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How to Stop Pubic Hair from Growing Long-lasting at Home

By Nancy H, PharmD
November 25, 2023
7 minutes

The question of whether one should remove pubic hair or not has been raging for a long time. But people see no reason to sit around for medical science to provide a substantial basis to leave or remove pubic hair; they are doing either of the options that appeal most to them. 

Currently, the people who favor pubic hair removal have moved from just wanting to remove the hair as it grows to silencing it long-lasting. The need to find a solution to the tedious routine of maintaining a silky and hairless pubic region is on the rise, especially as the hair down there seems very coarse and sometimes gets itchy when growing back after a grooming routine.

There are a few options for you if you want to stop hair from growing in your pubic region. But, the best of these options involves booking an appointment and visiting a clinic or salon for hair removal sessions. This can get tedious, too, because you might not have the time to keep up with your appointment. 

Additionally, it can get pretty expensive. Even among those who have all the time and money for the needed sessions, some may have problems with the lack of privacy. That leaves us with the question of whether it is possible to remove pubic hair long-lasting at home and how.

Does that sound like the question you would love to get an answer to? Good. Let’s explore the available options for removing pubic hair long-lasting at home.  

Table of Contents:

Can You Remove Pubic Hair Long-lasting at Home?

Hair removal methods that can remove hair long-lasting are those that can damage the hair follicles. Fortunately, there are lots of at-home hair removal methods that destroy the hair follicles. These methods can leave you hairless for a long time, saving you from the stress of shaving or trying to remove hair regularly. 

4 Ways to Stop Pubic Hair Growth Long-lasting at Home

You can achieve lasting or long-lasting hair removal at home through any of the following methods:

Homemade Ingredients

One of the best ways of caring for your skin is by using natural ingredients. This is why we are starting with the natural ways of removing hair long-lasting at home. These methods are affordable as you can get the needed items from your kitchen and garden. This includes:

  • Fenugreek Seeds 

There is no exhausting list of the benefits of this nature’s gift to us. It has been used in the treatment of several illnesses, and currently, people are using it to remove hair long-lasting at home. For this method, you will need powdered fenugreek seed and rose water. 


  • Pour the powdered fenugreek seed into a bowl and add rose water. Mix till you obtain a fairly thick paste. 
  • Apply it on your skin and leave it to dry up.
  • Gently rub off the dried paste, and it will go off your skin alongside your hair. 

Over time, this will help to reduce hair growth in your pubic zone long-lasting. You can also use this on your face as it helps to prevent acne. 

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda has been used in homes for cooking and other things, such as teeth whitening. However, only a few people know that baking powder can be used to remove hair from the body. This method of removing hair is pain-free, affordable, and easy, and it reduces hyperpigmentation by lightening the skin. To use this method, you need only baking soda and lemon juice. 


  • Put a tablespoonful of baking powder in a little bowl and mix it thoroughly with some drops of lemon juice to make a thick paste. 
  • Apply the paste to your pubic region and leave it for about 15 minutes before washing it off.

You can decide to remove the lemon juice and use water instead. But the main reason to use lemon juice is because a mixture of lemon and baking soda destroys hair follicles. While this will not cause long-lasting hair loss, it will keep you hairless down there for a while. 

And even when the hair is growing back, it will look finer, and your skin will look smoother. 

  • Papaya 

If you are familiar with organic beauty products, you must have come across papaya as an active ingredient in some of them. This is because papaya contains papain, an enzyme with lots of benefits for the skin. To use this method, you need papaya and turmeric powder. 


  • Remove the back of the papaya and mash or blend to get a papaya puree. Add about a teaspoonful of turmeric to the puree and mix them thoroughly. 
  • Apply it on your skin and leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • Wash off the papaya mixture with lukewarm water 
  • For maximum results, repeat this two times a week. 

Papain works on the hair follicles to prevent further hair growth. It can also be used to exfoliate the skin as it removes dead skin cells with ease and brightens the skin. So, you will be doing your skin a world of good by using this papaya and turmeric mixture. 

  • Coffee

Coffee is another ingredient that people only associate with its primary purpose. But it’s also a powerful ingredient in the beauty world that can be used to remove hair. You will need powdered coffee, baking powder, and coconut oil for this.


