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What Areas Can be Treated with Laser Hair Removal?

By Mariela
April 5, 2023
6 minutes

For some of us, the idea of never having to worry about unwanted hair again sounds like an unattainable dream. From shaving to waxing, hair removal can be downright painful and costly. Plus, results are rarely long-lasting which makes trips to the salon more frequent (and annoying!). But what if you could get rid of that unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home, nearly painlessly? Well, it turns out that you now totally can, and it won’t cost you a fortune either.

However, you might be asking yourself: “How much of my body can I actually use a laser hair removal machine on?” and more importantly, “is it safe?”. If so, you’ve come to the right place, and we’ve got you covered. If you’re interested in learning more about what areas of your body can be treated with laser hair removal, just keep reading this post!

Forget about unwanted facial hair, forever

There is nothing more irritating than having to get your upper lip or chin waxed on the regular. Not only does your face not stay smooth for long, but the hair also grows back thicker and more prominently. Plus, facial hair is one thing that is more noticeable and that cannot be hidden (you know, unlike forgetting to shave your legs).

The good news is that the laser is totally safe to use on your face. You’ll notice results as soon as after the first session. What’s more, being completely hairless will make your skin feel silky smooth to the touch – it’s a win, win!

Tired of shaving your legs? Laser hair removal is the answer

When it comes to living the hair-free dream, most women automatically think about never having to shave their legs again. This is one area of your body where not only is laser hair removal totally safe, but it is most beneficial as well. Just think of all the time you could save in the shower if you never had to worry about leg hair again!

Laser hair removal is completely safe for your upper and lower legs. This area of the body can take a few sessions before seeing significant results but is so worth it in the end.

Get smooth underarms, real quick

One of the most popular parts of the body to get laser hair removal on is undoubtedly the armpits. Shaving your underarms never produces results that last longer and is one part of our beauty regimens we could certainly live without.

Using laser hair removal on your underarms will not only allow you to go days (and eventually weeks and months!) without shaving, but it will also improve the texture of your underarm skin. This area of the body can tend to look dark and discolored, therefore using a laser can help improve texture all the while keeping you clean and hairless. Talk about some serious benefits, right?

Use laser hair removal to treat that unwanted back hair

Men and women alike can agree that they have little desire for (you guessed it) back hair. Whether you want to feel comfortable at the pool or simply prefer to be smooth all over, laser treatment can help you achieve those beauty goals.

Laser hair removal is safe for your bikini area (and Brazilian!)

Many women will agree that having a smooth and bump-free bikini line is the ultimate goal in hair removal. There are many reasons why laser treatments should be the only way you remove hair down there, but let’s start by explaining why you don’t want to use those other methods first.

Shaving, especially in your bikini area or Brazilian, produces bumps, nicks, and often times those dreaded ingrown hairs. Not only is this aesthetically unappealing, but it can be extremely painful too. This is because the skin on this area of your body is especially sensitive and even waxing can cause it to break and/or get irritated. By choosing to laser this area instead, you’re getting rid of the hair long-lastingly and avoiding those dreaded side effects.

Oh, and did we mention the cost of getting that monthly bikini or Brazilian wax? Well, let’s just say that it all adds up. Investing in laser hair removal is not only the most efficient way to get rid of that hair. It is the most cost-effective in the long run, too.

Say goodbye to those annoying toe hairs, too

Nothing ruins a good pedicure like those tiny toe hairs that are a total pain to shave. If you haven’t ever nicked your toes while trying to shave them, congrats! But if you’re like most of us, you’ve definitely experienced a few mishaps when trying to get your feet hair-free.

Luckily, you can laser off those annoying toe hairs and never have to worry about them again.

And last but not least, laser is safe on your stomach & buttocks

One of the reasons so many men and women flock to laser hair removal is because it is way more efficient at removing hair from areas where you would typically have trouble shaving or waxing. Not to mention, areas where you’d prefer not to have to constantly be at the salon.

When it comes to stubborn hair on your stomach and/or buttocks, laser treatments are the way to go. What’s more, it is completely safe to treat these areas with a laser hair removal machine. In fact, you’ll experience less irritation by opting for laser on these parts of your body than you would if you chose to shave or wax them!

Ready to change your beauty game with laser hair removal?

Being hairless means more than no more razors and no more wax sessions. It also means no more bumps, no more ingrown hairs, and no more irritated skin. Traditional methods of hair removal can be especially damaging to your skin over time, which is another reason why opting for laser hair removal is the right move.

As we’ve mentioned above, you can laser essentially every part of your body without having to worry that you’re compromising the health of your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Silky smooth and hairless skin awaits you, gorgeous!


1. What kind of laser hair removal device is better?

It all depends on what your hair removal goals are and what your skin tone and hair color is. The Ulike Sapphire Air3 and Air+ are ideal if you have a light skin tone (i.e. fair, medium, or brown) and is suitable for dark hair colors. Plus, these machines are very user-friendly and allow you to treat your entire body in about 10 minutes!

It is important to know that if you have gray or blonde hair or a dark skin tone, IPL laser hair removal devices may not be effective for you.

2. What is the price of a laser hair removal device?

The beautiful and effective Ulike hair removal devices range from $359 to $379 This is much more cost-effective than frequent trips to the salon for waxing or clinical laser hair removal.

3. What hair removal device is most recommended?

All of the Ulike hair removal devices are safe, effective, and extremely easy to use. However, the new Ulike Sapphire Air3 Purple IPL laser has patented sapphire ice-cooling technology that makes laser hair removal even more comfortable on your skin. On top of that, it has 3 comfort levels you can adjust as you wish. The Ulike Sapphire Air+ devices will also bring you salon-like results in the comfort of your own home with 5 different levels of hair removal intensity.

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