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Tria vs. Iluminage Touch: Which Hair Removal Device is Better?

By Viktoria
August 2, 2023
7 minutes

Long-lasting hair removal is not possible except with the help of electrolysis. But, there are methods like Laser hair removal or IPL which can give you hairless, smooth skin for a long period of time. And a cheery on top is that these methods are not restricted to clinics anymore.

You can use at-home hair removal devices too. Are you already looking for one? Well, If have come across Tria or Illuminage while doing your research, then this article is for you.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal is a technique of getting rid of your hair up to the roots using impulse pulsating light of several different wavelengths. This wavelength enters your hair by absorption in the melanin pigment that imparts color to your hair. After entering your hair follicles, the light energy converts into heat and damages the hair follicles completely. As a result, your body stays hair-free for a long-lasting time period.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Similar to IPL hair removal, laser hair removal also uses light of a specific wavelength to target the melanin pigment in your hair follicles to destroy them completely and stop further hair growth. The process is not long-lasting but gives long-lasting results.

Laser at the clinic requires a number of sessions but there are also laser hair removal devices available for use at home. These devices are as effective as the laser sessions at the clinic.

IPL Hair Removal vs. Laser Hair Removal

People usually confuse these two methods and think that they are the same. Although they do have some similarities they are also different from each other in so many ways. Let’s know these details to grasp the concept.


The very first thing that makes the two hair removal techniques similar is their goal. Both these processes aim to get rid of hair follicles to give you results that last for months to even years. But, it does not happen overnight. Both treatments require at least 4 to 8 sessions to give your desired results.

Another factor that makes them similar is their pre and post-care. For instance, you need to protect your skin from the sun before undergoing any treatment and only shave 24 hours before it. Waxing, plucking, etc. are allowed. To know the Pre and post-care of IPL, click Tips for IPL Hair Removal.


Other than those little similarities they have, you can find a number of differences in both procedures. Although both laser and IPL use light to affect your hair follicles, the laser uses focused light while the IPL hair removal device uses broad spectrum light to get the results. Laser is stronger than IPL hair removal. As a laser uses focused light, it is better for smaller areas like underarms, knees, and upper lips. In contrast, IPL is more suitable for larger areas like Legs, arms, and chest.

Narrowing it Down to Tria Laser vs Iluminage Touch

Now we are done understanding the laser and IPL hair removal. Let’s discuss one of the best laser and IPL devices to help you choose whether a laser is suitable for you or IPL.

Hair Removal Device

Tria Laser

Iluminage Touch







What Users Like

  • Gives Reliable Results

  • Different intensity levels are adjustable according to your skin sensitivity

  • Works well for even dark skin tone

  • The device works on skin contact instead of pressing a button. So, it is easy to use

What Users Don’t Like

  • Painful

  • Time Taking

  • Time Taking

  • The device does not last long

Overview of Tria Laser Hair Removal Device

Tria Laser hair removal device is a cordless hair removal device with a fluted handle for you to hold and use easily. It is incorporated with 5 intensity levels, a skin tone sensor, and a pulse counter to keep you safe from any mishaps. Furthermore, it is clinically proven and FDA-cleared in the US which ensures the reliability of this device. To know more details, click How to Use Tria 4x.

How It Works

The procedure starts with shaving the area and then start using the device at a low-intensity level. You can then move to higher intensity levels gradually according to the sensitivity of the area you are treating. When you hold the device in place, you will hear a beep sound. It is an indicator to move to the next area.


  • It is the only FDA-cleared at-home laser hair removal device

  • Has a comfortable holding handle and is cordless which makes the device easy to use for the user

  • Only requires 8 treatments with 1 session every 2 weeks. This means you can get hairless smooth skin within 3 months

  • The results can last for up to a year and you don’t even need any touch-ups


  • Only those up to skin tone 4 can use this device

  • Larger areas like arms or legs require several charges which means it is going to take a lot of time per session

Overview of Iluminage Touch Hair Removal Device

Illuminate Touch is an IPL hair removal that works equally well for all skin tones including skin tone VI. It uses a combination of RF (radio frequency) and IPL energy to reduce hair growth. The IPL device comes with a precision head adapter so that you can easily use it on smaller areas like the armpit. Furthermore, the brand claims that it can show you visible hair reduction in just 7 weeks.

