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What is Epilation, Its After-Care, Alternative, and More

March 4, 2024
7 minutes
What is Epilation, Its After-Care, Alternative, and More

Hair removal is one of the essential parts of personal grooming. Whether it is the hair on your face, legs, or intimate areas, removing it is important for appearance, performance, comfort, and hygiene.

As the world becomes advanced, more and more hair removal methods are introduced while many old methods are being improved as well. One such method is epilation which helps you remove undesired body and facial hair from the roots.

Therefore, learn what is epilation, how it works, how it differs from depilation, and if it is worth the hype with us.

Without further ado, let us get straight into the basics of epilation.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is Epilation?

Epilation means “the loss or removal of the hair”. When grooming yourself, epilation refers to eliminating hair from the roots.

While waxing, threading, and tweezing all come under the process of epilation, most women use electric devices called epilators to get rid of unwanted hair. These devices have the advantage that they only work on unwanted hair leaving your skin untouched.

Epilators have rotating coils and plates that hold the hair and remove it from the roots by application of mechanical force. Consequently, your skin stays hairless until new hair follicles generate and grow hair which takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Furthermore, epilation is one of the most convenient methods as there is minimal skin preparation, required tools, and after-care. However, you have to be well prepared for the extreme pain that comes with quick epilation.

Part 2: What is the Difference Between Depilation and Epilation?

What is the Difference Between Depilation and Epilation

Many times, people confuse two methods that rhyme with each other, epilation and depilation. However, let us clarify that both are different. We will give an overview of their comparison here. If you want to know more about it, check out Depilator vs. Epilator: What’s the Difference?

What is Depilation?

Depilation is defined as the removal of hair from the surface of the skin. This method does not involve hair roots or follicles. It only stays on the top of the skin’s surface and cuts the hair strands.

Epilation Vs. Depilation

Let us address your confusion about these hair removal methods below.

The Procedure:

Epilation is the removal of the hair from the roots. It means the whole hair strand is eliminated along with its follicle. In contrast, depilation only works on the part of the hair strand that is visible on the surface of the skin and it does not affect hair follicles or roots.

Methods Used:

Epilation can be done with every hair removal method that acts on the roots. Such methods include using epilators waxing, sugaring, tweezing, threading, and even DIY masks like gelatin and milk.

Out of all these methods, the use of electric devices is mostly associated with the word “epilation”. Therefore, give Epilator vs. Waxing Hair Removal: Which is Better? To know why is it so.

On the other hand, depilation is classified into 2 methods; chemical depilation and non-chemical depilation. Chemical depilation involves the usage of hair removal creams, sprays, and foams that dissolve the keratin in the hair to remove it.

Non-chemical depilation is the usage of electric razors or shaving razors that cut the hair strand.

Duration of Results:

Let us ask you, which method of hair removal will last longer? The one that removes the full hair strand or the one that only cuts the hair halfway through its length? The method that removes the full strand, right?

Well, yes. Epilation lasts for up to a month while hair regrows back within 3 to 7 days with depilation.


Both epilation and depilation are convenient. The experience differs when it comes to pain and other side effects.

While you do not need to use any lubricating agent as epilators can be used on both wet and dry skin, epilation is painful. On the other hand, depilation is nearly painless. But you should always prepare your skin well for depilation.

Furthermore, epilation makes skin prone to inflammation, infection, and even scarring while depilation is associated with razor cuts, chemical burns, and ingrown hair.

Part 3: After Epilation Care

You just need to gently press the epilator against your skin and let it do its job of grabbing and removing unwanted hair. But what to do after you are done removing objectionable hair from your body?

Well, here are some aftercare tips for epilation for the epilator.

  • As soon as you complete your hair removal session, clean your epilator. Ensure that it has no leftover hair or impurities. You can use a brush to clean the epilator and wash its waterproof parts like the head.
  • After cleaning, let the epilator dry and store it so that it is as good as new when you use it the next time.

Let us also see some tips to pamper your body after hair removal.

