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Top Skincare Influencers on Instagram: Who Should Be Your Go-to Source for Skincare Issues?

By Mariela
March 31, 2023
7 minutes

Instagram has become the go-to platform for beauty enthusiasts when finding the latest trends, routines, and products. Skincare influencers have taken over this platform as they provide valuable advice and tips to their followers. These influencers have built a reputation for expertise and paved the way for future skin care.

From personalized skincare routines to product recommendations and tips, the following top skincare influencers on Instagram have it all covered, which makes them the ultimate source to go to if you want to up your skincare game.






Hyram Yarbro

@ hyram



Caroline Hirons

@ carlinehirons



Dr. Shereene Idriss

@ drshereeneidriss



Susan Yara

@ Susanyara



Dr. Michelle Wong

@l abmuffinbeautyscience



James Welsh

@ James_s_welsh



Liah Yoo

@ liahyoo



Cassandra Bankson

@ Cassandrabankson



Renee Chow

@ gothamista



Tiara Willis

@ makeupforwoc


1. Hyram Yarbro

@hyram – 955k Followers

A beauty influencer who started his career as a sales associate at Sephora, Hyram developed his passion for skincare and started learning about these products. Soon Hyram learned there was not enough accurate information about cosmetic products for the common user.

He is advocating for people to stop using products that harm them more than benefit them. Haryam addressed this issue and started creating content on social media. He shared his knowledge and expertise with his follower. With his continuous effort, Hyram quickly grew his followers.

Hyram’s approach is transparent and educational; he teaches everyone to understand the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation. His commitment to promoting sustainable and ethical beauty practices makes him stand out.

Among the top skincare influencers on Instagram, Hyram also advocates for cruelty-free and environment-friendly cosmetics. This has made Hyram the go-to person for people needing help improving their skin or t

2. Caroline Hirons

@ carlinehirons – 719k Followers

A trustworthy and authoritative name when it comes to everything beauty. Caroline started her career as a beauty therapist and later became a brand consultant for some high-end brands. This was when she started noticing a gap in accessible and trustworthy skincare products.

She addressed this issue on her own by starting her blog soon after she garnered a massive following, thanks to her honest and no-nonsense approach to her advice.

Caroline’s expertise is understanding the science behind skincare and breaking down complex ingredients and their formulation. Her blog and social media feature reviews on the latest products, tips, hacks, skincare routines, or how to achieve healthy or glowing skin.

She is also vocal about sustainable beauty practices and firmly believes that consumers have the power to effect change. She calls out greenwash brands and asks her followers to make conscious choices.

3. Dr. Shereene Idriss

@ drshereeneidriss – 463k Followers

A board-certified dermatologist who simplifies complex concepts and is known for advocating inclusivity in the beauty industry. Idriss got her degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She completed her residency training in dermatology at New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center.

As a dermatologist, Dr. Idriss considered each of her patient’s skin types, concerns, and lifestyles before she would recommend treatment. Idriss is dedicated to inclusivity, which means she wants to help people with all skin types and colors; this often includes Hyperpigmentation, acne, and aging.

Her online presence educates her followers about skincare topics and products. Moreover, Idriss often shares her skincare routines and personal experiences. Perhaps, she is best known for breaking complex skincare concepts and easy to understand way.

4. Susan Yara

@ Susanyara – 438k Followers

A beauty entrepreneur with a dedicated following on both YouTube and Instagram. Susan started her career as a Television Journalist before she switched to the beauty industry. Additionally, Susan worked as a beauty reporter for different publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, and Nylon. Later, she launched her website. Her approach is simplicity and effectiveness; her belief is skincare routines don’t need to be complicated.

Recently, Susan launched her beauty line, which comprises affordable, effective, and easy-to-access products. Her products are made with science-backed ingredients which address skin concerns such as acne, aging signs, crowfeet, etc. This way, she joined the list of top skincare influencers on Instagram with their beauty line.

5. Dr. Michelle Wong

@l abmuffinbeautyscience – 429k Followers

The brain behind Lab Muffin Beauty Science, Dr. Michelle Wong, is a science educator with a Ph.D. Her specialty is Synthetic Organic chemistry, and she is from the University of Sydney. Once Wong completed her doctorate, she went to work as a science writer and editor. Later, Michelle started her blog, combining her love for science and her passion for skincare.

