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Ulike Air+ vs. Roseskinco OG: Which Should You Choose?

By Laura
November 12, 2023
5 minutes
Ulike Air+ vs. Roseskinco OG

If you have grown tired of traditional hair removal methods and are eager to find a more long-lasting solution, you may have looked at in-office treatments and found the cost to be too high. This doesn’t mean that laser hair removal is out of reach for you.

At-home hair removal devices are a fraction of the price, but there are so many options available. Choosing the least expensive option doesn’t seem best, nor does buying the most expensive option, which rivals in-office treatments.  

In this article, I’ll share the top considerations for choosing an at-home hair removal device. I’ll also compare the two highly ranked and rated devices on the market today. Finally, I’ll share reviews from customers to help inform your purchasing decision.

Choosing an At-Home Hair Removal Device

Choosing an At-Home Hair Removal Device

When selecting an at-home laser hair removal device, there are three primary considerations. The first is safety. You want to select a device that has been tested and meets all safety standards and regulatory requirements.  

Once you’ve narrowed your search to safe devices, you want a device that is efficient. Time is money, so if you’re using a device that has to be used over and over again in one area, you aren’t getting the most efficient device for your purchasing power.  

Finally, you want to choose a device that is comfortable. Not only do you want something that is comfortable to use, but something that fits your hand and works with you ergonomically. If something causes a lot of pain or is uncomfortable to use, you won’t use it and you’ve wasted your hard-earned money. 

Ulike Air+ versus Roseskinco OG

Ulike Air+ hair removal

There are two devices that consistently are featured in articles and on lists of the best at-home laser hair removal devices. These two brands and devices have been recently featured in magazines and articles including Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Forbes, and more.  

I will talk about each of them individually in their respective section below. I will also share relevant customer reviews to help you choose the best item to fit your needs.

Ulike Air+

Ulike Air

The Ulike Air+ is nearly always featured in articles and lists of the best at-home laser hair removal devices for a number of reasons. Users rave about the results and the numbers to back the product are hard to beat. 

For example, the Ulike Air+ offers 78% hair reduction in just 4 weeks of using the product with many users reporting to see noticeable results far quicker. Seeing fast results is crucial. Many people give up on a product and assume it isn’t working if they don’t see visible improvement relatively quickly. 

Not only this but in tests, the hair density was found to be greater than 90% less dense after 4 weeks of treatment. The effectiveness in a short period of time is truly remarkable.

Additionally, users find the Ulike Air+ to be very versatile. People who want to treat various areas of their body can use the Ulike Air+ and still see excellent results in all areas. The device is comfortable to hold and use and isn’t specific to any particular area, making it a great purchase since it will treat the entire body.  

The effectiveness in a short period of time is truly remarkable

The Ulike Air+ has a larger treatment contact, which means that users can treat areas of their body more quickly than other products. In fact, according to one reviewer, full body treatment with this effective device can take as little as 15 minutes with results visible in just under 3 weeks.  

Safety is a priority in choosing your device, so another benefit to the Ulike Air+ is that it is FDA-cleared. It has the added benefit of being recommended by dermatologists for its safety and effectiveness.  

The technology brought to bear in this device is second to none. With skin-safe technology and a UV filter, you can rest easy that the treatments will only harm the hair that you’re trying to remove, not your skin. The ice-cooling technology helps soothe the skin as you treat it and makes the experience nearly painless. 

Finally, the Ulike Air+ comes with a 2-year warranty. You can buy this device with confidence that it is built to last knowing that the manufacturer will replace it in that 2-year window with no questions asked.  

Ulike Air+ Review: “It has a luxurious appearance, and the shape is easy to grip so you can remove hair. [Mine] is getting thinner and thinner, so I’m satisfied.” -Rina from

Roseskinco OG

Roseskinco OG

The RoseSkinCo OG is another at-home laser hair removal device that is handheld, compact, boasts rave reviews, and has consistently proven results. Users have many good things to say about this little powerhouse, including the following points below. 

First, the smaller contact area on this device is attractive for some in order to treat certain parts of the body. This makes the RoseSkinCo OG a great option for treatments in small areas, but less ideal for larger areas. With this smaller contact area, the RoseSkinCo OG takes about 45 minutes to complete a full-body treatment.

One downside of the RoseSkinCo OG, according to one reviewer, is that it isn’t good for all skin tones. The reviewer doesn’t state which skin tones are best served by this model or what the outcome of using the product is.  

The RoseSkinCo OG

Like the Ulike Air+, the RoseSkinCo OG is FDA-cleared. Users also report visible results in as little as 3 weeks

RoseSkinCo OG Review: “I bought this product out of desperation and did NOT think it would work. I was WRONG! After 3 weeks of use, I have several large patches of skin on my legs with no regrowth! It’s amazing! Cannot wait because in a few months, my legs will be completely hairless. This product works! So happy!” —Lindy H., reviewer on RoseSkinCo

Comparison Table

Parameter Ulike Air+ RoseSkinCo OG
Price $299 $169
Long-lasting hair removal within 1-4 weeks 2-4 weeks
Compatible body areas Full body and face (anywhere you have unwanted hair) Full body and face (anywhere you have unwanted hair)
Treatment time in each session 15 minutes 45 minutes
Warranty 2 years 1 year
Money back guarantee 90 day 90 day
Display Sleek light indicators Single light indicator
FDA-Cleared Yes Yes
Dermatologist Recommended Yes No
Lifespan 650,000 flashes 300,000 flashes
shoot Ulike RoseSkinCo


Choosing the right at-home laser hair removal device can be a very personal choice, but realistically, many shoppers are considering the same factors when shopping and comparing products. 

Price is an important consideration, but when you factor in the life of a product and the number of times it can be used, the cost of the item can be broken down to a number that is based on the total purchase price divided by the number of times it has been used.  

This truly gives you a better sense of the value of the item you’re purchasing rather than the initial, up-front investment. Paying less for something can feel like a deal initially, but if you ultimately aren’t satisfied with the results or the item doesn’t work in the way and the places that you had hoped, it likely wasn’t the best purchase to fit your needs. 

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