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5MinSkin vs. Nood: Which Hair Removal is Better for You?

By Viktoria
February 23, 2023
8 minutes

If achieving long-lasting or semi-long-lasting hairlessness is your goal, you are either rooting for laser or IPL treatment. Both methods can drastically reduce, delay, and stop hair growth if used meticulously.

When you search online for hair removal gadgets, especially on Amazon, you cannot miss 5MinSkin and The Noodist Kit. That is because they are two of the most prominent devices people and professionals now use to help folks remove objectionable hairs from their bodies.

But while 5MinSkin works with laser technology, The Noodist Kit uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Of course, light is involved in both technologies, but slightly differently. Before returning to the two tools, let’s briefly see how both technologies play out.

Laser vs. IPL: How Do They Differ?


Laser hair removal involves flashing monochromatic, non-divergent light of a single wavelength into the hair roots to set it into a resting phase. IPL, on the other hand, utilizes polychromatic, divergent lights of many wavelengths to eliminate unwanted hairs from the skin.

As it goes, lasers can be precise for the targeted pigment of the skin, but it isn’t as versatile as IPL, whose lights are of broad spectrum, divergent, and with several wavelengths. An easy way to differentiate the two is to remember that Laser lights are pigment-specific, while IPLs are not.

Now, back to the two devices we are considering – 5MinSkin and The Noodist Kit. Which of these two devices is better for you?

If you are a newbie to these two hair removers, you will first want to know what they are before getting hooked on which is better. Here is a brief introduction to each gadget.

5minskin Description

5minskin is a handheld laser hair removal device that flashes filtered lights into the skin to eliminate unwanted hair. The device is white-colored, broad in the middle, and slightly tapered at the ends.

The flash button is center-placed and separated from the rest of the device by a golden boundary, and there is a small indicator at the end that shows when the device is on and its operation level.

The Noodist Kit

the noodist kit

In contrast to 5minskin, The Noodist Kit is an IPL hair removal package consisting of an IPL flasher, two exfoliating paste bottles called The Revealer, and two post-treatment soothing aloes called The Reviver.

The leading device, the flasher, compares with the 5minskin by being significantly white with its cap separated by a golden circle.

The Nood’s IPL flasher features a conspicuous digital display that reveals the device’s operation level and other necessary details while at work.

5minskin vs. The Nood: Which one is Better for You?

Deciding the better between these two hair removers depends on certain factors, some of which rely on the user. Here, I will compare them based on some performance indices, which will guide your selection process. Let’s go through these comparisons together.

  1. Skin Tone Compatibility: Winner – 5minskin

Hair removers work best on compatible skin and hair tones. And for most IPL technologies, the main setback has been the selectivity of skin tones. Not every skin and hair combination can use IPL, and most manufacturers of these technology-dependent gadgets will always include a tone chart for buyers.

5minskin outsmarts The Nood by being compatible with all skin and hair tones. You don’t have to start reading charts or checking whether it would work with your ginger or blonde hair; the handset works on all skin tones.

Nevertheless, if you hope to remove grey hairs with 5minskin, it won’t work. That’s because grey hairs are often non-pigmented, and light-dependent hair removal technologies like 5minskin and IPL flashers needed pigmentation.

  1. Safety Cleared: Winner – The Noodist Kit

If there’s an assurance you want to get while using any modern technology on your skin, it would be that such is safe. These days when cancer is rampant, you don’t want to take any risks that will leave you regretting. Besides, flashing lights into your skin sounds like something capable of causing a burning sensation.

While both devices assure absolute safety, The Noodist Kit proves this assertion by securing FDA cleared. Of course, if you know the workings of the FDA, you will understand the test rigors devices and drugs go through before they certify such as safe for human consumption.

Therefore, if you want something beyond mere assertion, The Noodist kit gives that. While 5minskin is also safe for personal use, the FDA hasn’t officially said so.

  1. Time Taken To Produce Results: Winner – The Noodist Kit

Here, I compare both devices based on the number of treatments needed and when you will start noticing hair reduction. For 5minskin, the recommended usage frequency is once a week, and it will take 12 uses (three months) for you to achieve complete hairlessness with it.

In contrast, Nood recommends using its IPL flasher twice weekly for the first two months for long-lasting removal. It then says you can perform maintenance flashing once every three months afterward to keep your new hair status. In practice, it takes eight weeks or less to start seeing results.

Based on this, The Noodist Kit wins because it takes less time than the 5minskin device to produce results. It has your back if you are in haste to see that unwanted hair off.

  1. The convenience of Use: Winner – A tie

5minskin vs. nood

The two devices are pretty easy and convenient to use at home. You don’t need any technical expertise or experience to use the two gadgets, and they are both portable.

Similarly, both devices require little or no maintenance, and their manufacturers promise to refund users who feel dissatisfied with them after 90 days of use.

  1. What’s in the Box: Winner – The Noodist Kit

When you pay for a product, you want to be sure it’s worth the money. The Noodist kit is more than just a hair-removal package; it is also a skincare product. In its box, you will find The Flasher 2.0 (the IPL handset), two 3.3 oz exfoliants called The Revealer, and two 3.3 oz after-treatment aloe soothing creams called The Reviver.