Dr. Michelle Wong sets herself apart from other influencers as she goes for evidence-based skincare. Her idea is skincare better be based on scientific research instead of market hype or hot trend. Moreover, Wong has debunked some common beauty and skincare myths and backed them up with data. In addition to her social media presence and blog, Wong has her own line of beauty products for acne and aging signs.

If you want to learn about skin issues or something you want to purchase, check out Susan’s blog, YouTube, or social media presence. Also, check her weekly influencer; she posts informative and excellent content there.

6. James Welsh

@ James_s_welsh – 375k Followers

James started his career as a skincare by doing DIYs treatments for his skincare. He experimented with different products and routines to find the one that worked best for him and soon decided to share his knowledge with others. Soon after, James started documenting his journey on social media, and his content became popular shortly, especially with people going through the same issues as him.

James found his footing because of his transparency and commitment to education. He teaches people about a skincare routine, the right ingredients, and the science behind skincare products. He advocates that people should use effective and gentle products on their skin. James speaks against harsh chemical treatment but always emphasizes using sunscreen.

So far, he has worked with publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Allure. Often, his reviews lead to the success of skin care products and brands. In Short, his influence on the skincare community cannot be overstated.

7. Liah Yoo

@ liahyoo – 259K Followers

Liah is a skincare influencer and content creator on both Instagram and YouTube. She has become popular for her skincare knowledge, especially Korean Skincare routines and products. Today, Liah managed to build a following loyal thanks to informative and relatable content, and she has a good voice.

According to Liah, she became fascinated by Korean skincare routines and products and began experimenting independently. She wishes to empower her followers with skincare routines, products, and ingredients knowledge.

Moreover, she breaks down complicated skincare concepts and makes them easy for the common user to understand. She is very transparent regarding sponsored content and always assures to disclose any sponsored posts to her followers.

A rare thing among top skincare influencers on Instagram, Liah often shares her struggle with skincare, including her experience with acne-prone skin, and gives advice based on her experience. Liah also collaborates with other skincare experts and brings their perspectives and insights.

8. Cassandra Bankson

@ Cassandrabankson – 224k Followers

A skincare influencer, content creator, and model on Instagram and YouTube. Someone who is featured on Allure, Glamour, and Teen Vogue. She produces both informative and entertaining content. Her distinctive and fun way of presenting her content makes it easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. Cassandra collaborates with fellow influencers often and brings their perspectives and insights to her followers.

Cassandras shows everyone the real side of beauty, including her struggles with skin issues. Apart from beauty and skincare, Cassandra also talks about how to own your face and feel confident in your skin. She promotes a positive body image and confidence in her followers.

She gives people a sneak peek into her personal life, with insights into her struggle with skincare and beauty. This is something that influencers of her level rarely do.

9. Renee Chow

@ gothamista – 195k Followers

Vlogger and blogger Renee Chow, aka Gothamista’s, translates trends, ideas, and ingredients into digestible skincare knowledge. A New York-based influencer is a former beauty and lifestyle buyer who endorsed Peach + Lily and Aveeno. Renee identifies herself as an educational beauty influencer.

She has an educational background in product development. In the past, she has worked as a General manager and store owner, where she got hand’s experience with chemists and learned the ins and outs of the beauty industry.

Renee continuously expands her online presence and shares skincare reviews, tips, treatments, DIY projects, and personal life. Her entrepreneurial spirit made her leave the Hermes store as a General Store after she was responsible for opening the first Hermes store in Beijing. Soon after, she started her product line and focused on body washes, creams, scrubs, and lip balms.

10. Tiara Willis

@makeupforwoc – 183k Followers

Someone who started her influencer career at 14, now at 21 age, she has developed a vibrant and well-respected brand for herself and motivates women of color to become their best, from both inside and out. She is a champion for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

She said, “I started my platform because I felt there wasn’t a lot of representation or education around black and brown skin.” Therefore, she started to see makeup tutorials and products for women of color and their unique needs and skin tone. She also Her content is both informative and visually stunning. Empowers a woman to embrace their natural beauty.

She has a unique way of presenting her content. She uses bright colors and bold looks in her tutorials, showcasing the beauty of skin tones and textures. She is featured in publications with Essence, Glamour, and Refinery29.

Last Word

These top skincare influencers on Instagram have established themselves as go-to sources for valuable advice, tips, and product recommendations. Their work inspires and helps their followers to achieve healthy and better-looking skin. They are leading the way in teaching people about skincare trends and techniques.

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