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Saint Laurent vs YSL: Are they the same, or What’s the Difference?

By Laura
August 5, 2023
5 minutes

Saint Laurent and YSL are the same. YSL stands for Yves Saint Laurent , the full name of the man who founded this brand. In his days, people who were close to him differently called him a genius, Pied Piper, or boy wonder of fashion because of his nose for iconic fashion design. The appellations were not sycophantic or mere praise singing; Yves Saint Laurent was indeed one of the best fashion designers of the 20th century.

The brand came into the center stage in 1961, with Yves Saint Laurent determined to revolutionize how society and fashion interact. He set out to achieve this by massively producing high-end clothes and making them available to anyone that wanted it. This approach differs from other fashion big weights of his days that only had top-class clothing for some privileged few.

Is Saint Laurent The Same as YSL?

While both names have slightly different logo designs, they have the same origin. You may be confused when you see products with these logos, but there’s no need for this. The brand began as YSL before successive leadership felt the need for rebranding.

The business name was among the few things considered worthy of this rebranding exercise. As such, from Yves Saint Laurent , the term became Saint Laurent Paris under Hedi Slimane, the creative director that took charge in 2012.

It was no small controversy that greeted this rebranding, as many people felt it wasn’t needed. To further fuel the controversy, Slimane granted no interviews to explain to the world while he adjusted the name. While it initially felt like a joke or stunt, the name change has remained for over 11 years with no amendment.

A.M. Cassandre was the graphic designer that produced the iconic YSL logo in 1963. He was a graphic designer par excellence with great geometrical prowess. His design was a straightforward monogram that cut across the three initials of the brand name -Yves Saint Laurent. The sophistication of this logo design accounted for its long retention by the company until 2012 when the new creative director affected the change.

With the name change came a new logo that looked slightly different from what customers used to know. The designer retained some initial design, especially the iconic monogram that cuts the YSL initials, but it also introduced additional concepts to drive home the essence of the rebranding.

Is Saint Laurent a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Saint Laurent has always been a luxury brand, producing high-end clothing, bags, and accessories for fashionistas and the average person that wants something special. It’s on record that this fashion brand was the first to introduce trouser suits for women. This suit, a Le Smoking tuxedo , was a boundary pusher as it redefined society’s perception of women and fashion.

Saint Laurent determined to make a fashion statement that luxury does not have to be the privilege of a few people. Anyone that likes quality and has the means can get products from this brand, unlike other luxury brands that are usually exclusive to some select few.

Is There Any Difference Between YSL and Saint Laurent?

Technically, there is no difference between YSL and Saint Laurent besides the name change. The idea driving this luxury brand remains in the ready-to-wear Heldi Slimane’s collections and newer bags released. Although both names have different logos, they are still the same Saint Laurent, and many customers still refer to it as YSL.

Product Line

Like many global luxury fashion houses, YSL or Saint Laurent produces many items to meet the fashion needs of its fans. The product categories available by this brand include

● Accessories

● Handbags

● Ready-to-wear shoes and clothing

● Fragrances

● Haute couture

● Skincare products

Saint Laurent is unisex, producing products for both males and females. Nevertheless, if one product sets it apart, it would be women’s trousers. This brand first produced female trouser suit, and it continues to roll out impressive products in this line to meet this gender’s work and casual needs.


This French luxury fashion house produces items with significantly higher prices than the mainstream. But what do you expect from a luxury brand with years of experience in the fashion niche? While it is comparatively cheaper than other luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, and Gucci, you will part with good money if you want any of YSL or Saint Laurent’s original products.

This brand’s shoes cost between $500 and $2,000 , and their handbags typically start from $1,500 . There are less expensive ones, though, but they are usually seasonal and for casual purposes. If you need genuinely high-end shoes, bags, and ready-to-wear by YSL, be ready to part with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

This somewhat expensive price tag is not just because of the quality of materials used and the craftsmanship employed; you are also paying for the name. YSL cannot afford to be ridiculously cheaper than its competitors.

Saint Laurent Popularity and Ranking

Social media acceptance has become one potent way brands and influencers test their popularity. As it goes, truly popular people or influences have many followers on these platforms and command some respect. Here is how Saint Laurent or YSL fare on the three leading social media platforms

Social Media Platforms YSL/Saint Laurent Followership
Facebook 3.4M
Twitter 4.1M
Instagram 11.8M

Saint Laurent is undoubtedly many people’s beloved, considering the massive followership it enjoys online. If we estimate its non-online fans, the figures will be more than that.

Besides the impressive online presence, many celebrities endorse YSL and use its products on their shows. Some of these celebrities include Drew Chadwick, Hari Nef, And the Game, among several others.

How Does Saint Laurent Rank Among Luxury Brands

YSL has many competitors, some from France, where it started. But based on 2023 Vogue’s ranking, it comes fifth behind Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and Gucci. Other platforms that rank luxury fashion houses also favorably rank this fashion house, putting it among the first ten.

Conclusion: Is YSL Worth Buying?

Whether a brand is worth spending money on depends on your taste, financial capability, social status, and lifestyle choices. For every product sold by Yves Saint Laurent, you can get several other less expensive brands that may also serve you for a while.

But if you prioritize exclusivity, timelessness, and elegant craftsmanship, you aren’t spending your money wrongly if you purchase YSL products. Besides, the resale value is very high, and you can quickly convert them into cash when you are cash-strapped.

YSL and Saint Laurent may feature slightly different logos, but they are the same brand. The only difference is that products carrying the YSL logo may be older, sharing many of the early values of this brand when it started in 1961.

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