes a shaving razor a good option for shaving is not only the razor by itself but how well you as the user can meticulously handle this tool to achieve your desired outcome with no accidents.

Despite the popularity some of the safety razors have garnered, not many realize their benefits. So, if you are one of those who are yet to grasp the benefits of this tool, then the next section should help you with that.

Advantages of using a safety razor

  • Gives soothing shaving experiences

Do you know that using a shaving razor can be soothing and addictive? The way the razor glides over your skin in a “tow and fro” movement and how you hold the razor is all that is needed to give you this soothing shaving experience.

  • Easier to use

Getting rid of hair is easier especially with a safety razor especially if you aim to trim the edges of your facial hair. Preferably, you should use a single-blade razor as it would help you distinctly mark out and follow through with its exact spot as you shave.

  • Saves time

However, using a safety razor requires a bit of craftsmanship to get the desired result. Don’t worry if you are not yet an expert, be assured that with constant use, you would soon become a pro at it. With each practice, you are on your way to cutting your shaving time by half thus allowing you time to focus on more important matters.

Cartridge Razor

Cartridge razor on the other hand is a type of razor with a detachable head. This means that you can detach the razor head from its handle. This is especially useful for disposing of a blunt razor. Rather than throw away the whole razor, you can easily detach the razor head only and replace it with a new one.

Advantages of using a cartridge razor

  • Very easy to use

One major advantage of the cartridge razor is its use. It is super easy to use. You do not have to struggle to learn how to use it. Once the head has been fixed, gently hold the handle without exerting too much pressure. Then press lightly and let it glide over your skin.

  • Multiple blades option

The cartridge head comes with different razor ridges to accommodate multiple blades to deliver a close and clean shave.

  • Lubricating strips

Sometimes, dry shaving could be harsh on the skin especially if you have tough hair, this may lead to tiny marks or cuts that could cause bleeding. However, the cartridge razor comes with a lubricating strip to help prevent these occurrences. After which you could apply some lotions to soothe your skin after shaving .

Now that you have a base knowledge of both razors and their advantages, the next section compares the two razors under three different themes.

Safety razor vs Cartridges

1. Design

In terms of design, both razors are almost similar, featuring a handle and a razor head. However, the major difference lies in their heads. While the head of the safety razor is usually attached to its handle and has a single blade, the cartridge head on the other hand is detachable from its handle and has multiple blade compartments. This allows for replacing blades when they are old, blunt, and worn out and can help you save money. This is a bonus for the cartridge razor as you could use the same razor handle for a long time while only changing the heads. This is unlike the safety razor that is not reusable after it is old and blunt and you have to thrash the whole piece once the blades are old.

Also, the handles of safety razors are made of disposable plastic and average-quality stainless steel material. Although these may seem prudent especially because their low price satisfies most consumer’s price range, however, it could be a disadvantage as the product is prone to breakage or distortion. The Cartridge, on the other hand, is built out of a strong material that is durable for use over an extended period.

2. Usage

Usage is pretty much the same on both razors. Hold the handle and let the head be in close contact with your skin. Gently let the razor head glide over your skin in an upward and downward motion till it takes out all the hair in the target area.

However, the cartridge has an additional feature for your use. To customize your shaving experience, you can load one to three safety razor blades (it works with any normal safety razor) into the handle’s distinctive head.

3. Deliverability

Deliverability will differ depending on what you are looking out for and what you aim to achieve with shaving. If you just want something that can help you with simple shaving without any extras, then the safety razor can serve you well. However, if you want more than just the basics, then opt for the cartridge razor.

A wider range of shaving motions is possible with safety razors, which also provide excellent control. In general, cartridge razors are more affordable, come with more blades, and contain features that are beneficial to people just starting to shave or who prioritize convenience above quality.

Which razor should you choose?

While there is no superior razor, the question of which razor is best for you to choose is solely dependent on you to answer. Although both razors have their advantages, it is within your jurisdiction to know which razor would work best for you.

However, based on our research and observation, your selection should be based on some key factors for instance, skin type and sensitivity as well as where the hair is located that is, depending on the target area you are shaving. Also, you should consider the price and features of each type of blade before selecting.

The safety razor is best if you desire to groom your hair in a particular style. For instance, if you choose to groom your beard, you can use the safety razor to trim your hair according to your style preference. However, if you value efficiency and/or perhaps you are looking out for a razor that is most comfortable on the skin and quick to do its job, then the cartridge is your best bet.

Final note

There you have it. Although there are many razors out there in the market, be sure your final selection delivers the most efficient and alluring shaving experience, one that suits your skin type. Also, you want to ensure that you are in a well-lit environment to avoid accidental cuts during shaving. We hope this article has been able to inform your decision on the type of razor that is best for you.

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