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Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device Review (6 Months Results Update)

By Val Le
February 2, 2023
8 minutes

Hello, I’m Valentine, and I’m pleased to see you here. Believe it or not, hair growth on our body is one of the major struggles we go through day in and day out. More serious for those with fast-growing hairs, you’ll need to shave every day to make sure the hairs are kept low. But do you know that this entire process of shaving daily can be time and money-consuming? Well, here’s a solution for you. Ulike hair removal device .

This device was very detailed, and I only used it for about four weeks (* refers to a decrease in hair count within 4 weeks, sourced from third-party laboratory testing reports. Individual results may vary). Oh my goodness! The outcome was astounding. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This looks too good to be true. I’ll go into detail about this device in this post and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Today, you’ll be learning about an important update, a review of the Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device. I know you struggle with hair all over your body. In fact, it has always made you feel uncomfortable. However, you must understand that you’re not alone in this. Hairs are stubborn (like weeds that grow where they’re not wanted). But if you face this problem do not panic anymore. I’m going to reveal a lasting solution that I have used and I can boast of. Whether you believe it or not, this method works. Since I’ve been using this gadget for the past five to six months, this post is actually an update on my usage and results. If you’d like to see my initial review of this equipment and you enjoy IPL, please visit my prior videos and posts.

Before anything else, I really want to show you my before and after pictures which would be proof of the effectiveness of this product. These are the results after six months, so this is where I started and where I am now. I can safely say that the results are amazing. Right now, I barely have any hair at all on my entire body. It worked incredibly and is working so well. I’m currently displaying to you guys pictures of how my arms and legs look and how my hair is currently faring across my entire body. Simply put, I have no hair on my entire body. I do have a few hairs here and there, but they are thin and not as dark as they once were, and there is essentially no hair on my body at all. This is crazily amazing, and the gadget is unquestionably very comfortable to use.

For some people, it’s just impossible to not have hairs all over one’s body. As a matter of fact, hair can be a pain in the neck. However, this little but effective gadget will help you to get rid of all the air around your body.

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Review

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

Guys, I’m really eager to start talking to you in more depth about the U-Like hair removal devices. So, let’s dive in.

Ulike was established in 2013 and has since developed home-use IPL hair removal devices. They are successful and hold the view that hair removal should be nearly painless, easy, and safe. Ulike provides gratifying long-lasting results that are long-lasting, much like cleaning services (but at home), saving you money in the process. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on treatments at beauty salons anymore because this new and effective procedure is simple and nearly painless. You may easily complete it yourself at home and save time and money.

In case you’re new to this, I know what question dangles in your mind right now. What exactly is the IPL? Well, I’ll tell you. IPL is an FDA-approved light treatment that uses powerful pulses of a wide range of polychromatic light to target the melanin in the hair and body follicles that are located all over our bodies. In simple terms, this device removes hair from any part of the body nearly painless and stressful. There is no device in the world that can treat blonde or gray hair, which is why IPL and any other laser or light hair removal technology surely work on pigment on your hair pigmentation.

The Ulike hair removal system’s usage of sapphire ice cooling pattern technology to eliminate pain during treatments is its strongest feature. IPL is thus absolutely secure (it is indeed tested and trusted). This device can be applied to any part of your body, including your arms, legs, armpit, face, and bikini area. Let me use myself as a case study. Due to my dark hair and perhaps incredibly white legs, I’ve seen the finest results on my legs thus far. It looks very much like thick, dark black hair. Consequently, this is the IPL technical team’s best tool. You should definitely look into this one, in my opinion.

Ulike Hair Removal Review

Additionally, you will get better benefits if your skin is lighter and your hair is darker. Even if you have a dark complexion, you will still see results while using this product. However, how black your body hair is pigmented also has a significant impact on the overall outcome.

When you use the IPL technology to treat hair follicles the pigment in the hair absorbs light and converts that energy into heat, which kills the cells responsible for producing new hair. Therefore, it essentially eliminates the growing cells. Once it’s gone, there won’t be any more hair to grow back with treatments, and over time (not immediately after the first session), the hair will regrow more sparsely and slowly with each visit until the hair roots are long-lasting destroyed. The IPL technology for hair removal is safe and effective in numerous clinical trials, and you can start seeing noticeable benefits after just four weeks of using this product.

The reason why I love this product is that it is neither too big nor too small, it’s quite user-friendly, and holding it in your hands feels good. I adore the Sapphire technology and automated mode of operation. The cooling system is also fantastic. This device operates nearly painless. You literally don’t feel the flashes, and I operate on the highest and most powerful setting this gadget allows for. This is how I was able to achieve such excellent results in such a short amount of time. You have seen my results, which are absolutely amazing considering I only use this equipment once a week. I essentially have no body hair, and let me tell you, living without body hair is really different from living with it.

