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Why Does Pubic Hair Grow So Fast?

By Mariela
December 26, 2023
5 minutes
Why Does Pubic Hair Grow So Fast?

Humans have been growing pubic hair since old times and there are several benefits of that. The pubic region is very delicate and the presence of pubic hair helps secure the sensitive and vital parts. A lot of people have observed that their pubic hair grows faster than hair on other body parts. Furthermore, a lot of people ask why pubic hair grows so fast after shaving. They claim that their pubic hair regrowth rate rose after shaving.

Therefore, this article highlights the reasons why pubic hair grows faster than other hair and why it seems to regrow faster after shaving, which is a mere misconception. Table of Contents:

Understanding The Science Behind Hair Growth

Understanding The Science Behind Hair GrowthHair follicles are responsible for the growth of hair. These follicles act as the root of hair. Hair goes through different stages of growth including:

  • Growth: At this stage, the hair actively increases in length.
  • Rest: Hair length doesn’t increase and stays at the current length.
  • Shedding: The hair falls from the roots, irrespective of its length.

Hair Growth Speed On Different Body Parts

Hair tends to grow at different speeds on different body parts.

  • Scalp Hair: ~1.25 cm per month
  • Facial Hair (Beard/Mustache): ~1.25 cm per month
  • Armpit Hair: ~0.25 cm per month
  • Pubic Hair: ~0.25 cm per month
  • Body Hair (Legs, Arms, Chest, Back): ~0.25 cm per month

What’s The Correlation Between Shaving and Hair Growth?

What’s The Correlation Between Shaving and Hair Growth?People ask why does my pubic hair grow so fast female and male after shaving? Shaving doesn’t increase hair regrowth speed. It creates an illusion of hair regrowing faster. Here’s why:

  1. Hair regrows with a blunt tip after shaving. This triggers an illusion that the hair is regrowing coarser and thicker.
  2. Shaved hair feels different when touched and the color darkens. Shaving allows uniform regrowth, which is why people assume that hair density has increased.

What’s the Stubble Effect After Shaving?

What's the Stubble Effect After Shaving?The stubble effect is the perception of hair regrowing at a faster speed after shaving or waxing due to the blunt tips of the regrowing hair. Many people ask why my pubic hair grows back so fast after waxing or shaving, which is a misconception. Hair doesn’t regrow faster.

The stubble effect can trigger a visualization of improved hair regrowth for several reasons:

  1. After shaving, the contrast of the skin becomes smooth and soft. When coarse hair regrows, it gives an illusion that the hair is growing strong, healthy, dense, and quick.
  2. Shaving gives a fresh start to all the hair follicles to regrow hair. All the hair starts regrowing from the same length, giving a uniform length to all. This creates an illusion that all the hair is regrowing faster.

Hair Regrowth Rate Varies From One Individual To Another

Hair Regrowth Rate Varies From One Individual To AnotherDifferent people grow hair at different speeds and several factors are working behind this fact, which include:

  1. Genetics: Genetics play a different role in hair growth speed. One popular example is girls who can grow noticeably longer hair than other girls just because of the genes they got from their mothers.
  2. Hormones: Androgens are responsible for the rate of hair growth, which is why males notice their hair regrowth rate quicker than females due to higher androgen levels.
  3. Age: Young people see a faster hair growth speed than old people.
  4. Overall health: Healthy people with a good balance of nutrition in their body will grow hair faster than undernourished ones.
  5. Environmental factors: People living in a fresh and clean environment are expected to grow hair at a faster speed than those living in a polluted area.

Managing Pubic Hair Regrowth After Shaving

One should manage their pubic area properly after shaving to avoid unfruitful results.

  1. Exfoliation at regular intervals will help avoid ingrown hair.
  2. Avoid using scented products because fragrances can irritate freshly shaved skin, especially on the pubic area.
  3. Keeping the pubic area well moisturized after shaving will help it stay away from dehydration and further skin issues.
  4. Loose clothing will keep the pubic area ventilated and will avoid unnecessary sweating.
  5. In case of irritation, redness, inflammation, or any other type of discomfort, it’s best to apply aloe vera gel to get immediate relief. Combining it with coconut oil will help heal any wounds or cuts at a microscopic level. However, coconut oil may help hair regrow faster upon regular use.
  6. Consider trimming regularly instead of shaving every time. This will discourage hair from getting long, reducing the need to shave.

Long-term Hair Removal Method- Ulike

UlikeShaving and waxing the pubic area is risky and time-consuming, which is why IPL hair removal becomes a better option for those looking for a long-term hair removal effect on their pubic area. Ulike IPL hair removal is an innovative technology that a person can use at home.

It’s a handheld device that triggers intense pulse lights that reach the hair follicles and damage them. Its function resembles salon-like laser hair removal treatment. Ulike IPL treatment holds these benefits:

  • A user-friendly device that can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Each session is very quick and it takes just 8 to 11 sessions to get long-lasting results.
  • IPL is safe in sensitive areas including the pubic region.


Pubic hair doesn’t grow faster after shaving. Instead, it’s a visual illusion arising out of the blunt tip of the hair and a variation in the contrast between freshly shaved skin and darker hair. Due to these illusions, one can develop a misconception that their pubic hair is growing faster. However, to achieve a long-lasting hair-free pubic area, one can opt for a Ulike laser hair removal device, which promises months of hair-free skin if the treatment is proper. Furthermore, a person needs to understand that everyone grows hair at a different speed, and following the right aftercare routine after shaving holds great importance.

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