  • Wash your body with lukewarm or cold water to rinse off the removed hair from it.
  • When your body is slightly damp, apply a lightweight yet nourishing lotion.
  • Enjoy your smooth flawless skin for up to 7 days as that is the time when hair will start growing back.
  • In the start, use an epilator every week so that hair is the perfect length to be removed without causing pain.
  • As epilators slow down hair growth and make them regrow symmetrically after subsequent sessions, you can use them once every 3 weeks.

Part 4: How Long Does Epilation Last?

How Long Does Epilation Last

Do you wonder Does an Epilator Long-lastingly Removes Hair or Reduce Hair Growth? Let us answer that for you. No, it does not. Your hair just becomes invisible for a few weeks. However, they are still growing in the follicles and come out of the pores as they become long enough.

Duration of the Results

It is important to note that hair growth is different in different people. Moreover, not all hair strands are in the same phase of the hair growth cycle when you remove them. Therefore, there is diversity in the duration of the result of an epilator.

On average, the results of hair removal with an epilator last for 1 to 1.5 months. Skin is not completely hairless during this time. You will start noticing patches of hair growing after 1 week and hair becomes more visible after 3 weeks.

Factors Affecting the Hair Regrowth

As you know hair regrowth differs among people, and here are some reasons why.

  • Ethnicity: Ethnicity is strongly associated with genes and hair growth patterns of the people of your race.
  • Family History: Family history is a combination of heredity and environment. Both of these factors play an important role in determining the rate of hair growth.
  • Diet: An unhealthy diet and obesity are linked with an imbalance in the hormones and this can lead to faster hair regrowth.
  • Medications: If you are taking any medicine that either alters the level of steroid hormones in your body or stimulates the hair follicles, you will notice thick hair growing quickly after hair removal.
  • Stress: Stress increases the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a steroidal hormone that can affect hair growth.
  • Hormones: Any condition associated with hormonal status increases hair regrowth. It could be PCOS, hirsutism, adrenal disorders, and more.

Part 5: Eplilation Alternative: Ulike IPL hair removal

Ulike IPL hair removal

Two of the major disadvantages of epilators are the painful hair removal experience and quick 1-3 weeks hair regrowth. Therefore, Ulike Air3 IPL Hair Removal is designed for you if you want to give up on epilation or even depilation and experience nearly painless and long-lasting hair removal.


Ulike Air3 IPL hair removal devices flash lightrays with an energy output of 21 J. This high light energy is converted into heat when it interacts with your hair follicles. As a result, the follicles are burned and destroyed leaving you with slow hair regrowth and smooth skin after using it for a few weeks.


Ulike Air3 is an IPL device produced by paying attention to the consumer’s needs and concerns with the help of dermatologists. Thus, this FDA-cleared device is not only safe for your skin but also efficient.


In contrast to the time-consuming treatments with epilators, Ulike is super fast. Imagine being able to achieve full body hair removal in less than 15 minutes. That i what Ulike Air3 IPL can do for you.


Ulike might cost twice to thrice the price of average epilators, but it lasts much longer than them. You can buy Ulike Air3 at $259 at a discount and $329 at full price.

Its endless flashes and durable manufacturing give it a lifespan of over 50 years.


Ulike sapphire Air3 IPL hair removal handset is the name of luxury and comfort. It offers salon-like results at home without breaching your privacy. Also, it can be used on every part of the body where hair grows from head to toe including bikini lines and intimate areas.

Moreover, its comfort levels and ice-cooling technology ensure that you feel good no matter where you are using it.


We talked about epilation and some methods to achieve hair removal with epilator in this article. Now you must be aware that epilation removes the hair from the roots allowing its results to last for up to a month.

But it is extremely painful and time-consuming at the same time. Not to mention the skin redness, swelling, bumps, and folliculitis it can cause when not used appropriately.

Regardless of the pros and cons of epilation, we have to agree that it might be the best method for some women while the worst for others. Therefore, it is always a wise move to try a hair removal method yourself to find out if it works for you.

Welcome to Ulike! We hope our expertise can bring value to you.
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