All these ensure you have perfectly glowing skin devoid of objectionable hairs. The Revealer consists of aloe vera and chamomile extracts, which help combat inflammation and redness that may ensue for sensitive skin. Of course, the charging accessories and eye protection are also in the box.

The 5minskin only comes with the handset and charging accessories. There are no pre or post-treatment skincare products, except for the eye protection that is also included. Therefore, if you need to moisturize or exfoliate your skin before or after treatment, you must purchase the necessary items separately.

  1. Price: Winner – 5minskin

Every buyer wants the best product at the least possible price. The more a product costs, the less patronage it may enjoy, especially for people on tight budgets. 5minskin carries the day here because it costs $364 (without discounts), while The Noodist kit costs $473 (without discounts). That is a difference of $109.

But we should fair a bit to Nood because its IPL flasher alone without the skincare package is $299. That would have been $65 cheaper than a 5minskin laser handset. However, since the skincare additions contribute to the overall worth of the kit, we cannot exclude its price obligations.

Therefore, if the price is an essential consideration in your choice, you are better off with 5minskin.

  1. Design and Speed of Use: Winner – Nood

While both products appear to follow almost similar design and color combinations, Nood’s flasher edges 5minskin out with its full digital display that gives you an idea of your speed level. It is also slightly longer and more ergonomic than 5minskin.

Based on their makers’ assertions, it will take from 5 to 10 minutes to thoroughly treat your two legs, arms, and face with the two handsets. So there is no difference in the speed of use of the two devices. However, from practice, this isn’t true.

Given the narrow heads of the two products, you may spend up to 10 minutes flashing your two legs alone. Therefore, you can plan for 20 to 30 minutes per session if you want to be meticulous.

  1. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Winner – 5minskin

Besides the price and design, one of your primary concerns is determining whether the product works. Customer Reviews are one of the best ways to ascertain that and avoid deceptions often accompanying advertisements.

From 1,108 reviews of past customers, 5minskin is rated 4.8/5.0, with many people posting the transformation they’ve gotten within days of using the laser flasher. The common praises of buyers are the convenience of use, fast turnaround, and efficiency that this device affords.

Nood, on its part, has 4.97/5.0 ratings from 128 reviews. This rating will likely drop significantly if the number of reviewers increases. While many praise the efficiency of the flasher, a handful of buyers complained about the need to shave first before using the flasher. The eight-week hairlessness benchmark is a half-truth for some because it takes much longer.

5minskin vs. The Noodist Kit: Which is Better for You?

The empirical data used for comparison above clearly shows that The Noodist kit is better overall than 5minskin. However, that doesn’t make it better for you.

For instance, if your skin and hair tones are unsuitable for an IPL treatment, your best choice is the 5minskin laser handset. Again, 5minskin is also your best option if you consider the cost.

Therefore, it all comes down to your skin tone, sensitivity, and budget.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.

But There is a Better Alternative!

Yes, your choices are more than the two products above. You can expand your horizon and shoot for a better hair removal product currently making the wave in the market:

Ulike Sapphire Air+ Dark Green IPL Hair Removal Handset.


Below are the advantages of this IPL hair removal over the two others earlier compared.

  • Visible Results in Just a Month

Yes, you read that correctly. This Ulike IPL hair remover removes spiky bushes that disfigure your legs, bikini lines, and underarms and leaves them salon-smooth year-round.

Based on SGS reports, if you use this flasher as instructed, your hair length decreases by -78.62%, hair density by -90.37%, and hair quantity by -54.55%, all within four weeks. With consistent use, you achieve 100% homelessness within a few months.

  • Bye to Zapping

With Ulike, you will not feel even the tiniest bit of pain. That’s possible because of its patented Sapphire ice-cooling technology that controls the temperature on your skin’s surface, making it an ideal device for sensitive skin.

  • Suitable for All Skin

Its five flashing graduations apply to your face, biking, armpits, arms, and legs. So, if you want a device that is not just suitable for a body part, choose Ulike.

  • Effective & Affordable

Jilt the salons and get the feeling right in your home with this device. It’s not cheap, but it’s affordable, considering the lifelong usefulness it offers. Despite its super performance, it is cheaper than the previous two products. A single Ulike Sapphire IPL handset provides one million flashes that can last even two users a lifetime.

  • Dermatologists and FDA Cleared

Health professionals caring for the skin have examined Ulike and found it safe and effective for personal use. It is also FDA-cleared for effectiveness and safety. As such, you can confidently use it without any fear.

You can see the table below for a comparison of how the three hair removal products fare.



The Noodist Kit








Lifetime flashes





FDA Cleared?



Yes & Dermatologically cleared


Turnaround Time

12 weeks

8 weeks

4 weeks



2 years

2 years

2 years

A tie

What’s in the box

Laser handset, eye protector, and charging accessories

IPL flasher, The Reviver, The Revealer, charging accessories, eye protector

IPL flasher, eye protector

The Noodist kit


Ulike Saphhire IPL handset is a disruptor to the status quo in the hair-removing niche. Its simple design, ergonomics, effectiveness, and safety are new standards that others will take time to match.

Most valuable IPL device which you can buy Today.
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