  • Put a tablespoonful of coffee powder in a little bowl and add a little baking powder and half a teaspoon of coconut oil. 
  • Apply the paste on your skin and rub it for about 30 seconds.
  • Leave the paste on your skin for 1 minute and wash it off with warm water. 
  • For maximum results, do this daily for at least one week.

The baking soda you add to the coffee will activate all the skin-care compounds and enable it to work on your hair follicles. It is also very gentle on the skin and safe to be used on any part of your body.  

  • Turmeric 

Turmeric is not a newbie in the beauty world anymore. People, especially women, have been using it on their skin for centuries. To remove hair with turmeric, you need chickpea flour, milk, and, of course, turmeric.  


  • Measure 1 cup of chickpea and pour it inside a bowl. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric and some drops of milk. Mix the three ingredients till a thick and lump-free paste is obtained. 
  • Apply the paste on your skin and massage it in the hair growth direction. 
  • Leave the paste on your skin till it dries up completely, and gently wipe off using a washcloth. Wipe in the direction opposite hair growth. 
  • Use warm water to wash off any turmeric mixture the washcloth spared.
  • Apply a moisturizer to ensure that the skin does not dry out. 

This turmeric mixture is also known to fade away dark spots and lighten the skin. So, you will be doing more than just removing hair with it. 


Laser provides a more long-lasting hair removal option than homemade hair removal methods. This is because laser hair removal targets the hair follicles with high precision and damages them. As the laser enters the hair follicles and gets absorbed by the melanin, there will be a buildup of heat till the follicles are damaged. 

The only issue with laser hair removal is that it targets the pigment in your skin and hair. So, if your skin and hair have the same color, the laser may end up damaging your skin as it cannot differentiate between them.  

Currently, there are different types of laser that can be used on different skin tones and hair colors. However, using an at-home device may put you at the risk of using the wrong laser on your skin tone and hair color.

IPL Devices 

Ulike Air 3 IPL Hair RemovalIntense Pulsed Light works similarly to a laser. But it uses light instead of laser, which is of varying wavelengths. Additionally, the damage the IPL does to hair follicles is not as lasting as that done by a laser beam. Consequently, most IPL devices may be unable to deliver a once-and-for-all hair removal exercise.

Similar to a laser, you will also need multiple sessions to achieve a more lasting result. When home use is involved, IPL stands out because it’s easier to use. They can keep your pubic region free from hair as long as you continue with the maintenance practices.

One leading IPL device you can use with peace of mind is the Ulike Sapphire Air 3 Hair Removal Handset. It’s ergonomic, efficient, and safe to use. Dermatologists recommend it; the FDA has cleared it, and it has patented Sapphire ice-cooling technology that makes it exceptionally comfortable to use in delicate body parts like the pubic region. With it, you will start seeing a significant hair reduction in just two weeks. Good enough, if the results aren’t exactly what you hoped, you can return the IPL and get a full refund.


This is the only known method that offers long-lasting hair removal. But just like laser and IPL, multiple sessions may be required to achieve a long-lasting result. It damages the hair follicles like other methods, laser, and IPL, but its damage is more long-lasting. 

During electrolysis, current is passed into the hair follicle to damage it. While this is the best option for people who want long-lasting hair removal, it is also expensive and hard to carry out at home. The available at-home electrolysis devices are not as effective as those certified electrologists use.

To Conclude

Electrolysis is still the only long-lasting method of removing hair with a good track record and cleared by the FDA. Using an at-home electrolysis device can be arduous as you have to target each hair follicle, which is tiring. So, it may not be much of an option for people who want to remove their pubic hair at home long-lasting.

Imagine sitting to work on every strand of hair on your pubic region, one after the other! 

Other at-home methods of removing hair may not produce long-lasting results like electrolysis, but they can give lasting results. The natural methods discussed above will reduce hair growth over time, but they can get messy. Laser and IPL devices are faster and may be better alternatives to the at-home electrolysis devices for removing pubic hair.

Nancy H, PharmD
I am Nancy a licensed pharmacist with extensive knowledge in the healthcare industry. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics including; disease management, dietary supplements, nutrition, fitness, functional medicine, and lifestyle changes for optimal health. Below is my Linkedin profile
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