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Philips Lumea Advanced vs. Prestige: Which IPL Hair Removal is Better?

By Laura
March 10, 2023
8 minutes

As you already know, Intense Pulsed Light is referred to as IPL. Philips Lumea uses soft light pulses to put the hair follicle into a resting phase by delivering them to the hair root and the result is a progressive reduction in the amount of hair that develops on your body. Repeating the procedure over time results in gorgeously hair-free and touchably smooth skin. As more devices are made, people begin to wonder which is a better option for them. As a result, I’ll show you some of the differences between the premium Lumea Prestige and Lumea Advanced in this comparison review as well as the reasons why it wins.

Longer Lifespan: Prestige Is the Winner!

The Advanced and previous Prestige models both produce 250,000 flashes. However, a mind-blowing 450,000 flashes are produced by the later Prestige versions from the 9000 series. Over 200 or 15 years’ worth of monthly whole-body top-up sessions will be provided by each model. However, you won’t require top-ups all that regularly for the majority of people. That’s because your skin maintains its smoothness for several months at a period, and even for up to a year if you’ve completed a year of maintenance top-ups. So, it’s possible that you’ll only require top-ups a few times a year. Hence, despite the fact that 450,000 flashes sound significantly better than 250,000 flashes, none of these models will ever run out of flashes.

Shape & Design: No Winner!

Because of their different pistol designs, the Prestige and Advanced are both quite pleasant to grip. Their natural, strain-free grip is simple to use and allows for accurate positioning. The trigger flash button is positioned just so for a cozy, stable grip. And the straightforward controls are visible on top.

Lightweight: Advanced is the Winner!

Advancd In comparison to the Advanced, the Prestige is a tiny bit bigger and heavier. Nonetheless, they feel very different because the Advanced is significantly lighter and slightly smaller than the Prestige. This is due to the fact that the Prestige features a rechargeable lithium battery inside that enables cordless use in addition to mains power. Despite being precisely balanced and comfy to work around your body, it only weighs 560g while the Advanced weighs 370g.

Battery Power: Prestige is the Winner!

Both devices utilize mains power to operate and have cables of high quality, around 2 meters long, thick, and flexible. They don’t twist or tangle when in use, but they are simple to wrap up. However, as I stated earlier, the Prestige features a rechargeable lithium battery inside that enables cordless use in addition to mains power. This gives it an edge over the Advance. The bases of each handle may safely accommodate the power lines for each. Also, the Prestige’s extra-long handle keeps the cable well out of the way as you move it around your body where as the cable occasionally gets in the way because the Advanced handle is a little shorter.

Power & Safety: Prestige is the Winner!

Depending on your skin tone, both devices have 5 intensity levels to choose from. One is low, and five is high. The levels can be cycled through by pressing the power or flash button. The Prestige has a tiny edge over the Advanced in terms of power so it requires noticeably less effort. This is because, if you have fair skin and can use the maximum intensity levels, you’ll need fewer and less frequent top-ups to maintain your smoothness after you’ve finished your start-up treatments. The power intensity range for the Lumea Prestige is 2.5 to 6.5 J/cm2 while the power intensity range for the Lumea Advanced is 2.5 to 5 J/cm2. The five IPL intensity settings of the Philips Lumea Prestige and Advanced are selectable via the straightforward controls on top of the device.

CE Certification: No Winner!

Both models have undergone home-use safety testing and have received CE certification. Inbuilt UV filters and skin contact sensors prevent unintentional flashes from coming too close to your eyes. Moreover, they shield darker skin tones too. Just put it that the Advanced is safe for Fitzpatrick types I to IV and the Prestige for light to medium dark skin tones (types I to V).

Better Sensor: Prestige is the Winner

Prestige Each includes a skin tone sensor, and if your skin is too dark, it won’t flash. The Smartskin sensor on the Prestige, however, is more sophisticated because it also suggests the ideal intensity level out of 5 based on the color of your skin. After applying it to your skin, press the button. The skin tone sensor determines your optimal IPL intensity level based on your skin tone and highlights it. If you have different skin tones throughout your body, this cool feature would do just great. That eliminates any uncertainty. Also, you can manually decrease it by one or two notches in more delicate places.

Professional flash windows: No Winner!

The flash windows on the Advanced and Prestige are adjustable to fit various body parts. The flat attachments on the Advanced models are provided in several sizes, and they work well. The small 2 c㎡ face flash window and large 4 c㎡ flat body with integrated red filter work well together. The Prestige, on the other hand, has curved flash windows that fit your various body curves for simpler flashes.

Quicker Session Times: Prestige is the Winner!

The operation of both gadgets is literally the same. Just press the flash button when the window is pressed up against your skin. After it flashes, move it to the next location by the height of the flash window and let it flash once more. As you move the window along your skin, you can keep the flash button depressed to get continuous flashes.