No matter where I’m going, I don’t have to second-guess myself; I can just plainly wear a t-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt and raise my hands whenever I want since I know that even if I haven’t shaved in a week or two, my hair won’t really be visible. I can wear whatever I want and let my spouse touch me whenever he wants, every day of the week, every day of the month, and every day of the year because I hardly have any hair on my body. He is free to touch me wherever he wants without worrying that he may feel a hair or otherwise be uncomfortable.

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Review

Before I started using the IPL hair removal device, I never felt the least bit uneasy when my girlfriends or my husband touched my legs or looked at my arms. I believe I’m not the only one who’s been through this mess. Sometimes you could fill shy or embarrassed at the hairs growing all over your hands and body (especially if you’re the hairy type). As such, I always preferred to wear shirts with long sleeves only because I was quite self-conscious about the hair on my hands because it felt nasty and I was extremely self-conscious about revealing my hands. At some point, I used to bleach my hair blonde to keep it concealed. However, even if you bleach the hair on your hands and the hair on your body blonde, the hair still grows up so that the roots are visible. It functions exactly the same as your head hair until you dye it anything like blonde; otherwise, the roots will show and it will seem odd.

I sometimes used to shave it, but since our hair grows so quickly, you can’t really people touch it and you have to shave every day. But then, shaving every day is annoying. Nevertheless, shaving at least once a day is necessary if you don’t want to feel like a hedgehog. The truth is when you shave every day, both time and money are wasted. Believe me, life is so much better after long-lasting hair removal than it was before you wasted your money on all the sheaves and your time shaving so regularly that your skin is dry (feels like living in a different world).

It’s like how I used to be before having my body’s hair removed from it and who I am now, which is a completely different person. I’ve never felt better about myself. I have the best level of self-worth I’ve ever experienced, and I feel attractive every single day. Your self-esteem will be improved by employing the IPL hair removal technique, which will make you feel even more lovely about yourself. Using an IPL at home, in particular, saves you both money and crucial time. With this gadget, there is absolutely no need to visit any beauty parlors or spend thousands of dollars on other equipment. You merely need to invest in an air removal system.

First of all, it comes packaged in a letter-sized box that is very stunning and that at the very least resembles a Rolex watch box. This is the equipment, which is easy to use and comfortable to grasp and you have to plug the cord in right at the back of the device.

If you’re wondering where to get this device, you can get this gadget in stores like Ulike official website where I strongly believe it’s still in stock.

Why You Should Get It

1. Four weeks of effectiveness

In just four weeks, achieve salon results Enjoy silky skin and visible hair reduction. Continue with biweekly touch-ups after the initial four weeks of treatment to maintain your finest appearance all year. The sapphire-based flat light window technology used by Ulike targets hair at the root while making each flash comfortable and effective.

2. It Has High Recommendations

Dermatologists (* Ulike entered into a commercial arrangement with 2-3 dermatologists, which provided positive reviews) recommendations are just one of the factors that make it their top choice. Influencers also love it for its simplicity of use and outstanding results. The misconception that claimed laser hair removal might lead to cancer is baseless and completely untrue.  In contrast, since the FDA deemed laser hair removal procedures safe in 1997, millions of people have successfully undertaken the procedure with no problems, and Ulike Sapphire AIR series have FDA-Cleared and ready for action.

3. Anyone Can Use It

Ulike is suitable for full-body use, so start tackling those troublesome hairs. Simply choose the amount of heat that is right for you and treat hair on your legs, underarms, bikini line, and other areas.

4. Industry-leading Cooling Technology

Achieve nearly painless, silky, and smooth skin results. U-Like uses medical-grade sapphire ice-touch technology to reduce the temperature at the point of contact with your skin from 158°F to 50°F.

5. Fully Boxed With Your Comfortability on Mind

Want to know what’s in the Box? From the comfort of your couch, achieve great results Device, Razor, and Sunglasses are all included with Ulike Sapphire Air+. You won’t require anything else to feel and look your best throughout the year.


Yes, I will continue to give you updates on this product or any new kinds of promos, discount codes, coupons, deals, and so on that may be available for this product. As you read through this blog post of mine, make sure to check out this product since it will help you overcome skin hair problems. I sincerely hope this piece was helpful to you. Don’t think that’s the end, because there’s more coming your way. I believe I’ll see you all in my next post. I love you all. Valentine.

Val Le
✔ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@valle2783 ✔ Instagram: http://instagram.com/valentinelewis
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