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Ulike Hair Removal Reviews + Demo [+ $90 OFF code]

By Merideth Morgan
February 26, 2023
6 minutes

Have you ever tried traditional hair removal treatment methods? Not an experience anyone would love to go through. Painful waxing experiences, skin burns after laser, and cream hair removal are never one’s dreams. But thanks to the Ulike Sapphire IPL at-home hair removal device. This device solves all the frustrations caused by traditional hair removal methods and other at-home painful hair removal devices. ($90 OFF code: UPOWER)

You’ll be excited to have an at-home hair removal IPL device as it will solve expensive laser hair removal charges at beauty spas and salons, time wastage, and the pain from smelly hair removal creams.

Ulike is the brand pioneer in the beauty industry to use the ICY-Cooling hair removal technology for home use. In fact, they are committed to offering customers a luxurious pain-free, cost-effective at-home hair removal experience in the comfort of their homes.

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What is Ulike IPL?

Ulike IPL is a long-lasting handheld hair remover device with unique IPL hair removal technology. At its head is a sapphire lamp at the front to efficiently achieve the desired results faster and long-lasting hair removal in just four weeks.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Technology. The Ulike IPL home hair removal device emits gentle light energy that’s absorbed by the hair color pigment (melanin). Melanin then transfers the absorbed heat to the hair root (hair follicle) thus making the hair go into a resting phase.

After IPL hair treatment, the hair will grow thinner and fall off the body. Eventually, your body will grow less hair in that area. Once you’re done with full IPL treatment, hair will appear to regrow – though very slowly- after 2-4 weeks depending on one’s body reaction mechanisms. And since it’s already treated, it falls out.

Any patches of hair still on the body were either too deeply rooted and the follicles were not destroyed, too fine to be detected, or too light.

Is Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL Hair Removal Device Safe?

Ulike IPL, the hair removal device is tested and certified by the Food and Drug Administration agency (FDA) to be safe for at-home hair removal treatment. Many professional board-certified dermatologists have tested and endorsed Ulike IPL devices as safe for hair removal treatment.

SGS is renowned across the globe for inspection, testing, verification, and certification. Ulike IPL device is tested and certified by the SGS. This device has many other certification qualifications depending on the country, State, or territory it’s being sold.

Advantages of Using Ulike Hair Removal Device

Thinking of going to the salon for a bikini line hair removal treatment? Stop tiring yourself and get super hair treatments every day. Remember the appointments you’ve to make before visiting the salon and traveling? You can achieve a super shave and hair treatment in the comfort of your home.

Cumulatively, the payments you’ve to make before completing hair removal treatment sessions at a salon or dermatologist clinic is way far above compared to the one-off purchase of the Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL device.

Laser hair removal is painful as the high-intense light energy penetrates deeper into your skin. On the contrary, Ulike IPL light energy is regulated and Icy-cooled. So you won’t feel the pain and the experience is awesome.

Waxing, hair removal cream and shaving won’t give you a long-lasting hair removal solution. You’ll have to spend more and more cash doing the same process. Again more time is spent.

Unboxing Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL

For a luxurious beauty product like the Ulike IPL, the Rolex box is the only match. The actual device Rolex box packaging isn’t meant to increase purchasing value but prove the worthiness of the device. This thick, lined, and superb plushy box is designed to protect Ulike IPL at-home hair removal devices for many years.

Remember Ulike Air 3 device produces infinite light energy flashes. This means unlimited service

Unboxing the Ulike “Rolex box”, four essentials are neatly packed:

  • The Ulike device

  • Smart protective goggles

  • Smooth shaving razor

  • Corded Power adapter

You’ll need the smooth razor to shave hair where treatment will be done. And before you begin hair removal treatment, wear the goggles.

Ulike Sapphire Air+ IPL Technological Details And Features

There are many Ulike hair removal reviews sparingly detailing the technological details in this device.

  • 5-Light Pulse Intensity Levels

As a handheld at-home use device, Ulike IPL is equipped with 5-light pulse intensity levels to tackle hair removal treatment from head to toe pain-free.

  • Ice-Cooling Technology

As opposed to other IPL and laser devices that emit painful 158℉ temperature light energy to your skin, Ulike utilizes Ice-Cooling technology to cool the temperature to 50℉ before hitting on your skin. The effect is a nearly painless and effective icy sensation treatment.

  • Large Flash Window

To treat large areas effectively and fast, the regular head has a large flash window which makes it ideal for the legs, chest, stomach, and arms.

  • Lightweight and Compact Design

Since you’ll have to hold Ulike Air 3 for about 10 minutes to treat your arms, bikini line, face, legs, and underarms, you won’t tire as it only weighs 284 grams. It’s easy to grasp, stunt and glide on your skin.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.

How To Use Ulike IPL at Home Hair Removal Device

Step 1. Clean, Shave and Dry Area to be Treated

To do at-home hair removal with a Ulike IPL device, first ensure the area to be treated is clean. Next use the smooth razor in the packing box to shave hair off making sure no hair patches are left. You can choose to wipe the area until it’s completely dry.

Step 2. Connect Device to Power Outlet Socket

Now plug in the lengthy corded device’s power adapter into the power outlet socket. With your Ulike IPL hair remover in your hands, press the On/Off button on the side of the device to turn it on.

Step 3. Adjust the Light Intensity Level

If it’s your first time use, instead of adjusting the light intensity level, start with level 1 and as you get used, gradually strengthen the intensity to the most effective level. This is based on your skin tone, hair intensity and hair color shade.

Step 4. Put on Goggles and Start Hair Removal Treatment Process

Put on goggles to protect your eyes.

With the light outlet in contact with your skin, press down the flash button and with the hair removal sensor light on, start gliding the device on the areas you want to treat.

Step 5.

Once you’re done, press the On/Off button for 1-2 seconds to turn your gadget off.

Differences Between IPL and Laser

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a light treatment method that uses strong light wavelengths that range from 500 nm to 1200 nm. On the other hand, laser hair removal is also a light treatment method but a more strong concentrated beam of light is used to destroy the hair follicles.

Using laser hair treatment can be equated to being snapped with a rubber band on your skin.

Ulike Sapphire A+ IPL Review Results

On the downside, Ulike IPL will not work effectively on all skin tones and hair shades. The contrast between the two is an ingredient to effective hair removal treatment.

If this device works on you, use it 3 times per week in week one and two times a week during the second and third weeks.

Use Ulike IPL once every two-four weeks after the third month.


Ulike Sapphire AIR+ is an FDA cleared at-home hair removal device tested and certified to be safe for everyday use at home. Being nearly painless, effective and efficient, this device promises the best hair removal results from head to head in a short time.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.
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