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What Happens if You Never Shave Your Pubic Hair?

By Mariela
March 8, 2024
6 minutes
What Happens if You Never Shave Your Pubic Hair?

The grooming of our hair whether it is in visible parts of the body like arms, legs, and face or hidden areas like bikini and pubes should always be a personal choice. However, do you ever wonder what if you do not remove the hair and keep it untouched? 

Will it interfere with your personal hygiene, irritate your skin, or become a source of embarrassment? So, let us find out the answers related to unwanted hair and its grooming. In this article, we will particularly talk about what happens if you never shave your pubic hair.  

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What Happens if You Never Shave Your Pubic Hair?

What Happens if You Never Shave Your Pubic Hair?Before talking about what happens if you never shave your pubic hair, let us tell you an interesting fact – Sikhs (people following a religion from India) are not allowed to cut any hair from their body, including pubic hair. As they live just fine with the intimate hair, so can you if you decide to keep it unremoved. 

Furthermore, let us elaborate on why you can stop shaving your pubic hair here. 

  • No Specific Benefits: Removing pubic hair provides no benefits other than smooth skin down there. You can choose to shave it off, trim it, or leave it as it is as none of these options is going to affect your life significantly. 
  • Personal Preference: Body hair is a very private thing. It is between you and you. Therefore, it is completely fine if you prefer unshaved pubes.
  • No Medical Benefits: Shaving pubic hair is not associated with better hygiene or any medical benefits. Rather, shaving might give you infections and cuts.
  • There Should be No Peer Pressure: If you are going through puberty, you might feel like everyone has shaved pubes. But do not let it get you into shaving the intimate area if you do not want it.
  • Cultural and Religious Concerns: As we talked about earlier, some people do not shave their pubes for their entire lives because of religious purposes. You can do that as well as long as you are satisfied with the hair.

Part 2: 8 Benefits of not Shaving Pubic Hair 

Let us talk about the benefits of pubic hair and why it is better not to shave it. Also, if you want to know How to Remove Pubic Hair Without Shaving Females? Here is your answer.

1. Let it do its Job

Let it do its JobKeep the pubic hair on and let it do the job it exists for. Now you will wonder what that job is, right? Well, it is to protect your skin from the friction caused by your clothes, undergarments, and even sexual activities.

Additionally, pubic hair helps in the production and retention of natural oils in your skin. As a result, your pubic skin stays moisturized. 

2. No Side Effects of Hair Removal Methods 

No Side Effects of Hair Removal Methods Yes, the hairless pubic area feels smooth and healthy immediately after you are done shaving. But how does it feel a few days afterward? Irritating and uncomfortable as the hair grows back, right?

Additionally, hair removal methods can cause concerns by giving you cuts, skin redness, ingrown hair, and pain. Thus, avoiding pubic hair removal can be more suitable for you.

3. Regulation of Physical Temperature 

Pubic hair ensures that your pubic and vaginal region is never too cold or hot. It acts as a layer of insulator that traps the heat during winters and dissipates it during summers. Therefore, it helps in temperature regulation of your intimate areas.

4. Prevents Against STD

Smooth pubic skin means a barrier-less space for the disastrous bacteria to enter into your vagina and cause sexually transmitted diseases with little to no cure. In contrast, vaginal hair traps the bacteria before they could get into your reproductive organs and prevent such diseases.

5. As Hygienic as Hairless Pubes

One of the reasons people remove pubic hair is that they consider it unclean. But that is not the case. Pubic hair can be hygienic if you keep it clean. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the cleanliness of pubic hair and not get rid of it to give yourself a false sense of relief. 

6. Stops Pubic Itching 

Stops Pubic Itching When the pubic hair grows back after shaving, the thick and coarse hair with blunt ends can irritate the skin and make it itch so bad that you end up regretting it. You can save yourself from this itching by giving up on shaving.

Additionally, if you already have itchy pubes, here is How to Stop Pubic Hair Itching When Growing Back Female.

7. Controls Sweat Production 

In contrast to what you might assume, pubic hair does not increase sweat production, it controls the sweat by regulating body temperature. 

Furthermore, it can trap the sweat that is produced naturally, help in its evaporation, and give a cooling sensation while preventing this sweat from reaching your skin.

8. Saving Money 

Last but not least, what could be better than not having to spend so much on expensive intimate moisturizers, shaving creams, razors, and other hair removal products? So, say goodbye to shaving pubic hair and spend that money on something you enjoy.

Also, find out Why Does Pubic Hair Grow So Fast?

Part 3: How to Clean Pubic Hair?

Although shaving the pubic hair is not mandatory, keeping it clean is a must to maintain the health of your intimate region. Therefore, let us help you clean your pubic region with the following tips. 

1. Warm Water Wash

Warm Water WashThe best thing you can use to keep the pubic hair clean is washing it with warm water regularly. No cold water as it won’t be effective in removing impurities and no hot water as it might burn your skin. Just adjust the temperature of the water from lukewarm to warm and wash the intimate areas whenever you shower.

Also, you can use a pH-balancing intimate wash or fragrance-free soap for better hygiene. 

2. Clean with Wash Clothes 

Clean with Wash ClothesAlthough cleansing the pubic region every time after using the bathroom is not common, we recommend you adopt this habit to ensure the ultimate hygiene of pubic hair. Keep some 

3. Use Fragrances-Free Products

Never let deodorants, talcum powder, shampoo, scented body washes, or soaps come in contact with the pubic hair. These products can irritate the skin and alter the pH of pubes giving way to bacterial growth and infection. So, always try using minimal, gentle, and fragrance-free products. 

4. Wear Breathable Undergarments

Wear Breathable UndergarmentsOne thing you can do to help the pubic hair function well without being restricted is to provide it with the right environment. And the right environment is breathable undergarments made of natural material like cotton or silk. Synthetic materials like nylon can prevent ventilation and increase the temperature of the pubic region.

5. Keep Pubic Area Dry 

Always dry the pubic hair completely after taking a shower, hitting the gym, or swimming. Ensure that your pubic hair contains no moisture or remnants of intimate products before you put on your clothes.

For this, use a towel or tissue and tap the pubic hair dry. Do not use a hair dryer or similar products.


We, as mammals, develop hair on the body, and thick hair in our intimate regions is to protect the sensitive parts from any kind of potential damage. Therefore, you can choose not to shave your pubic hair. However, take necessary measures to keep it clean and dry.

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