The two gadgets’ flashing rates, however, are not exactly the same. Sessions with the Prestige move along much more quickly. Every 3.5 seconds, the Lumea Advanced flashes meaning that you can complete a full leg with the utmost effort in just under 20 minutes, but a full-body workout takes more than an hour.

On the other hand, The Lumea Prestige produces flashes every two seconds (used corded). And on the best setting, you can complete a full leg in around 10 minutes and your entire body in under 40. The speed is controlled and consistent, and it corresponds to the shape and design of the device. Hence it’s simple to settle into a reliable cadence for thorough coverage. This is undoubtedly a great option for removing hair from the face, smaller sections of the body, and particularly the entire body. The difference in session times is indeed significant. While not the quickest at-home IPL you can get, the Prestige isn’t too far behind.

Treatment plans & expected result: Prestige is the Winner!

Prestige 2 To acquire smooth skin, use the Prestige for 4 or 5 sessions, one every 2 weeks (taking up to 8 weeks). A full-body workout lasts about 40 minutes. However, to acquire smooth skin, use the Advanced for 4 or 5 sessions, one every 2 weeks (taking up to 8 weeks). A full-body workout lasts more than an hour.

After a few sessions, you’ll notice that hairs are growing slower, softer, finer, and lighter during the start-up period. Without ruthless stubble, rashes, or ingrown hairs, shaving is simpler. Bald patches eventually develop and enlarge. These effects could be noticeable right away or more gradually over time. Also, the speed of results can vary by body part.

After that, start top-up sessions. You will require these on a monthly or bimonthly basis for both the Prestige and the Advanced. After the same amount of top-ups, the Prestige’s slightly stronger IPL means you’ll receive results that last longer than the Advanced. Between the two devices, the easier home IPL systems for huge areas and full-body treatments are the Prestige. The Advanced is best suited to your face and tiny areas because it requires much more work for greater body portions.

My Verdict of Lumea Prestige and Lumea Advanced

These two Philips at-home IPL devices are of the highest caliber. They are perfectly designed and well suited with your skin type in mind. You don’t have to worry about safety because they are both CE certified. While they’re both great devices to use, the Prestige includes a number of extra features and capabilities that make using it simpler, safer, and faster. And this is why it takes the lead against the Advance variant. If you have fair skin, the Advanced is a good option for zapping your face and other tiny body parts. But with the Lumea Prestige, you’ll spend much less time zapping your legs, torso, or entire body.

There is, however, a Better Option for you! Introducing…

Ulike Sapphire AIR+ IPL Hair Removal Handset

Ulike As satisfying as the above-mentioned devices sound, there is a device that beats them to the race. Absolutely, you have more options than just the two items mentioned above. You might broaden your horizons and aim for a more effective hair removal product ( Ulike ) that is currently popular on the market.

The benefits of this IPL hair removal over the two others include

Ice-cooling Technology

With Ulike, you can say goodbye to zapping because you won’t experience any pain at all. It is made possible by its proprietary Sapphire ice-cooling technology, which regulates the surface temperature of your skin and makes it the perfect gadget for those with sensitive skin.

You See Results in Only One Month

You did read that right. No more time wasting but result seeing. Your legs, bikini lines, and underarms will no longer be marred by spiky bushes thanks to this Ulike IPL hair removal device, leaving them smooth and salon-like all year long. According to SGS reports, if you use this product as directed, your hair will grow shorter by -78.62%, denser by -90.37%, and have fewer hairs overall by -54.55% in just four weeks. You can become 100% hairless after a few months of regular use.

Inexpensive & Effective

With this technology, you may ditch the salons and enjoy the same experience at home. Despite not being inexpensive, it is nevertheless reasonable given its lifetime value. Despite its excellent performance, it costs less than the two products before it. One million flashes are provided by a single Ulike Sapphire IPL device, enough to last even two users their entire lives.

For All Skin Types

Your face, bike, armpits, arms, and legs are all within its five flashing graduations. Thus, pick Ulike if you want a device that is appropriate for more than just one body part.

FDA-cleared & dermatologists recommended

After testing Ulike, dermatologists concluded that it is both safe and efficient for usage by individuals. Also, the FDA has cleared it as safe and effective. As a result, you can utilize it with assurance and no fear.

Comparison Table for all Three

Below is a fast summary table of the performance, test, and specification data mentioned above for all three devices to aid in your decision






Lifetime flashes

450,000 flashes

250,000 flashes

900,000 flashes


FDA Cleared?

Clinically proven

CE certified

Clinically proven

CE certified




2-year warranty

2-year warranty



Turnaround Time

10 mins per full leg (high)

40 mins for whole-body

20 mins per full leg (high)

60+ mins for whole-body

About 9 minutes




90-day money-back guarantee


money-back guarantee

90-day money-back guarantee


Skin tone sensor





Ice Cooling Tech






The Lumea Advanced and the Lumea Prestige are two well-liked Philips at-home IPLs that has attracted a few controversies and comparison over time. Both are high-quality and have a comfortable pistol design, but the Prestige has more useful features and is a better option for zapping your entire body or huge regions.

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