How It Works

Just like Tria, the treatment begins with shaving the area. After shaving, make sure the area is dry. Now, power on the device and choose your desired setting for using it. You will find an ELOS button at the back of the applicator. Press it, and the device starts working. Now place it on your skin and move it gently with each next flash. After you have covered the area, turn it off and store it in a safe place.


  • Has unlimited flashes so you can use it for a lifetime without having to buy new cartridges

  • It is cleared by FDA and got CE certification

  • It works on all skin types and blonde and red hair

  • Does not require you to keep pressing the button while using the device


  • It takes a long time to treat a single area while using Iluminage Touch

  • It works for blonde and red hair but they require more sessions than the brand claims

Comparing Effectiveness

If we talk about the effectiveness of the two devices, the Tria is a laser device and an experiment showed that its results can last for up to a year with no touch-ups required. On the other hand, the results for IPL devices do not last as long as laser devices. So, Iluminage Touch results can last for some months to years but you will require touch-ups every now and then.

Comparing User’s Comfort

Both devices provide comfort to the users in their own ways so they are both winners in this section. Tria is cordless and comes with a beep sound to guide you throughout your session while Iluminage Touch flashes every time you need to move it.

As for the pain that occurs during their use, Tria can cause pain while Iluminage Touch is nearly painless as it uses IPL technology that is more gentle than laser.

Comparing Overall Value

If we compare the overall value of both the devices, the Tria laser box only has the device, charger, and user manual for $499 while the Iluminage Touch box contains a main device, a 300,000 quartz lamp, precision adapter, epilator cartridge, user guide + user guide DVD, EU/US outlet in $449. This means the Iluminage Touch provides more value to the users at less price as compared to Tria.

Main Differences Between Tria Laser and Iluminage Touch

The very first difference between both devices is the technology. Tria uses laser while Iluminage Touch uses IPL hair removal. One is painful while the other is more gentle thus less painful. Other than the pain, the time they take to show results also varies. Tria can show significant results in 3 months while Iluminage Touch can less time.

Other than their efficacy, the design for Tria is more convenient for the users as it has a sleek handle and is cordless.

Another Option: Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Device

The Tria and Iluminage Touch are FDA-cleared and safe to use. But, they are a little expensive and time taking. So, you can check out the Ulike Sapphire Air3 handset which holds better economical value than Tria and Iluminage Touch. Wondering what benefits it can provide you? Let’s unveil them.


  • It is quick as the device requires only 7 minutes per session to treat your desired area

  • The results can last more than 6 months

  • It is light-weight and sleek so users can easily hold the device even for a long time

  • Comes with unlimited flashes which means it can work well for 10 years or even more

  • 3 different intensity levels and thumb-free auto-glide mode makes it one of the most convenient devices for the users

  • The device is cleared by FDA and got certified by other 30+ safety organizations

  • It is less expensive as compared to Tria and Iluminage Touch

Comparison Table


Tria 4X

Iluminage Touch

Ulike Sapphire Air3





Compatible Skin tone

Up to skin tone IV


Light Skin

Compatible hair color

Dark Hair

Dark, Blonde, Red Hair

Dark Hair


3 months

7 weeks

3 weeks






1 year

2 years

2 years

Dermatologist Recommended








Which is Better: Tria, Iluminage, or Ulike Sapphire Air3 Hair Removal Device?

All three devices can prove beneficial for you. If you are wondering which one of the three is good for you then take note of your requirements first. For example, if you have dark skin, you should go for Iluminage Touch while those with lighter skin can use both Ulike and Tria. Similarly, if you want a quick device, then Ulike is the one. Furthermore, Ulike is less expensive so it can be a better and more affordable option for you.


Among all the laser and IPL hair removal devices, Tria and Iluminage can also be seen on the top list. If you are also confused between these two, this article can provide you with detailed knowledge. Tria is quick but Iluminage is less painful, light-weight, and less expensive than Tria. They are also FDA-cleared, so to make your decision, take note of what you can afford and what you actually want.

You can also go for Ulike Sapphire Air3 Device as it is the least expensive among the three, is the quickest one, and also the least painful.

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